Keith Merrow: Pick Up Shoot out |
Which one(s) do you like out of these 4 pickups?
The same guitar and amp tone settings were used for each clip. I didn't change any tone settings so that I could give you a true result from each pickup. You'll have to listen really closely (maybe) to hear much of a difference. I chose pickups that were similar in output (ie: Warpig vs Invader, Aftermath vs Distortion). I've received a lot of emails regarding both these brands, so the purpose of the video is to show you what each of them sound like in a mix, with the same settings applied to all of them.

Signal chain- Strictly 7 "Spectral7" prototype guitar- Kemper Profiler (Mesa Dual Rec with Tubescreamer, Mesa Cab)- Profire 610 Interface- Presonus Studio One Pro (V2)
7 String bridge pickups- Bare Knuckle and Seymour Duncan, high gain comparisons (rhythm)