Brad Jurjens,Robert Rodrigo,Janne Nieminen, Emil Pohjalainen: just some of the names who will go on to perform at the Guitar Gods

Steve Bello: announces new album - Layers Of Time

Bill Hoffman: samples from the Cosmic Jams albums

Keith Whalen: Raked Licks Pt. II

Ryuuta Sasaki: #HufschmidGlowbuckers competition

Daniele Gottardo: The Dunlop Booth NAMM 2016

Viacheslav Kavlenas: Chocoslayc - 12 string tapping Monday XXL

Gustavo Assis-Brasil: Pre-order of Chromatic Dialogues - new album from a king of hybrid picking

John 5: Announces New Tour, Behind The Nut Love New Video, New Album

Katsu Ota: Breath of Hero - great tribute to Yngwie and more!

Rob Marcello: Picking, Legato, Arpeggio, String Skipping - smoking soloing

Rick Graham: Time For Some Strat Tone - as it says on the tin...

Mike Kerr: demos of Godin gear at the Godin Booth - NAMM 2016

Dimitar Nalbantov: New Album Coming This Month!!!

Rob Scallon: Djent - Funk - Funk - Tappy - Bass - Djent

Jeremy Krull: Q1 update - talking about NAMM and more.

Dhalif Ali: JTC Jam Of The Month February

Istvan Alapi, Riccardo Damiani: demos on Markbass - DV Mark booth. the NAMM 2016

Dr.Viossy: demos the Negrini Guitars GNG Morgoth F7 NAMM

Matt Schofield, Tomo Fujita: demo with Eminence at NAMM 2016

Junior Braguinha, Leonardo Guzman, Leonardo Guzman: Gruv Gear NAMM 2016

Justin DeFreece: Eight finger tapping arpeggios scales ala Jennifer Batten