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Steve Vai: I heart guitar blog

Peter is doing a great job on his blog and delivers again with his latest interview with Steve Vai.

I Heart Guitar: Let’s talk about the new DVD. That tour obviously didn’t come to Australia, so the DVD was the first thing I’ve seen of that line-up.

Steve Vai: First of all, I’m sorry I didn’t make it to Australia. It was a relatively short tour because I had just finished a project that had me working in the studio for over a year, which was the orchestra project I did with the Metropole Orchestra in Holland. So at the end of that I wanted to put a band together. Something different, something unique, hopefully something that no-one has ever done, and go out and do a short tour. I wanted to put the kind of band together that would give the music a different kind of dimension. So I had a couple of different ideas. One of them was to have a rock band core with two additional percussionists. Another was to have a rock band core with a twelve-piece horn section, and another was to have two violins. So I chose the two violins this time because it made the most sense coming out of the orchestra project. The problem was finding the right players because my music, although it can be very compositional in nature, it’s fused with rock and roll sensibility, y’know, because I’m primarily a rock artist. So because the music can be very challenging and demanding I needed musicians that could read music. All the violin players I was auditioning were these metal violin shredders. They sounded terrible. They couldn’t really play well and they didn’t understand the dynamics and the nuance of the music. And all the classical players I auditioned who could read the music didn’t have any rock and roll sensibility, so when I turned my amps up their violin bows melted and they ran for the hills. So I was lucky than Ann Marie Calhoun and Alex DePurdue fell into my life because they are real stunners. They are unbelieveably talented, elite players with great discipline and respect, and wonderful people.
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Devin Townsend: bizarre mag interview

You've said that Ki was quite restrained whereas Addicted is a bit more like a pop album with lots of layers. Can you tell me a bit more about it and more about the ideas behind it?

Devin: Well, you know, it’s a full record project… Basically, it’s supposed to be a story from beginning to end. In a roundabout way it’s not really a minimal story, but I think that this second record here is… god, this is the first interview I’ve done for it, so I’d better try to figure out what the heck it is about. It’s all about trying to figure out, like all of us, what’s our deal here. Like, is there a god? Is there not a god? Is it OK to do certain things and not OK to do other things?

You have a kid and all of a sudden your whole reality seems completely out of proportion. Reality seems to get more and more out of proportion. I always end up thinking, “Well what’s the meaning behind it all?” I think that for many years I’ve been hung up on that question. Just like a real overwhelming sense of needing to know. I had a bunch of people in my life who were very religious and some people are into, like, darker things and some are into lighter things, but ultimately I think it all comes down to the fact that everybody’s afraid of this being it. You know, afraid that maybe there’s nothing more. Maybe we’re just… we have these kind of realities and belief systems just to avoid that incredibly isolated feeling.

But, in a lot of ways, I think what Addicted, this record, is about is, well, say there is nothing more. Say this is it. You know, that there’s this infinite state above us of nothing and all we’ve got is, like, a bunch of other humans. So what’s the ultimate result of that? And for years, my music has been really kind of metaphoric and there’s been a lot of darkness in the music. But that realisation that there may be nothing else was really invigorating to me because I was thinking, “OK. Well if there is nothing else then all we need to have is each other. So what do we want to do? Do we prove to each other that we are right?”

Or, my kind of thing is, well, I just want to make music that’s heavy, but I want people to be able to dance. I want to dance. I want music that’s like fun, that’s refreshing. Good chorus that you can sing along to and that you’re not necessarily singing along to somebody else’s neuroses as much as just like, “Those are cool words. That’s a cool melody, that’s a great beat. And for a long time, I’ve kind of fought with the idea of heavy music only being about my own quest. It was spiritually damaging for me to be playing heavy music. And then I thought, well I’m a white male and I really enjoy that kind of aggression, but I think there’s a distinction to be made between aggressive music and toxic music and I think that they can be mutually exclusive in a lot of ways so what I tried to do with Addicted is make something really heavy.

