Miki Kato: Trilogy Suite Op: 5 V. Hot For Teacher

Jason Becker: east bay express Jason listens to "all kinds of crap!"

Jon Paget: Fool's Reprise - great performance

Isaac Darche: Don't Run Out of Money - Metropolitan Room in NYC

Richie Kotzen,Billy Sheehan,Mike Portnoy:The Winery Dogs CD - amazon super deal... two days left!Richie Kotzen

Guthrie Govan, Steven Wilson: Drive Home CD + Blu-Ray and DVD preorder

Stéphan Forté: thanks Michel LÂG for the time working with his guitar company

Allan Holdsworth: Road Games hits the road again!

Bruce Bouillet: Racer X 1986... could be you now... available for Skype lessons!

Percy Jones,Neil Citron,Walter Garces: BangTower releases new single with Grammy winning guitarist/producer Neil Citron on Vocals

Rebecca Scammon: EMG artist wins Shredmeister Finalist, Bangor, ME

Richie Allan: Design Play Through - STOP, LOOK and LISTEN... time well spent!

Chris Bieniek: 'Happy Go Lucky' Blues in G

Eric Calderone: Battlefield Meets Metal

Dean Murphy: Hybrid Picking Guitar Etude

Panos Arvanitis: kar98ksniper - Blues Improvisation in Am

Arkadiusz Gałka: Gałek - Chilla jamin' and not a phone in sight!

Vinnie Moore: live at the Dean Guitars NAMM JAM 2012!

Michael Lee Firkins: Talks About "Yep" - His new Album

Rick Graham: My Transformation: From total mess to total mass - Congratulations from Truth In Shredding

Nili Brosh: Groove On - Jam Track Central backing track - tasty playing

Dudley Ross: The Walk (Hachi) - GoPro Hero 3

Arkadiusz Gałka: just tastefully Grooving - now just blow up the phone!

Cinthya Blackcat: Jason Becker-Altitudes Arpeggios tribute

John Petrucci: DiMarzio Illuminator Guitar Pickups

Kevin Peters: two handed Arpeggio study - more awesome tapping

Michael Angelo Batio: Guitar Siam Interview

Joe Bonamassa: I Know Where I Belong - from Tour De Force: Live in London

Christie Lenée: Two Handed Guitar Tapping - Ivory Coast - new album in the bag

Jonny Lang: returns to London for 2014 concert

Nicole Papastavrou: Eye Ra Haze set for Brooktober fest!

Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead - Voices Playthrough

Jeff Richman: Big Wheel now available on bandcamp

News: Orange get's a New Blog: Gig Reports, Gear Demos, Artist News And Much More

John Norum,Michael Schenker,Scott Gorham: Europe's "Live At Sweden Rock – 30th Anniversary Show" details announced!

Virgil Donati: 'In This Life' Mini Documentary

News: Orange Amplification Sponsors The Classic Rock Roll of Honour 2013

Morten Faerestrand: Triad Pairs Using Harmonic Minor

Jason Sadites: Physical CD's of 'Broken' Available Now

Alberto Rigoni: Dream Theater - covering and playing the prog giants Erotomania

Alex Hutchings: Masterclass in Blues - Jam Track Central