Stephen Ross: Jabberwhacky - the new album available for pre order

Ignazio Di Salvo: La Grooverie Quartet - Studio Jam - Scartavetrata Spring - fusion

Joe Bonamassa: Evil (Is Going On) - Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks

Tomasz Madzia, Adam Wiktor: Drop Guest solo for BandCamp album

Alex Hutchings, Anton Davidyants: Live in Moscow

Steph Goyer: Beyond All Reason - progressive tapping etude

Giacomo Castellano, Gianni Rojatti: RACER CAFE track by track

Martin Miller: RG652K, RG3727FZ, AT100 Joins Forces with Ibanez Guitars!

Gavin Iedema: Frames of life - promo video - very tasty soloing

Hans Van Even: Siggi Braun HVE Stardust Custom N-Land and Blues Theme

Chris Brooks: Penta Power - Preview of Picking Systems and Sequences

Phi Yaan-Zek: has just released the new 'Ley Lines' CD

Scott Jones: available for recording on your album or project