Frank Steffen Mueller: LIVE4GUITAR 7th Competition

This is my entry for the LIVE4Guitar 7th Competition " Tribute to Gary Moore" 2012. PLEASE LIKE IT!!! Thank YOU!!!
Thanks to Dragianni who made this awesome track for this great contest. and all guys at LIVE4GUITAR!!! Hope you enjoy my little tribute to the great Gary Moore!!!
Gear used: Gibson Les Paul Custom, Wampler pedals, Sommer Cable XXL, Eventide GTR4000, Lexicon PCM70, PYRAMID Strings, Dunlop Picks, Diezel VH4S, Marshall 1x12 speakers, SM57 micro, Sennheiser E906 micro, Canon Eos 550D
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LIVE4GUITAR 7th Competition "Tribute to Gary Moore" - Frank Steffen Mueller