Simone Dow: Voyager needs your help to say "I am Voyager" and be a part of finishing album number V.

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Voyager needs your help to say "I am Voyager" and be a part of finishing album number V. Watch the video and find out how!

I am Voyager?

Well yes, yes you are, because without you, we couldn't do what we do. We've had orchestras playing our tunes, fans get Voyager tattoos, bake us Voyager cookies, make crazy fan music videos and create fansites all over the world devoted to what we love doing - MUSIC!


So, we're about half way through our album and mixing, production and promo is still to come. This stuff is expensive and we're all out of fan cookies! That's why we need your help finishing off the album. This is a huge step for us, but our fans have been so amazing over the last decade that we really think this can work. It's DIRECT support, which is the way we think it should be.

The album will contain around 10 tracks of polished, progressive and super catchy heavy anthems, continuing on from THE MEANING OF I and taking another massive leap forward. The kickstarter video has some preview samples of some of the new tracks (demos only but you'll get a feel for where we're going).

Why do we need you?

Without your support, continuing to make the album and touring to your city will be difficult. So we're changing the model... Wouldn't it be nice to know that more than 90% of the money you spend on our music goes directly to the band so we can record albums and tour to your city?

Well, after over 10 years and four albums, we're making this possible. It's called "I am Voyager". You make a pledge, we finish the album and you feel warm and fuzzy inside because your pledges go to straight to us. PLUS you get a digital download with almost every pledge and other assorted awesome stuff as well.

Check out our pledge options and be proud to say I AM VOYAGER!

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