Eric Jarrin, Pierre St-Jean: Heaven's Cry - The Day The System Failed Part I & II

Andre Reilly: age 13 covers Technical Difficulties

Jack Thammarat: Em Loop Jam - MAMA Pickups Classic Set Clean Demo - Free Backing Track

Misha Mansoor: Periphery - Marigold - Periphery III

Kirk Fletcher, Josh Smith: StarJam Loops

Ulf Wakenius: Four On Six - Jazz Guitar

Tom Lippincott, Steve Herberman: Out Of Nowhere

Jason Becker: "Sliding Away" - Unreleased Demo #1

crAYOn: Kiesel Guitar Solo Contest Entry #Kieselsolocontest

Josh Kay: Absence of Time new album instrumental progressive shred from Portland

Adrian Weiss: Gloryful - End Of The Night

Chris Letchford: islnds - History of Robots

Olly Steele: Untitled - using Misha Mansoor 's beautiful Aristides 060 for the shoot

Tristan Klein: Redline custom Amps 100W rock Machine : slow blues

John Huldt: #‎kieselsolocontest‬ with that all important TAB

X-Mann: Kiesel solo contest #kieselsolocontest

Noah Watts: Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest #kieselsolocontest

Husa Toledo: Despairs of Escape | Guitar Playthrough - Instrumental Version

Jon Neto: Kiesel Solo Contest #Kieselsolocontest

Mike Salow: #Solocontest2016 - *1st Place*

Pellumb Qerimi: Kiesel Guitar Contest Entry - #kieselsolocontest

Patrick Souza: Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love

Ola Strandberg: Strandberg Guitarworksand Uppsala Internationella Gitarrfestival online competition

Sarah Longfield, Rob Scallon: Cannibal Corpse - Evidence in the Furnace on ukuleles