Neal Nagaoka: ESP LTD VB-300 Baritone Guitar demo

Keith Merrow: Pick Up Shoot out

Neal Nagaoka: Strat Funk Jam

Sam Coulson,Chris Bullen,Dustin Keillor: Secret underground instrumental guitar society... is a secret no more!

Neal Nagaoka: Symmetric Nightmare Whole Tone Scales, Symmetric Diminished Scales

Chris Poland: PolCat - Forget About It

Chris Poland: PolCat - Alva's Showroom

Eugene Berger: Happy New Year - acoustic

Eric Gales: Customguitarboutique and Magneto Guitars

Theodore Ziras: Go East | Performance Video

Északi Szabolcs: The French Guitar Contest 2012

Atanas Shishkov: The French Guitar Contest 2012

Nicolas Notarianni: The French Guitar Contest 2012

Chris Geden: French Guitar Contest 2012

Lyle Watt: The Duke Of Argyll - acoustic

Atma Anur,Timo Somers, Barend Courbois: Tri Head - New Millenium Funk/Rock #1

Dhalif Ali: Metal Ballad Em - single tone heaven

Igor Paspalj: Dedicated - Storia Infinita - Axe Fx Ultra

Lea Gutman, Pascal Gutman: when two sticks are better than one.

Mr Mukatu: Dubstep Guitar

Jason Becker: MacPro died... help :(

Jerome Froese: Johannes Schmoelling: LOOM - Time And Tide a must for Tang Fans!