Greg Howe: tweating new album


All I can say is this album is turning out to be so much more than I had anticipated, and I had anticipated a lot.
10:02 PM Oct 10th from TwitterBerry
Rochester has helped me develope a new appreciation for indoor dining
8:17 PM Oct 10th from TwitterBerry
Recording update: dinner time and as tempting as it sounds, I'm thinking I'll pass on the fish tacos
2:58 AM Oct 3rd from TwitterBerry
I think carpets are the Bermuda Triangle for guitar picks. It's like 47% of all dropped picks are permanently removed from existence.
6:38 PM Sep 28th from web
Put the studio back together in the new house - about 3 hours... Putting a new grill together for the new house - 5 hours and counting
5:28 PM Sep 28th from web
Recording basic tracks for the new vocal album starting tomorrow
5:23 PM Sep 28th from web
Receiving dirty looks from my dog after having just spilled melted cheese on him, while putting forth great effort not to find this amusing
8:28 PM Sep 16th from TwitterBerry