In a lot of ways it’s heavier than anything I’ve ever done before but I’ve counteracted that by making the lyrics and the message, if you will behind it, neutral but really positive. Like, “Yeah, life is shit in a lot of ways but there’s a lot of great things. We played the record last night and we danced, because there are so many negative things and anaesthesias are so stupid that it’s like we spend too much time thinking about things that we’re never going to solve and we’re just going to end up perpetually depressed. So I just wanted to make a record that was, like, awesome and fun.
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Is it me or does Devin Townsend resemble the 1972 cover of the Greenslade album?

Joe Satriani: military interveiw

Chickenfoot, a supergroup made up of former Van Halen members Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony, solo artist Joe Satriani and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, talk about the band. Check out more Pentagon Channel programs at


Lori Linstruth: guilt machine ragnarock interview

Lori Linstruth and Arjen Lucassen join us to talk about their latest project Guilt Machine. The album ‘On This Perfect Day’ was released in Europe on August 31st, an album of self reflective twists and turns through progressive metal sounds.

As well as Guilt Machine Arjen also talks about life after the Ayreon project and his future musical direction. listen

George Lynch: hell just froze over!

DOKKEN and LYNCH MOB (featuring former DOKKEN guitarist George Lynch) will share the stage for the first time ever in November. Confirmed dates are as follows:

Nov. 27 - House of Blues - West Hollywood, CA
Nov. 29 - House of Blues - Anaheim, CA

Tommy Emmanuel: just between the frets new CD



"Just Between Frets"  Album Cover

"Order Now" Button

PRICE: $16 Ships November 18

'Just Between Frets' is a collaboration between Tommy, jazz guitarist Frank Vignolaand bassist Gary Mazzaroppi. Vignola spent many years playing with the legendary Les Paul and is a master of Django gypsy jazz and 30s-40s swing. This mutual admiration society collection of standards, plus two Tommy Emmanuel originals, is some of the most inspired and intuitive jams on record.

Track List

01 Tenderly (3:53)

02 Clouds (4:57)

03 How High the Moon (4:23)

04 I’ve Got a Crush on You* (1:00)

05 Young at Heart* (3:23)

06 Swing 39/Swing 42 (6:18)

07 Sweet Dreams (3:33)

08 Paper Moon (5:36)

09 Django’s Castle (4:20)

10 Swing 09 (3:29)

11 NatureBoy (4:31)

12 Just Us 4 All (7:34)

*Played as a medley

Adam Fulara: "Two-handed tapping - guitar workshop"

Two-handed tapping - guitar workshop" - NEW!
Oct 16, 2009 - Today is the Polish premiere of the "Two-handed tapping - guitar workshop" - book and DVD of Adam Fulara. The book is in English and Polish The mail order will be at the soon...

The trailer. "Two-handed tapping - guitar workshop" is an instructional book+DVD of Adam Fulara. For usual 6-string guitar and standard tunning (E,B,G,D,A,E). 14 lessons + 14 transcriptions of evergreens, classical music hits and Bach tunes (Amazing Grace, The Entertainer, For Elise, etc.). In Polish and in English.The mail order will be at the soon... Book: 52 pages: tabs + scores + comments in English and Polish. DVD: 65 mins, English subtitiles. Over one year of practicing guaranteed...

Two-handed tapping - guitar workshop - book+DVD by Adam Fulara

Greg Howe: tweating new album


All I can say is this album is turning out to be so much more than I had anticipated, and I had anticipated a lot.
10:02 PM Oct 10th from TwitterBerry
Rochester has helped me develope a new appreciation for indoor dining
8:17 PM Oct 10th from TwitterBerry
Recording update: dinner time and as tempting as it sounds, I'm thinking I'll pass on the fish tacos
2:58 AM Oct 3rd from TwitterBerry
I think carpets are the Bermuda Triangle for guitar picks. It's like 47% of all dropped picks are permanently removed from existence.
6:38 PM Sep 28th from web
Put the studio back together in the new house - about 3 hours... Putting a new grill together for the new house - 5 hours and counting
5:28 PM Sep 28th from web
Recording basic tracks for the new vocal album starting tomorrow
5:23 PM Sep 28th from web
Receiving dirty looks from my dog after having just spilled melted cheese on him, while putting forth great effort not to find this amusing
8:28 PM Sep 16th from TwitterBerry

John 5: loud park festival

Loud Park Festival, one of the biggest heavy metal festivals in Japan, takes place this Sat. and Sun. at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center, just outside of Tokyo.

