Saturday, 24 January 2009

Billy Sheehan: namm improv 2009

Billy Sheehan shows up at the XOX stand unexpected and gives a very cool improvised performance with Enrico Santacatterina at NAMM 09.

Billy Sheehan is playing his custom carbon fiber baritone the Billytone, and Enrico is on the Vibro Handle guitar. Both new instruments from XOX Audio Tools and launched for the first time this year at NAMM.

Billy Sheehan gives a very cool improvised performance with Enrico Santacatterina at NAMM 09

Hassan Hajdi: mai nancy

Hassan Hajdi is improvising on a Malmsteen Backtrack a couple of years ago.

hassan hajdi at MAI Nancy

Mario Parga: mojave drive

Mario Parga says:
"Over the Fourth of July weekend, we went into the Mojave Desert as it's another of my favourite places. We took the truck as it's better suited to the desert and our daughter Skye travels better in the back.

We first went to Goodsprings, NV then into Nipton, CA (home to the best burgers and coldest beers!) via the old Route 66. We then went into the Mojave Desert and headed out towards the old mining town of Cima. Shawna did a pretty good job keeping the camera steady on the sometimes bumpy desert roads! :-)

The lighting was great in the desert, it was very moody and the Joshua trees were lit up against the dark background. There are some photos from this outing in the 'Travel' (USA) galleries.

The original audio was noisy, so it's been replaced with the 'Spirit of Night Chilled Solo' and part of 'Farewell' (Entranced, 2007)"

Mojave Drive, 2008

Marcos De Ros: urbu malandro

Marcos De Ros shows more of his versatility.

Urubú Malandro - Louro e João de Barro -:- Marcos De Ros - ChoronRoll

Frank​ Gamba​le: vital information, brecon jazz and me

An old video from the BBC, filmed at Brecon Jazz festival. In the crowd, me, my wife and Phi Yaan-Zek... my claim to fame... sharing a bus journey with Frank Gambale down to the gig! Down side... BBC filmed the whole show but only put a couple of songs on TV... must be in a vault somewhere...

Vital Information - Caught In The Act

Jeremy Barnes: blistering winds III

The third instalment of shred guitar!

Jeremy Barnes super shred 007

Jeremy Barnes super shred 008

Jeremy Barnes super shred 009

Ignazio Di Salvo: i wish

Ignazio Di Salvo is back posting videos again... with a nice new guitar.

Ignazio Di Salvo I wish "tap&slap version"

Gary Moore: guitar lifestyle inteview

The following is a video of Gary Moore in an interview with Neville Marten for Guitarist magazine. In the video, Gary discusses how he chooses guitars and why he might choose an ES-335 instead of a Les Paul for a particular song. He also plays some great licks during the interview. posted on guitar lifestyle

Gary Moore in conversation

Larry Carlton: workshop interview

Justin Sandercoe says: In Novemeber 2008, Larry Carlton came to do a workshop for Guitar Getaways and The
Guitar Institute. He generously gave me a short interview to share with you good people who visit my web site. I also got to play one of his most famous songs with him at the end of his clinic. What an honor. And he a totally cool down to earth dude!

This was the first time I got to interview one of my childhood guitar hero's and I must admit I was a bit nervous, and I forgot most of the questions I wanted to ask, so it's not the most insightful interview ever, but I hope to meet him again this year and get a better one!

MA-002 • Larry Carlton Interview

Alex Skolnick: namm trio live

Wimbash Alex Skolnick Trio Jazzes Up some rock tunes

Alex Skolnick Trio Namm 2009 Bay Area Backstage

Glen Drover: selling megadeth


Glen Drover is auctioning a "Peace Sells, But Who's Buying" ESP graphic guitar via eBay. This guitar was made for Drover in 2005 and given to him by ESP guitars at the company's anniversary party at the 2005 NAMM (National Association Of Music Merchants) convention in California. It was also used by Glen for all touring for 2005 and 2006 with MEGADETH.

Bid for the guitar

This is an ESP version of the LTD Deluxe M1000 and designed to Glen's specs. This guitar is an "air-brushed" graphic — in other words, the real deal for guitar graphics. It is easily the most popular guitar from Glen Drover's collection used while in MEGADETH.

Pete Pachio, Adrian English: future devastation movement burn namm

I caught up with Pete Pachio and Adrian English post NAMM show. These two shred merchants of the highest order had fun at the shows networking and brining the news about their joint project: Future Devastation Movement. The guys came back with a raft of possibilities, inlcuding options for guest solo spots on a new albums... not surprising really as fans of stun rippage guitar are sure to love the over the top playing from these two guys.

Check out a sample of there recent work, Future Devastation Movement and the track Flight Of The Blue Phoenix

Mike Varney, Pete Pachio, Adrian English

Yes the guys also met a bunch of major shredders and the kingpin of Shred guitar and the guy who gave us guitar instrumental CD's Mike Varney, so no surprise that Mike enjoyed the demos, saying, "I like what you guys are doing,and I want to hear more.".

Pete Pachio, Adrian English, Rusty Cooley,

Pete Pachio, Adrian English, Michael Angelo Batio

Coming soon part 2

Ioannis Anastassakis: orbital attempt sneak preview... features brett garsed and kiko loureiro amongst the guests!

