News: guitar idol 2009 update

Deep into Heat 2 of guitar idol 2009 and it's clear that the quality of the tracks is going to make it difficult to short list the final 12. Gone is the goofy track from the players with big top hats ( I may of course speak to soon)... I also like the way that the list of players is no longer in score order, this makes you page through the players and gives some of the lower scoring tunes an opportunity to be heard.

So there are currently 211 videos in the current heat, check out and vote:

The prizes are beginning to stack up to with official announcements so far being Marshall, PRS, Ernie Ball MusicMan, Mayones and Blackstar who are all giving Top of the range guitars/amps plus more coming soon…

Current top of the heap for heat 2 is Jimmy Oliveira

Jimmy Oliveira - There`s too Much to do (Guitar idol 2009 Entry)