Headlined by Judas Priest and Slayer, the weekend also features Fender’s very own signature bassist Frank Bello, who will take the stage Friday night with his band Anthrax. On Saturday, Fender signature artist John 5 (shown above) will work his magic with Rob Zombie.
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Joe Bonamassa: king of the blues

Guitar Center Announces District Final

Winners of World’s Largest Blues Guitar Contest

Winners Move on to Regional Finals on October 21 in Brooklyn, Nashville, Arlington Heights, Dallas, and Hollywood!

Grand Finals in Hollywood on November 12


Joe Bonamassa, Pete Anderson, and the

Top Five Undiscovered Blues Guitar Players in the Country!

October 4, 2009 - Westlake Village, CA – Last Wednesday, the top 24 undiscovered blues guitarists in the nation were selected to move on to the King of the Blues Regional Finals, moving one step closer to being crowned Guitar Center’s King of the Blues and $25,000 cash. On Oct 21, these winners will once again go head-to-head, competing to move on to The King of the Blues Grand Finals scheduled for November 12th in Hollywood.

Tickets are currently on sale for the King of the Blues Grand Finals, which are scheduled for November 12 at the House of Blues Sunset in Hollywood, CA. In addition to showcasing the top five finalists as they compete for the King of the Blues crown and $25,000 cash, the King of the Blues Grand Finals will also feature performances by renowned blues guitarist and Gibson artist Joe Bonamassa, who has been awarded “Best Blues Guitarist” by Guitar Player Magazine for the past three years, as well as Grammy Award winner Pete Anderson. Tickets for this very special event are just $20, and are available at or the HOB box office.

Like Guitar Center’s other talent search competitions – the legendary Drum-Off (now in its 21st year), and the recently launched On-Stage – King of the Blues is part of Guitar Center’s ongoing mission to provide emerging artists and musicians with career-altering opportunities and vehicles to achieve success. Introduced in 2006, King of the Blues is more than just a competition to find the most technically skilled players. King of the Blues is designed to seek out the most passionate, innovative and authentic guitar players and give them a shot at stardom. For example, the winner of Guitar Center’s 2007 King of the Blues, Aaron Loesch, was invited to perform at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Festival in front of over 25,000 attendees.

How It Works:

Each contestant must perform live to 1 of 25 original backing tracks, developed by Grammy Award winning producer, Pete Anderson, which have been made available for free download at Contestants may bring and use any 6, 7, or 12 string acoustic or electric guitar, lap steel or pedal steel guitar, plus any audio pedal effects that can be set-up in a 5 minute time limit, all of which will be plugged into a selection of amplifiers provided by Guitar Center.

District competitions took place on September 30 where one winner was chosen from each of 24 districts. Those winners now move up to regionally hosted semi-finals (5 locations), culminating in the final King of the Blues Grand Finals competition in Los Angeles on November 12th.

Guitar Center’s King of the Blues champion will win an impressive package of prizes, including $25,000 cash, along with a Gibson Guitar ’59 Les Paul reissue guitar, a $2,500 Levi’s® shopping spree, a Marshall Vintage Modern 50 watt half stack, a Boss GT-10 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal, a feature in Guitar World magazine, worldwide distribution of their music in iTunes and more, plus endorsement deals from Ernie Ball, Marshall Amplification, VOX Amplification and Gibson. Additional regional, district and local prize packages will also be awarded, thanks to the generous support of Gibson Guitar, Levi’s®, Ernie Ball, Marshall, Boss, VOX, Guitar World Magazine and TuneCore, all of whom are proud partners of Guitar Center’s King of the Blues.


Regional finals: October 21st

Grand Finals: November 12th

Locations for Regional Finals (Oct 21):

          • Arlington Heights
          • Brooklyn, NY
          • Dallas, TX
          • Hollywood
          • Nashville, TN

Some of today’s most iconic and groundbreaking artists, including BB King, John Mayer, The Black Crowes, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Hubert Sumlin have participated at past King of the Blues events. With “the Blues” being the foundation for nearly all of today’s popular music, the search for the nation’s greatest undiscovered blues guitarist is expected to unearth a goldmine of unsigned talent, some of whom are destined to become tomorrow’s legends.

