Pierre Danel, Morgan Thomaso: VISENYA "Fillory"

Pierre Danel: solo for ÆRIS - VISIONS

Pierre Danel: ÆRIS performing "VISIONS" from the upcoming album Ascend/Transcend

Pierre Danel,Nicolas Hørbacz: Kadinja Shades, GLHF and Dominique Heart Sound Metal Fest 2017

Pierre Danel, Nicolas Hørbacz, Jihane Langlois: Ascendancy by Kadinja - All Instrumental version now available with Rick Graham

Pierre Danel, Nicolas Horbacz: KADINJA - A November Day Guitar Playthrough

Pierre Danel,Nicolas Hørbacz: Kadinja - Limited Doll Edition Shirt + Ascendancy Album

Pierre Danel, Rick Graham, Nicolas Hørbacz: Ascendancy preorder of the debut album of Paris based Progressive metal outfit Kadinja.

Pierre Danel, Nicolas Hørbacz: A S C E N D A N C Y - physical version available for pre order

Pierre Danel, Nicolas Hørbacz, Jihane Langlois: Kadinja - Shades Live Paris 2016

Pierre Danel, Nicolas Hørbacz, Jihane Langlois: Kadinja - crowdfunding campaign

Pierre Danel, Nicolas Horbacz: Djent Guitar Lesson - Guitare Xtreme #73 - some crazy dual guitar ideas

Pierre Danel, Morgan Berthet: KADINJA - "Dominique" Guitar and Drums playthrough

Sam Kershaw, Anthony Childs, Pierre Danel: State of Serenity - Aether & Echo

Pierre Danel,Nicolas Hørbacz: Kadinja - Episteme - promo video and Euro Tour dates

Julien Damotte: with a smoking solo for a Sunday Afternoon One-take Jam

Richard Daudé, Pierre Danel, Charly Sahona, Sam Bell: Legato Battle - massive shredathon!

Julien Damotte,Pierre Danel: uber guitar jam between

Pierre Danel, Jihane Langlois, Nicolas Hørbacz: Kadinja - The Exchange, Bristol Sunday, 5 July 2015

Julien Damotte, Pierre Danel: Confiture Francais - many notes were hurt in the making of this video