Tuesday, 27 January 2009

News: guitar solo contest update

Wow, unprecedented response to the competition with 15,000 views of the main video already. There have been:

Video Responses: 35
Text Comments: 114

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Thanks to Julian Puttins and Anthony McLeod for getting the ball rolling!

Pete Pachio, Adrian English: future devastation movement burn namm part 2

Part 2 of Future Devastation Movement visit to NAMM. I caught up with Pete Pachio and Adrian English post NAMM show as there new song gets released on the upcoming Shredding Across the World Vol.2.

These two shred merchants of the highest order are well worth a listen... but don't pay them by the note as you'll soon run out of money! Join them www.myspace.com/futuredevastationmovement

Check out the extreme shredding... enjoy!!
Destructed Evolution Symphony

NAMM networking

Pete Pachio, Adrian English and George Lynch

Pete Pachio, Adrian English and Chris Impelliteri

Adrian English and Jorge Galvin, the man who introduced me to Shawn Lane!

Pete Pachio, Adrian English and Dave Shankle

Pete Pachio, Adrian English and Guthrie Govan

Pete Pachio, Adrian English and Mr Stork Shane Gibson

Craig Erickson: namm review

Craig Erickson posted a NAMM review.

How many NAMMS have I been to...lost count but not my enthusiasm for this amazing circus of music equipment,musicians and bold fashion statements...from the flight there in whatever airport or airline...meeting interesting music manufacturers,store owners,newbies,famous and not musicians all with their
minds focused on the days and nights to come and not to mention escapes from cold climates to sunny California(though i've NAMMed in Chicago,Nashville,and Austin
as well)

NAMM has always held a special place in my heart...from spending time with my musicstoreowner dad to making new friends that have sometimes become like family at the holidays.How many great musicians and manufacturer associates have become like extended brothers and sisters,cousins,etc...not to mention that my sister and family lived in LA for years and NAMM has always been an excuse to see them once a year in warm weather.. I made music business connections that turned into record contracts,artist endorsement deals,European tours,instruction book deals,musicians for my CDs and lifelong friendships..amzing miraculous stuff...speaking of which ,the performances I have seen at NAMM conventions are stagerringly mindboggling and lifechanging from a musical standpoint...a small list would include Eric Johnson and Danny Gatton,Lonnie Mack/Johhny winter/Albert Collins,Larry Carlton/BB King,Pat Martino,Shawn Lane...several incredible concerts + hanging out with him a few times at the Vigier booth,etc.-one of the greatest musicians of all time: a true genius, Derek Trucks when he was a kid,Eric Gales(same),Steve Morse many times,Paul Gilbert(when he was a kid,Blues Saraceno(same), Billy Sheehan many times, Buckethead and Bootsy, Bumblefoot(Ron Thal) a very cool and talented guy who has been so nice to me over the years,Steve Vai and Satch many times,Van Halen(many times),Santana,Stevie Wonder,Chaka Khan,Hiram
Bullock,John Entwhistle,Andy Timmons(incredible guitarist and great guy,Tuck Andreas,,Chet Atkins, Phil Keaggy, Allan Holdsworth-many times-so amazing, Scott Henderson(same),Greg Howe Richie Kotzen, David Grissom, Buzzy Feiten, Kiss,TM Stevens,King's X(Dug Pinnick-another musical genius),Glenn Hughes my boss for awhile and amazing singer/bassist as well,my friend Johnnie Bolin, Bozzio,Wimbish,Wooten,Prince,Zappa,Jeff Beck, Lukather, Landau, Cobham, Varney, Becker, Firkins, Steve Smith, Schon yadayadayada...

geez I could go on but who of my favorite players have I not met,seen or heard at NAMM? And it's the mindblowing obscure unknown talents that constantly amaze,,it's just a fest of talent and musical toys for big kids....fun stuff... then theres the endless walking,expensive food endless nights at hotels and concerts when people should be sleeping... but the sunny walk to theshow,palm tree nghtwalks,the disneyland silhouette and back to the days of lake michigan sailboats in summer and surprise meetings in lunchlines,at crosswalks,on airport shuttles hotel lobbys bathroom lines, starbucks, restaraunts... such a meeting of humanity... good times

...so this year..who can recall half of it? Just interesting people form the airport shuttle,plane..check in lobby,the first night of hotel lobby hopping,sore feet already, save some for the show and weekend but so much going on already...get the show badge next morning continental breakfast happy march to the show...hey there's so and so and so and so etc. get the map take a walk through and get the layout of the huge maze of booths I'm lost but whats new...there's some amazing playing and clothes already...high school hall type crowded aisles free music magazines are heavy pretty girls pretty guitars there's another old friend hey man
i love your new CD did you hear so and so and what are you doing tonight..check out the new amp by..and this awesome wah pedal and man I need some lunc...wow look at the line...its expensive...what a nice sunny day...do i have to go back in? yeah cool stuff and people in there too...long day and it'll be a long night but full of joy and wonder of music and laughter and the palm tree walk an my comfy hotel bed and oh is it tomorrow morning already...wow what happened /...here we go again...amazing loving it and trying to survive it and not missing anything...whew!!!!!

so..Vigier has always been good to me with guitar and promotion assistance for overseas touring..Mr Vigier is a gentleman and guitar making genius who has attracted some incredible musicians such as Shawn Lane and Bumblefoot over the years...I met many interesting people through my concerts at Tone Merchants and overseas...The amazing bassist John Avila,Christophe Godin,Peter Diezel, Uwe,Ed D(the fretless maniac),etc.etc.

