Dr.Viossy: Coming Soon - My Solo Album incoming


Hello everyone. First of all I want to thank you for your constant support through all these years.
I've got news for you. My solo album is almost done.
Yes, my first SOLO ALBUM, with only MY NAME on it!

That was definitely something challenging for me. I think I'm doing great, I love the tunes I've composed, I've put all of me in this album, I've been working hard for...I could say months, but I will say years, 'cause some of the ideas are from a long time ago. Anyway...it's almost done!

As you can see, I've shared a "chalkboard" with the Work-In-Progress update of what's going on. The title of the album is "The Adventure So Far".This album represents "me", my story, and this is exactly the Music I wanted to hear now. Don't ask about the tunes' titles, haha.

So, I "just" have to prepare some more stems and then do the mastering.
Then I think I will release "singles", at least 2 or 3...maybe 4, who knows, before releasing the whole album.

There are strange times. Quarantine, isolation, no live shows allowed for who knows how long, no chance to go somewhere to shoot a proper music video. We only have the chance to go online, work with the technology we have available and take the best of out this situation.
So I think I will release the singles, make some playthrough videos in my studio and then let's see what happens.

Stay tuned and thank you once again for your support.
Take care, all of you, and stay safe.


P.S. a couple of days ago I was streaming a chat with my very good friend @Claudio Pietronik (check him out, is one of today's guitar graces). We were testing some software to stream the computer audio over Youtube and I forgot to make that chat private haha. I know many of you had a glimpse...it was meaningless, I know, but I promise I'll do some live streaming in the future...maybe a better and more useful one :-D

Coming Soon - My Solo Album