Michele Vioni: swathe of extreme guitar carnage

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(2008 Carisch) - Paper + DVD

-- How to study
-- Posture and breathing
-- Study and advanced applications of the scale pentatonica
-- Rock clichés
-- Alternate picking vs. Speed picking
-- String skipping
-- Sweep picking
-- Expanding the frontiers of tapping
-- Examples of tapping rhythmic and melodic
-- Study applies modal system
-- Speed-Building
-- Exercises rhythm
-- Solfeggi in sedicesimi
-- Neoclassical

Dr.Viossy - Extreme Hard Rock Guitar - Trailer

Dr.Viossy - Song01

Dr.Viossy - Guitar Solo (Bootleg - Summer 2005)

Dr.Viossy - Paganini, Capriccio 24

Michele Vioni has been playing guitar since he was a child. Michele Vioni has been giving guitar lessons for years, trying not only to teach the most advanced rock guitar techniques, but also to excite and boost the love a musician should have for his/her instrument and music in general.

From 2003 to 2005 he worked in the Republic of S.Marino for the “Rock Master Project”, an innovative ensemble of master classes and workshops, directed to give professional live and studio skills to individuals and bands. He made lessons and seminars on advanced rock/metal guitar techniques, interplay and the role of the guitar in a rock band.

From 2004 to late 2005 He was in the crew of Lizard Music Academy in Brescia, with the role of rock/metal guitar instructor. He recorded the guitars on Michele Luppi’s first album “STRIVE” (2005 – Scarlet/Audioglobe); the has had a good success in Italy, Europe, South America and Japan.

Since 2003 he has been working with JAM FOR LIVE

In 2005-2006 he made some workshops with Giorgio Terenziani, in schools and music stores, on bass/guitar interplay and extreme rock/metal techniques.

Since 2005 he has been hired by Accademia di Musica Moderna to work on the innovative National School project (www.nationalschoolproject.it).

Absynth Aura is my new music project. The first promo-EP has just been released.