Christie Lenée: Two Handed Guitar Tapping - Ivory Coast - new album in the bag

Christie Lenee

Extraordinary news! I just got a call to be notified that the album "Chasing Infinity" is completed with 1,000 copies ready for pickup! I can't believe it's finally here. The moment of holding it in my hands is going to be so rewarding for all of the extra hard work! I plan to get many of them in the mail right away and can't wait for the CD release party in Philly this Friday at World Cafe Live. The album will also be available on hard copy through CD Baby plus many digital sites such as iTunes, etc. I will post those links as soon as I have them-It's Raining a Miracle
Just picked up 1,000 copies of the new record!! I am like a little kid on Christmas... Can't wait for the release party this Friday at World Cafe Live in Philly!

Christie Lenée: It takes vulnerability to live with a completely open heart, but the more I live from that space the more potential there is to discover. So I open up to the world... Fully aware of what's within, still exploring other than my own. Hope you enjoy the new tune :)

Acoustic Instrumental Guitar Tapping with Two Hands, Christie Lenée Live at Melodies Cafe in Ardmore, PA 9/7/13. "Ivory Coast" from album "Chasing Infinity" - © 2013 Christie Lenée, All Rights Reserved, Protected by ASCAP.

Two Handed Guitar Tapping - Christie Lenee "Ivory Coast"