Jeremy Krull: Q1 update - talking about NAMM and more.

This is a long video, it's off the cuff and very real. I had a bit of trouble keeping it together at one point but it's important you watch it if you at all care about any of the things I create. Thanks in advance for sitting through it if you do. Remember also that you can purchase my music from Bandcamp, CDBaby, iTunes, and several other places all over the internet.

  • Rambling Introduction 0:35
  • NAMM and serious thanks 1:47
  • Things have been good... 5:41
  • The new music 5:49
  • The title of... 7:39
  • The future 8:10
  • More visibility... 9:28
  • Vulnerability 9:45
  • It's an exciting time... 10:24
  • Sucking... 10:53
  • Expect more... 11:30
  • Tough shit 12:05
  • Finally... 12:30