Saturday, 16 January 2010

Angel Ruiz: prowling blues

From the jam track set "Contemporary Blues" ; This is me perfoming Guthrie's solo.
Hope you like it!

Guthrie Govan-Prowling Blues cover by Ángel Ruiz

Marco De Cave: silent noise competition

marco de cave silent noise competition.wmv

Vanny Tonon: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Vanny live peformance in this competition...i'm 19 and i Love music, i'm from Italy and this video is dedicated to my Little Deb (my girlfriend)!!!

Shred this too competition

Agarat Kunsee: Marco Sfogli's shred this

Another shredder all the way from Thailand!

Shred This Too by Agarat kunsee from Thailand entry

Guthrie Govan: look a likes that don't add up?

One more look a like for you... but I fear that this one just does not add up... even if you add all those erotic cakes to Guthrie Govan!!

Fletcher Barton: Silent Noise Competition

year old Fletcher jams on Tom Shaper's final prototype of the Jasperbridge for the Stick Monkey competition... visit "" for more! (the 1st 100 will be available by next month)! Special thanks to Rob Chappers for doing what he does & to "Sticks" for doing this competition, good fun!!!

Fletcher, age 9 - Stick Monkey - Silent Noise Competition

News: a reminder that driving in snowy conditions can be dangerous

Ice driving pinball

Paignton Ice Skating for Cars - The Original

Zakk Wylde: marshall jmd-1 NAMM

Zakk Wylde... it's not the Cough that carries you off... it's the coffin they carry you off in ;)!

Zakk Wylde Solo Performance Part 1; Winter NAMM 2010 Unvieling Marshalls New JMD-1 Amp

Zakk Wylde Solo Performance Part 2; Winter NAMM 2010 Unvieling Marshalls New JMD-1 Amp

Andy McKee: Drifting NAMM 2010

Andy McKee - Drifting NAMM 2010

Andy McKee - Africa NAMM 2010

Alex skolnick: live at namm 2010

Alex skolnick live at namm 2010

News: TRex at NAMM

Torsten from TRex, who judged the recent Milan Polak TRex competition reviews the current and new range of pedals from TRex.

T-Rex @ Namm Show 2010 day

Frank Gambale: features on Anthony Jackson abstractlogix CD

Anthony Jackson (Contrabass Guitar); Yiorgos Fakanas (Bass); Frank Gambale (Guitar); Dave Weckl (Drums); Mitch Forman (Keyboards); Takis Paterelis (Alto Sax); Tony Lakatos (Tenor Sax); Antonis Andreou (Trombone); Mihail Iosifov (Trumpet)

Note: Includes 16 Page Booklet woth photos and other information.

For over 40 years Anthony Jackson has been the bassist’s bassist; the man most admired by his peers for his groundbreaking groove work in jazz and pop with the likes of Billy Paul, the O’Jays, Buddy Rich, Roberta Flack, Chaka Khan, Chick Corea, Steely Dan, Donald Fagen, Paul Simon, Al DiMeola, Quincy Jones, Steve Khan’s Eyewitness, Luther Vandross, Lee Ritenour, Michel Petrucciani, Pat Metheny, Michel Camilo, Mike Stern and Wayne Krantz. Jackson’s conception and invention of the 6-string contrabass guitar led to further lauding from his low-end colleagues and resulted in the global standardization of extended-range basses, changing the sound of contemporary music from the bottom up. Additionally, Anthony’s landmark use of a pick and flanger pedal on the O’Jays’ smash, “For the Love of Money,” revealed a unique sound and approach that remains one of his signatures. About the only milestone missing from Jackson’s remarkable career is a solo album. Being neither a composer, nor known for taking solos, however, Anthony has resisted countless offers (beginning with one from Quincy Jones in 1978). Until now.

