Chris Poland: OHM - Tsunami Jams new CD

Chris Poland: OHM - Tsunami Jams
Ohm/Chris Poland-Robertino Pagliari-David Eagle: Tsunami Jams

Chris Poland (guitar); Robertino Pagliari (bass); David Eagle (drums)

Though not meant to be an Ohm record “proper”, while recording the disc we’re working on, we had fun recording some improvs that came out pretty good. It’s called “Tsunami Jams”, and David Eagle, Pag, and CP pull off some pretty cool stuff. We hope to eventually make it available by mail order as well.

Track 1 The Box
Track 2 The Grandstand Play
Track 3 Fools Die Twice
Track 4 Twenty-Four Karat Kill
Track 5 Ten Thousand Diamonds and a Heart
Track 6 No Bottles… No Cans… No People
Track 7 A Thousand Pardons- You’re Dead!