Mario Parga,Beth-Ami Heavenstone: Graham Bonnet heads up the new acoustic trio - Bonnet, Parga & Heavenstone

Mario Parga is pleased to announce that he has formed a new Los Angeles based all-acoustic trio called Bonnet, Parga & Heavenstone with his longtime friend Graham Bonnet (Rainbow/MSG/Alcatrazz) on vocals and rhythm guitar, and Beth-Ami Heavenstone (Hardly Dangerous/Tomi Rae Brown) on acoustic bass and backing vocals. Mario (Mario Parga/Cozy Powell/Forcefield) will provide lead acoustic guitar and backing vocals to the trio, who are currently recording new material and rehearsing for live shows around the world.

Mario said: "I've always loved acoustic music and have played the acoustic guitar along with the electric since I began playing years ago. The acoustic trio will give us the opportunity to play a variety of songs, from old to new and a couple of instrumentals in an 'unplugged' environment with a clear, clean sound. The acoustic guitar has great dynamics, and it can be used to great effect for rhythms and solos. Graham sounds particularly amazing in an acoustic setting, he's able to use his entire vocal range and dynamics, from the softest melodies to, well, Graham! Beth-Ami's acoustic bass powers and grooves the trio with the bottom end, and her backing vocals compliment Graham's voice. Beth's been around on the L.A. circuit for decades and can play just about anything. We have a few new songs that are being recorded at my place and will be featured on our website soon ( Live shows are currently being set up and will be announced on the trio's website, we hope to see our old fans and new at the acoustic shows, and for them to hear us in a new setting."

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