Daniele Gottardo: chordal tapping lesson

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Daniele Gottardo: Chordal Tapping

The course deals with the technique of tapping polyphonic (chordal tapping), made famous by guitarist Stanley Jordan since the'80s. Also known as the "two hands tapping" or "touch technique" this approach is to play the guitar just like a piano through hammer-ons and pull off a two-handed keyboard simultaneously on the guitar. So do not use the pick, but the look is more challenging since the two hands, like a pianist. With this technique you can reach the maximum allowed polyphony on electric guitar. If you are fascinated by unusual techniques and extreme, or if you want a style that lets you take and improvise together in any kind of music from rock to blues to jazz, this is the course for you! In order to follow the course in the most profitable suggests at least a minimum of preparation on the theory and harmony.

The course aims to develop all the solutions of monofoniche tapping technique, with particular attention to class rock-metal from the early days (Van Halen) to get applications to the recent tendency of extreme rock-fusion (from G. Howe to TJ Helmerich). The expression tapping as mono sound distorted reached a stage of development on the teaching of every subject it represents a real alternative to the traditional techniques used in rock guitar solo. The program provides for a redeployment of all the arguments of harmony usually treated (bending, vibrato, a larger scale, minor, chromatic, pentatonic, arpeggios of bicordi, triads, 7, 9, 11 and 13) to completely redefine the gesture and the types path (3, 4, 6, 8 known to rope) as a stylistic choice.