Xaxa Portilho, Alex Berserker: the sunset

I'm really enjoying these youtube duets and here's another one featuring Xaxa Portilho and Alex Berserker.

Alex Berserker says:
Hey Everyone! Alex Berserker here! This is The Sunset! My Friend,Xaxa Portilho, and I have been working on this Song for wuite some time now,and its finally done! Personally,i think this is really Top class!! Pro Style! im really Excited this proyect has Ended with such good results! Excellent Video Editing By Xaxa! The track Was composed by Him,i added the Berserker Touch (Dance Beats,mastering,Production,rythms,and Leads!) Mixed it and Then He did the Video Magic! I used

Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR Diamond Series BOSS GT-8 Ableton Live for Mixing,Remixing and Mastering

I really hope You enjoy! Visit,and Subscribe to Xaxa's Youtube!!


Xaxa Portilho & Alex Berserker - The Sunset