Hans Van Even,Feodor Dosumov: awesome solo from upcoming album

Sam Bell: Hungover Fusion Strat Jam (HD

Steve Howe: Trio Sep 2013 and Interview - kudos Mike Jones

Brett Garsed: Solo Live 1986 and 1989

James Norbert Ivanyi, Christian Muenzner, Francesco Artusato: Aphasia - coming soon!

Dudley Ross: McCalla live at the Duke Of Cumberland, Whitstable 2013

Shane Latimer: freeform improvisations on eight string electric guitar

Derryl Gabel: The Derryl Gabel Ultimate Virtuosity 15 Pack

Christian Muenzner: Timewarp - play throughs by one of the most exciting new players

Tom Quayle, Rob Chappers: Leeds Bradford guitar show!! - Chappers and Tom Quayle jam

Mario Parga,Beth-Ami Heavenstone: Graham Bonnet heads up the new acoustic trio - Bonnet, Parga & Heavenstone

Ruud Cornelissen,Marc Guillermont,Wayne Johnson: Short Tracking

Mauricio Méndez: Una parte de mi - from Winner Best Veracruz 1999 AND 2003

Sarah Longfield: Randall RG13 demo - 14 hours 3,300 views

Yuval Ron,Falk Bonitz: Residents Of The Future - Flags featuring Tammy Scheffer - high quality fusion

Marc Guillermont: I'm late - part of the new Trio setlist.

Renáta Katona: Stringsgirl - Journey trailer and Driftaway

Eric Calderone: The Fox by Ylvis Meets Metal

Lee Luland: Prospekt - The Colourless Sunrise

Jim Politis: swing gitan