In 2007, Jackson’s close friend, celebrated Greek composer/bassist Yiorgos Fakanas, proposed a project featuring the two bassmen, for which he would compose contemporary chamber music utilizing a rhythm section, horn section and string quintet. Jackson would then be able to define his role. This appealed to Anthony’s uncompromising commitment to artistry, and he consented, choosing two of his strengths: Reviving and advancing his picking technique to fully interpret Fakanas’s extremely challenging melodies (including double tracking them, often an octave apart), and providing the written as well as improvised bass lines behind soloists—a skill at which he is without equal. Fakanas, highly accomplished in his own right, would contribute all (five) of the bass solos. Recorded in 2009, in Athens and Connecticut, the CD brings together many of Greece’s finest jazz and classical musicians—including alto saxophonist Takis Patarelis and trombonist Antonis Andreou—while starring such international heavyweights as drummer Dave Weckl, guitarist Frank Gambale, keyboardist Mitch Forman and saxophonist Tony Lakatos.

The nine-track disc erupts via the volcanic opener, “Inner Power,” with Weckl’s double-time fusion-funk groove fueling Jackson’s fearless flatpick foray through the tortuous melody. In divine contrast is Anthony’s palm-muted quarter-note swath beneath Forman’s synth solo, further engaged by Jackson’s spontaneous reharmonization. Anthony and Yiorgos (on fretless) explore Wayne Shorter’s “Footprints” through theme and variation, before brightly coloring the pleasing “Cuore Vibes Part 2” with chord melody. On both tracks, the duo’s differing approaches to their instrument are clearly audible. Summoning Isaac Hayes and Bob James’ CTI days, the soul-tinged title track pivots on Jackson’s bass line melody and Fakanas’s ensemble counterpoint. Meanwhile, the brooding “Seviglia” recalls Return To Forever and Anthony’s pivotal precision pick work with Al DiMeola, while showcasing his best pick-and-flange tone to date.

Another of Anthony’s fortes is afforded by the Afro-Cuban-edged “Caldera.” First flawlessly performing the twin melodies incorporating multiple octaves, Jackson next delivers clave-informed fundamental through improvised tumbaos behind the soloists. For the graceful “Ionio II,” Anthony calls upon his superior sense of touch and dynamics to blend the more difficult melodic passages into the overall hue, as well as to gradually build to a hard-swinging walk behind Forman’s piano turn. Surging to a dramatic finish, the disc-closing “Parhelia” finds maestros Fakanas and Jackson teaming for the funky, finger-busting lead, while also boasting Fakanas’s finest solo and support work. All credit is due Fakanas for recognizing Jackson’s original voice and for creating a touchstone vehicle for his one-of-a-kind talent. Interspirit’s impact is immediate, while its deep layers demand repeated listenings. Either way, spread the word: Anthony Jackson’s solo statement has arrived! order

Raphael Fraser: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

A great solo from fellow guitar blogger Raphael Fraser.

Shred This Too - Raphael Fraser

Greg Howe: Displaced Accents and Polyrhythms

Displaced Accents and Polyrhythms
by Greg Howe
Greg Howe shares a method to help in improvisation:

One of the most important aspects of improvisation, at least for me, is the ability to steadily deliver a stream of 16th notes (four notes per beat) containing interesting and somewhat unpredictable lines within the context of mid- to high-tempo music scenarios. Playing 16th notes at a typical mid-tempo speed such as 120 bpm is not necessarily a difficult task for many guitarists, however to do so in a manner that doesn’t rely on the use of overly predictable sequences or pre-rehearsed licks can often prove to be a bit more challenging.

One of the methods I’ve found to be very helpful in assisting with this quest is displacing the accents in these sets of fours, resulting in a particular kind of polyrhythm. The various official definitions of the word usually include language that goes something like, “the simultaneous sounding of two or more independent rhythms.” If this concept were new to me, that definition would likely be of little value, so before we try to make use of this concept let’s first try to understand it.
full post and tab

News: TIS namm feed is available

Don't forget all my Winter NAMM 2010 posts will be available

Blues Saraceno: namm jam 2010

Blues Saraceno sharing great licks - NAMM 2010

Rob Chappers: blue NAMM jam

Rob Chappers aka Monkey Lord had a fun little jam session at the Marshall booth.

Monkey Lord Shreds at Namm 2010

Stephan Vidi: Rob Chappers silent noise competition

Silent Noise Competition - Vidi's Entry

Milan Polak, Ulf Katschrowski: wins Milan's Mega Marshall Competition

OK these are the winners

The winners video:
Milan's Mega Marshall Competition - Top 3 Picks

1: Ulf Katschrowski
Katschrowski - Milan's Mega Marshall Competition Germany

2: Boris Beceric

Milan Polak's Marshall & Ernie Ball competition

3: Stephan Vidi

Milan's Mega Marshall Competition entry by Vidi

Al Di Meola: NAMM 2010

Al Di Meola NAMM 2010 PRS

Kostas Alexakis: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

A lovely tone and great solo for the competition!