You get a chance to hear a sneak preview of the new CD from Ioannis Anastassakis. The CD will be released in early March 2009 and Ioannis Anastassakis will be presenting tracks at the upcoming Frankfurt Musikmesse 2009 set for the beginning of April!

The Cover of Orbital Attempt

"The Promised Land!"

The CD also features guest solos by Kiko Loureiro and Brett Garsed - in different tracks.

The length of the recording is 73.45, so lots of material on offer! It will also include a Backing Track and a collection of some of the guest solos Ioannis Anastassakis recorded for various projects during 2008! More details to follow!

Jeremy Barnes: blistering winds II

Another insane batch of clips of Jeremy Barnes and his ridiculous shredding

Jeremy Barnes super shred 004

Jeremy Barnes super shred 005

Jeremy Barnes super shred 006

Doug Steele: get doug burning all over your music

Doug Steele says: 'metal guitar solo on your album' rates... $200 (aus) per song regardless of how many solos in one song. Email me the track, I'll give you between 3-6 versions of the solo, depending on the inspiration I get from the music. I'll also add harmony bits where I see fit, but obviously if you don't like 'em, take 'em out. Lo fi solos will be sent to you to see what can be changed, etc. Once changes have been made, they get sent back for approval. Once approved, payment is made.

Hi fi solos don't get sent until payment is in my account. That way I don't get fisted. Sorry, I know how some of you guys work. Turnaround is usually 3 days, but give me 5.


Greg Howe: more namm jam

Greg Howe at Eminence booth #4334 in hall C... NAMM 2009. He is fantastic player! Kudos to ChrisJohnstoneGuitar

Greg Howe at NAMM 2009

News: shred bebop lesson

Premier Guitar have posted a cool lesson for you:
This month's lesson is a thrill ride into some melodic and technical depths that we’ve haven’t reached before. Let’s talk about the Mixolydian/dominant Bebop scale. The Bebop scale is commonly used in jazz improvisation and originates from the modes of the major scale. There are three types of Bebop scales: the Bebop dominant, the Bebop major, and the Bebop Dorian. Each has an extra chromatic passing tone. Bebop scales consist of traditional scales with an added passing tone placed such that when the scale is begun on a chord tone and on the downbeat, all other chord tones will also fall on downbeats, with the remaining tones in the scale occurring on the upbeat. Let’s focus on the Bebop dominant where the passing tone is a natural 7, between the b7 and the root and goes great with dominant 7th chords. Off we go…
learn some shred bebop

Tymon Kruidenier: exivious, the rise of fusion metal

More progress guitar coming your way.

Fusionmetal - A relatively new and unexplored genre in the world of metal. Exivious marks a first to truly marry jazzfusion with metal into a coherent new style. Featuring members of legendary US prog band CYNIC and Dutch metallers TEXTURES, Exivious isn't an over the top math metal band and certainly isn't a loungy jazz combo either. But expect everything in between!

With a jazzfusion backbone Exivious uses freaky metal riffs to decorate their organic eruption of free improvisations and complex rhythms. Guitarist Tymon comments: "We finally managed to transform a vision I had a long time ago into 9 intense and fiery songs. There's an immense amount of information in there that will definitely take more than one spin in your CD player to comprehend!"

The band will release the album independently to preserve 100% creative freedom. This is not only evident in their music but also in the artwork. Their self titled debut will appear in a limited 1000 numbered copies, each single copy bundled with its own unique artwork.

The album will be released in May 2009.

web sites:

Exivious is:
Tymon (Cynic) – guitar
Michel Nienhuis (ex-Sengaia) – guitar
Robin Zielhorst (Cynic, ex-Blue Man Group) – bass
Stef Broks (Textures) – drums

Exivious - Waves of Thought

Mike Orlando: guitar superstar

Mike Orlando unloads his brand of Staten Island guitar whupass on -- not to mention shares his great "guitar faces" with -- a capacity crowd at the 2008 Guitar Player Magazine Guitar Superstar competition. ("You know, Mike, they DO make decaf," joked judge Joe Satriani after Orlando's performance.)

Mike Orlando Performs at Guitar Player's Guitar Superstar 2008

Daddo Oreskovich: guitar superstar

Daddo Oreskovich released one of my favourite CD's last year "The Other side".

This is Daddo Oreskovich, of Chicago, IL, performs an original piece at the 2008 Guitar Player Magazine Guitar Superstar competition and wins first-runner-up. Hosted by Andy Summers, the event was held September 13, 2008, at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, California. The backing band is Thud Factor, featuring bassist Jonathan Herrera, keyboardist Eric Levy, drummer John Mader, and guitarist Jude Gold.

Daddo Oreskovich Performs at Guitar Player Magazine's Guitar Superstar 2008

Thomas Blug: namm blue jam 2009

Thomas Blug captivates passers by with his brilliant Stratocaster playing at the Hughes & Kettner booth at the 2009 NAMM convention in Anaheim, California.

Filmed By Jude Gold for Guitar Player Magazine and

Thomas Blug PART I: Strat Mastery at the 2009 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California

Thomas Blug PART II: Strat Mastery at the 2009 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California