Hans Van Even: Siggi Braun HVE Stardust Custom N-Land and Blues Theme

Here's a good example of how well the Siggi Braun HVE Stardust Custom (http://www.siggibraun.com) reacts playing Jeff Beck style soloing on my tune N-Land, the combination of the Hipshot Contour tremolo, LSR roller nut and Sperzel locking tuners keep everything perfectly in tune, this is without doubt the smoothest and best tremolo I've used so far and string changes are easy.

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Leo Isnard - Drums
Goran Vujic - Bass


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N-Land - solo snippet (with Siggi Braun "Stardust" & Hipshot Contour tremolo)

Hans' Blues - theme (with Siggi Braun "Stardust")