Christian Muenzner: Timewarp - play throughs by one of the most exciting new players

Christian Muenzner Dystonia has gotten slightly better, as you can see I can use my 2nd finger again also on faster passages. It still pulls back over longer sections, but not as much anymore as a year ago. Right now I am recording my 2nd solo CD, new Obscura CD will be recorded spring next year.

Guitar Playthrough Video for the title track of my 2011 solo album "Timewarp". You can get it on ITunes, Amazon, CD Baby or order directly from me, just send me a private message.

Christian Muenzner - Timewarp (Demonstration)

Christian Muenzner - Soulmates (Demonstration)

Christian Muenzner - The Tell Tale Heart (Demonstration)

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Christian Muenzner: Timewarp

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