Yuval Ron,Falk Bonitz: Residents Of The Future - Flags featuring Tammy Scheffer - high quality fusion


Yuval Ron -- Electric Guitar | Falk Bonitz -- Keyboards | Roberto Badoglio -- Bass | Yatziv Caspi -- Drums | Featuring Tammy Scheffer on Vocals

Look all above
Walls of concrete and glass
The world below
Matters no more to them than us 
Question the call
When there are rules to be made
Because it's all about their debt when it must be paid

It's a well-known game no one would like to defy
But I've got my edge to admit it:

When their interest is gone, you're all on your own
Looking out for a way
It's a matter of trust -
Are we here to abide
To the flags that are waving?
Music and lyrics by Yuval Ron

Produced by Yuval Ron, 2013
Music production and mix by Fountainhead
Video production by Martin Bahre
Engineered by Christian Bader at Studio P4

Mastered by Steve Fallone

Yuval Ron & Residents Of The Future - Flags (feat. Tammy Scheffer)