Pierre Danel, Nicolas Hørbacz, Jihane Langlois: Ascendancy by Kadinja - All Instrumental version now available with Rick Graham

1.Stone Of Mourning (Instrumental) 03:40
2.GLHF Feat Rick Graham (Instrumental) 04:36
3.Episteme (Instrumental) 04:45
4.Episteme Part II (Instrumental) 04:14
5.'Til The Ground Disappears (Instrumental) 04:25
6.A November Day (Instrumental) 05:00
7.Dominique (Instrumental) 05:15
8.Ropes Of You (Instrumental) 06:05
9.Bittersweet Guilt (Instrumental) 05:15
10.Seven (The Stick Figures) (Instrumental) 04:53

Ascendancy is the long awaited debut album of Paris based Progressive metal outfit Kadinja released via Klonosphere/Season Of Mist
released February 17, 2017

Vocals : Philippe Charny Dewandre
Guitar : Pierre Danel
Bass : JJ Groove
Guitar : Nicolas Hørbacz
Drums : Morgan Berthet

Recorded by Pierre Danel and Amaël Durand
Produced by Pierre Danel and Amaël Durand
Mixed and mastered by Amaël Durand
Artwork by Svelt Studio