Syu Merupakan: ESP guitars NAMM 2015

Scott Hughes: Punching Holes in Scales #3

Scott Jones: start innovating your own personal language with Scott's sage help and advice

Jason Sadites: Amps & Axes Quick Lick #9

Sam Bell: Improvised Solo at Masterclass Performance with Tom Quayle, Lewis Turner, and Levi Clay

Fred Brum: Retribution - Caparison GHS strings NAMM 2015

Divaldi Addina: Far Beyond The Sun - Peavey-VYPYR-VIP2

Pritesh Walia: Wisdom - classy rock fusion from a very talented player.

Lucas Zembrzuski: Two looper jams from classic tracks

Davide Pepi: Entertain me - Tigran Hamasyan - Guitar Cover

Angel Vivaldi: Cosmosis - Guest Solo

Nick Johnston: Atomic Mind Playthrough

Todd Duane: at NAMM show - great stuff from the archives!

Richard Hallebeek: RHP - the Project Live Blue Note Amsterdam

Timo Somers: Seymour Duncan Pickups - Aristides New Models 2015

George Marios: Sage advices from George to help you practice guitar safely

Lorenzo Venza: Old school boogie with new style hybrid and alternate picking

Millisa Henderson: Bach's "Prelude, Cello Suite No. 1 - 2015 Rock Workshop Audition #3

Hedras Ramos: Talks about the Seymour Duncan and G280 Cort 2015

Danny Young: demos the Jason Becker "Numbers" Guitar

Ola Englund: Washburn Parallaxe 2015 NAMM 2015

Matthew Mills: Acoustic Arpeggio Travel

Jake Willson: 20 Funk Fusion Licks!

Russ Parrish: Satchel - If You Really, Really Love Me - learn from the best... and he's not available...