Andrew Jay,Magoo: Whitby - a spirit having flown

Andrew Jay,Magoo
This track is dedicated to the late Magoo, a very close friend of Andrew Jay.  Magoo and Andrew Jay were the best friends, hanging out and jamming just as friends do. Magoo was severely injured in a tragic accident, after getting caught in a wave on the sunny beaches of California. The wave had broken Magoo's spine in three places leaving him paralyzed. Magoo was flown back to Boston and Andrew Jay attended his bedside... but it was to no avail... Magoo crossed over to the other side. This song is dedicated to the free spirit and and loving humility of Magoo. Rest In Peace

Andrew Jay:
"This is me and the one and only MAGOO!!!! It took us like 6 hrs a day for 2 weeks and was recorded about 5 years ago. Im grateful for having these times with Magoo and I miss you BROTHAMAN"