Martin Miller: RG652K, RG3727FZ, AT100 Joins Forces with Ibanez Guitars!

Alright guys, I was eagerly waiting for a few weeks now to give you the official news:

I now endorse Ibanez Guitars exclusively! I'm super stoked about this relationship and can't tell you guys how excited I am to be part of this amazing family. I'm sure we as partners will have many great projects in the pipeline for the future.

The guitar you see in this picture is the brand new RG652k with DiMarzio humbuckers, original edge trem, basswood body, etc. What can I say? This thing plays and sounds like an utter dream. I got it along with a few other very nice axes, which I'm going to reveal very soon. Also, later in the year I'll receive some truly special instruments, watch this space!

It's funny how I've come full circle with Ibanez and Laney, as those were the brands I've been playing for ages since my early years. Feels good to be back home.

Special thanks to Hiroki Rocky Oda for putting his trust into me and Stephan Killermann and Meinl Distribution for providing the best local support a lil' guitar player like me could ask for! Here's to the future!!!

Martin Miller Joins Forces with Ibanez Guitars! (RG652K, RG3727FZ, AT100)