Scott Jones: Sitar is the star

Toshi Iseda: Krank booth, NAMM 2012

Shawn Lane,Sean Rickman: the jam session California 1992

Joe Bonamassa: "Countdown to Daylight"

Karpenko Stas: rock-fusion improvisation

Andry Franzzy: Boomerang lead guitarist

Carlos Hernández: Cliffs of Dover

Fayeed Tan: The French Guitar Contest 2012

Tom Cykman: French Guitar Contest 2012

Mike Orlando: Loud Guitars interview

Jakub Żytecki: got djent interview with Disperse

Fabrizio Leo, Tomasz Andrzejewski,Wojciech Hoffmann: Polish tour details announced

Donna Grantis: Jazz, Rock and Bues Solos

Pascal Corriu: Django's Swing 39 - rework

Alex Martinho,Sydnei Carvalho: cool solo from Double Vision DVD - these guys rock!

Nita Strauss: Consume The Fire

Tjahjo Wisanggeni: live at University of Indonesia

Mateus Starling: Triades mutantes and outside playing

Frank Steffen Mueller: LIVE4GUITAR 7th Competition

Chris Feener: Loud Guitars get up and personal with Threat Signal shredmeister

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: The Aristocrats from Sala BBK

Davide Montorsi: Intervallic Impro