Shred This Too ALEX K entry

This was the solo for the first competition.

Alex K. - "Shred This" Competition Entry

Rick Graham, Charles Shaughnessy, Tom Quayle: NAMM

Some more NAMM photos

Rick Graham at NAMM

Rick Graham, Charles Shaughnessy, Tom Quayle at NAMM

Dan Huff: promised land

Frontiers Records has released the video for the track 'Promised Land' from US-based rockers GIANT.

Giant - Promise Land

Eric Clapton: T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender phone

T-Mobile USA, Inc. announced that it is teaming up with musician Eric Clapton to help market its new T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender phone.

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition, which will be available nationwide starting January 20, costs $180 with a two-year contract.

This is not the first time that T-Mobile has used celebrities to pitch and promote its products. The company has recently brought back actress Catherine Zeta Jones for a cellphone-plan campaign and is using Whoopi Goldberg among others in its myTouch ads.

The Android-based device puts a new spin on the original T-Mobile myTouch 3G. It will be equipped with some preloaded songs including Mr. Clapton classics such “Layla,” “My Father’s Eyes,” “Rock ‘N’ Roll Heart,” and “Wonderful Tonight,”

To sweeten the deal further, T-Mobile’s Fender device comes equipped with a 16 GB microSD card, a 3.5mm headset jack for headphones and an enhanced music player, which will allow customers to create ringtones from songs that are playing.
full details

Volker Scheidt: melodic guitar guru 3!

Melodic shred guitar / Neoclassical guitar style with Volker Scheidt

Tim Morrison: side-winding tapper

Introduction of "Dash" by Theodore Ziras!

Guitar Tapping: Chopin Prelude in E Minor

Matthew Mills: guitar clinic

Matthew Mills Schecter Guitar Clinic at contemporary music Center January 9th 2010

This is a preview of the songs for the new Matthew Mills album Matthew Mills The Neoclassical Journey. The album will released through Itunes first and other digital download Stores and a physical disc will be soon after the Songs will feature guest solos from the legendary Joe Stump and Guitarist David Shankle and sequel to the 2007 song Arpeggio Travel Part 2 which is called Arpeggio Travel part 3.

Matthew Mills Guitarist new album preview 2010

Matthew Mills performing at Grace Bible Church

Erik Mongarin: lick library

The amazing acoustic guitarist and You Tube sensation Erik Mongarin exclusively chats to LickLibrary's Stuart Bull about his technique, influences and much more...

To see the FULL interview click the link below...

Erik Mongrain Interview -

Erik Mongrain - Fates (Short Version) -

Guthire Govan: lick library

Guthire Govan Interview -

Ariel Ferreyrola: a little light fusion

Some nice legato playing.

Ariel Ferreyrola turn arround mas Holdsworth

Ariel Ferreyrola turn arround a la Holdsworth 2


Cinematar: Up and go !

Cinematar - Up and go !

Rob Chappers: Win £50 worth of hand wired cables

Stick Monday Vlog- Jam With Stick\Silent Noise Cables Competition - WIN!
To launch the 1st Stick Monday vlog of 2010, Stick is launching his own Competition where the winner will receive £50's worth of Silent Noise Cables WIN! These are very high quality cables hand soldered by Sticks own fingers of rock.

Download the jam along track from

1 - Subscribe to
2 - Download the mp3 from
3- Video youself jamming along with said mp3 (must be able to see hands at all times)
4 - Upload your video as a response to the competition video containing the tags -
- Silent Noise Cables Paul Annis Stick Monkey Monkey Lord -

Last entries will be taken on Sunday 31st January 2010, winner will be announced the following week

Stick Out...

Silent Noise Competition - Win £50 worth of hand wired cables

Subway Bandit: Rob Chappers away in NAMM... subway escapes

Silent bloody krep thing - The Subway Bandit

Greg Koch: NAMM

Greg Koch at NAMM 2010