Nice people i ran into this year at the show included Paul Pesco(an excellent guitarist form Hall and Oates,Madonna,J Lo,etc. and just a great funk and fusion player,Rivera amps...great stuff and people,Lisa Sharken-cool guitar mag writer, The friendly and multi-talented Seymour Duncan,John Stix -guitar mag writer, producer,publisher etc...hanging out with my friends Tommy and Lisa ....and meeting so many cool new people whose names and cards I didn't always get but enjoyed talking with and hanging out with,hearing play,etc. so much talent form all over the globe...

With today's economy there are changes but the music plays on and I'll always miss the Chicago shows where music was a little bit higher than fashion and it was easier to talk to some people where the autograph lines weren't quite as long for so many people I hadn't heard of...and the first few California shows I attended when California was itself a novelty and I'd never been to Disneyland or seen palm trees..a real novelty for a midwestern boy...but ultimately it changed my perception of just how great musicians could be and allowed me to meet and even get to know people I never would have otherwise,not even knowing that someday i would be recording and performing and touring with them...what a miraculous journey in more ways than one...and more to come...

Orest Dziatyk: hawk live

A brace of live videos from Orest Dziatyk aka Hawk.



Julian Puttins: incredible guitarified cd for free!

Download Julian Puttins's entire album "Guitarified" FOR FREE!

For a sneak peek and a short introduction af all included songs check out this VIDEO.

Download FREE Album "Guitarified" (fully id3tagged for your mp3 device)

Kostas Karamitroudis: firewind stratovarious live double bill

Wow, what a guitar double bill... well worth the ticket price!
Gus G. of Greek melodic metallers FIREWIND has issued the following update:

"Even though we toured the U.K. hard in 2008 and are still planning to kick some serious ass at the Hellfire Festival next month, when the opportunity came to do this tour with STRATOVARIUS, we just couldn't say no.

"U.K. and Ireland have turned out to be some of the best places on earth for FIREWIND when it comes to our ever growing fanbase and on how dedicated our fans are in these countries. Teaming up with STRATOVARIUS makes this such a killer package. They are a band with quality, catchy melodic songs and a high level of musicianship. They are pioneers in their genre. They are definitely a band that has inspired us and we are honoured to share the same stage with them!!

"So what can you expect from FIREWIND on this one?
a) your face melted by our Metal,
b) a different setlist, and
c) maybe even an exclusive brand new track?

See you out there very soon!"

Upcoming FIREWIND shows:

Feb. 21 - London, England - Hellfire Festival


May 15 - Wolverhampton, UK - Wulfrun Hall
May 16 - Nottingham, UK - Rock City
May 17 - Glasgow, UK - Cathouse
May 18 - London, UK - Islington O2 Academy
May 19 - Manchester, UK - Academy 2
May 20 - Dublin, IRE - Button Factory

Summer festivals 2009:

May 31 - Gelsenkirchen, GER - Rock Hard Festival
Jun. 26 - Dessel, BEL - Graspop Metal Meeting
Aug. 14 - Dinkelsb├╝hl, GER - Summer Breeze Festival

Kazumi Watanabe: jfusion

Fusion star Kazumi Watanabe in Studio Live - Ashita Tenki ni

Kazumi Watanabe "Ashita Tenki ni"

Andy Timmons: guitar player interview

Andy Timmons in private clinic with Guitar Player Magazine's Michael Molenda and Jude Gold.

Andy Timmons on the Recording of RESOLUTION

Andy Timmons Plays "Resolution"

Andy Timmons Plays "Gone"

Andy Timmons Rig Pt. II

Dave Martone: 10 guitar lessons of hybrid playing

Dave Martone in his interview for Guitar Player Magazine and guitarplayer.com, Dave Martone shares ways to apply his innovative "hybrid" pick-and-fingers approaches in rock settings. (Interview by Chris Buono.)

Dave Martone video lessons

Marty Friedman: lesson from guitar world

Marty's lesson with GW that was taped in '98, but wasn't released until recently

Marty Friedman Lesson w/ Guitar World in '98 Part 1

Marty Friedman Lesson w/ Guitar World in '98 Part 2