Eric Miley,Brett Garsed, Chris Poland: Hardwired II and Hard Wired - smoking rock fusion

Eric Miley,Brett Garsed, Chris Poland: Hardwired II

Eric Miley - Guitars / Bass
Travis Coleman - Drums 1,5,6
Derick Hardwick - Drums 2,3
Francis Patton - Drums 4,7
Michael Murphy - keyboards
Luis Palacios - Saxophone
Karen Jackson - Vocals

Eddie Hidalgo - Bass on 1000 Doors
Brett Garsed - Main solos and slide on OBE
Chris Poland - Main solos on Timelapse Memory

Recorded and mixed by Eric Miley at “The AOS”
Vocals mixed by Scott Whittier
Brett Garsed’s solos recorded by Brett himself
Chris Poland’s solos recorded by Randy Pevler
Eric Miley: Hard Wired
A guitar orientated collection of songs created by Eric Miley featuring multiple drummers. This mostly instrumental music style touches on rock, jazz, metal, experimental and features vocals on one track by singer Karen Jackson. Each of the three drummers brings a distinct chemistry to the project. Released in 2005. Soon to be followed up by a second almost ten years later in 2014.


Guitars, Bass: Eric Miley
Drums: Gary Demonbreun. Derick Hardwick, Travis Coleman
Keyboards and sounds: Carrie Williams
Saxaphone: Greg Sharp
Vocals: Karen Jackson