Terry Syrek: Machine Elves will be working over time this Christmas... rescue one and put it in a good home!

Terry Syrek
The holiday season is upon us again and i know everyone is looking for last minute goodies to buy their loved ones. And nothing says Christmas more than the gift of obtuse progressive guitar metal, full of little ditties about inter dimensional beings, entheogenic meanderings, transmutation and transmigration of the soul, and chicks and cars(*) more than the Syrek CD "Machine Elves". And of course, there are tons of notes played in rapid succession on a guitar for the guitar nerd in you or your loved one. If you'd like your Meshuggah mixed with Tool, Allan Holdsworth and Pink Floyd.. this may be the disc you need. Pick up your physical copy or DDL today at one of these links!

When you have ordered... sit back and have a cigar

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