Jon Paget: Fool's Reprise - great performance

Jon Paget

The basic rhythm here was the intro / outro to an unreleased Sanctus Sabbata song called "Fool's Lair" - "Fool's Reprise" is an acoustic mutation (lol). The dedications are to my father Walter (Tony) and Jason Van Horn (great friend and dedicated crewmember). Fool's Reprise was released on the Audioize "Venutian Groove" CD. Both Audioize CDs are currently out of print, but I think they'll be re-released soon! Jon Paget

Fool's Reprise

Jon Paget's stunning song for the late Shawn Lane... always with me...

Jon Paget
Me and Merlin are off to Memphis soon to be with my favorite Pixie Girl Mitzi and commemorate Shawn. I get to see Diane and Jamie and Lexy and Tina, Craig and Sean and Barry, and all the others who were touched by Shawn. Sometimes memories are all I have, when I'm lucky I get to make new ones. Sometimes I'm a very lucky bum -

Laurie Monk:
Shawn Lane is gone...
He won't be back again
His music was from the heart
His playing from the brain...
Thanks for a great tribute, moves me to tears every time I hear it.

Mitzi Lane
Hey Jon, Love You!!! Love your song For my Brother!! You're the best! Miss you !! Your pixie girl!!! ... moves me to tears every  time I hear it also!!! what a beautiful tribute!!! You need to come and play that for the 10 year memorial tribute to Shawn in Memphis in September. besides I miss ya!!!

Song for Shawn.mpg

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