For more info on Guitar Center’s King of the Blues contact Girlie Action:

Pam Leto 212-989-2222, x111

Kabeer Malhotra 212-989-2222, x123

David Marek 212-989-2222, x136

Orianthi: the Michael Jackson factor

Orianthi continues to garner praise for her new release post the loss of Michael Jackson. I have comped together an analysis of page views of Orianthi posts over the last months: It's really interesting to note the view rate of Orianthi posts, which is relatively high, over the months since Michael's tragic loss.

Mike Campese: chops from hell

Clip from Mike Campese' Chops From Hell E-Instructional download "Melodic Shred" now available at

Mike Campese' Melodic Shred Sampler

Pablo G Soler, Marcos De Ros: chops from hell

Clip from Pablo G. Soler & Marcos De Ros' Chops From Hell E-Instructional download "South American Guitar Masters" now available at

Pablo G. Soler & Marcos De Ros' South American Guitar Masters Sampler

Joe Bonamassa: uk tour dates

JOE BONAMASSA28-Nov Llandudno, Venue Cymru
30-Nov Nottingham, Royal Concert Hall
01-Dec Southampton, Guildhall
02-Dec Norwich, UEA
03-Dec Leeds Academy
05-Dec Edinburgh Picture House

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Walter Trout: tour dates


16-Oct Newcastle, O2 Academy
17-Oct Glasgow, The Ferry
19-Oct Morecambe, The Dome
20-Oct Crewe, The M Club
21-Oct Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
22-Oct Sheffield, The Boardwalk
23-Oct Holmfirth, Picturedrome
24-Oct Manchester, Academy
25-Oct York, Opera House
26-Oct Milton Keynes, The Stables
27-Oct Leamington Spa, The Assembly
28-Oct Wolverhampton, The Robin2
29-Oct Southampton, The Brook
30-Oct London, Shepherds Bush Empire

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Magnus Olsson,Guthrie Govan: took some astonishing photos from the recent show in Denmark

Not only is Magnus Olsson and amazing guitarist he's one helluva' photographer! These photos were taken at the recent show in Denmark. It's a show I will no doubt regret missing all my life! I promise I will meet up with Magnus at some unforeseen date in the future!

Full photo gallery

News: got gas? are you a guitar gear addict?

Even in this economy, addictions run wild. Just take a look at some of the popular gear forums and you’ll see that guitars, amps and pedals are being bought and sold en masse. Maybe the prices have come down, and maybe it takes a little longer for an item to sell, but it’s definitely still happening. I recently sold an amp and was stunned when ten minutes after placing the ad there were over 100 views and two offers. It sold within 12 minutes at the full asking price with no reservations whatsoever. Now I’m not saying this is typical (this amp is extremely popular in some circles and doesn’t usually come up for sale) but it does validate my point.

To help determine if you are a gear addict I’ve put together a set of symptoms derived from conversations with others in the 12-step tone program (“Hello, my name is Steve Ouimette, and I’m a gear addict”). Be honest with your answers and the truth will reveal itself. You may even come up with a few of your own criteria that will help you come to grips with the specifics of your particular addiction. Let’s begin. You might be a gear addict if:
Find out if you are a gear addict

Xaxa Portilho, Alex Berserker: the sunset

I'm really enjoying these youtube duets and here's another one featuring Xaxa Portilho and Alex Berserker.

Alex Berserker says:
Hey Everyone! Alex Berserker here! This is The Sunset! My Friend,Xaxa Portilho, and I have been working on this Song for wuite some time now,and its finally done! Personally,i think this is really Top class!! Pro Style! im really Excited this proyect has Ended with such good results! Excellent Video Editing By Xaxa! The track Was composed by Him,i added the Berserker Touch (Dance Beats,mastering,Production,rythms,and Leads!) Mixed it and Then He did the Video Magic! I used

Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR Diamond Series BOSS GT-8 Ableton Live for Mixing,Remixing and Mastering

I really hope You enjoy! Visit,and Subscribe to Xaxa's Youtube!!

Xaxa Portilho & Alex Berserker - The Sunset