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'Just Between Frets' is a collaboration between Tommy, jazz guitarist Frank Vignolaand bassist Gary Mazzaroppi. Vignola spent many years playing with the legendary Les Paul and is a master of Django gypsy jazz and 30s-40s swing. This mutual admiration society collection of standards, plus two Tommy Emmanuel originals, is some of the most inspired and intuitive jams on record.

Track List

01 Tenderly (3:53)

02 Clouds (4:57)

03 How High the Moon (4:23)

04 I’ve Got a Crush on You* (1:00)

05 Young at Heart* (3:23)

06 Swing 39/Swing 42 (6:18)

07 Sweet Dreams (3:33)

08 Paper Moon (5:36)

09 Django’s Castle (4:20)

10 Swing 09 (3:29)

11 NatureBoy (4:31)

12 Just Us 4 All (7:34)

*Played as a medley