Alex Noh: Suhr Standard demo - 노경환

Ramon Gutierrez: Andromida - Fortitude - Guitar Playthrough

Min Kang: PRS McCarty 594 Model Demo - 'Fireplace' 강민

Yutaro Abe: ASTRAL WIND - Cycle Of Life / Infernal Will

Joe Pinnavaia: Mike Lull Custom Guitars SX Stratocaster - Fusion Guitar Solo

Ben Flanders: EDGES (preview) Candyrat Records

Marty Favento: "Reckless Driver" - Brand new tune with lots and lots of notes

Josh Smith: The Funky Biscuit - Boca Raton, FL 466 2020 + UK Tour Dates

David Beebee: Fibenare NAMM 2020 Guitar Demo

Justin Tolan, Se'nam Palmer: Crispin Wah - Masquerade 2020 shredgaze

George Constantine Kratsas: The God Complex || Fishman Fluence Abasi Set

Alex Lifeson: gives away his amp to a young fan (Zack)

Alfredo Ramírez, Javier Rodríguez: OBESITY - Dahun - fat licks!