Saturday, 6 February 2010

Rob Chappers: more live video tomorrow

Yes more live recording with a crazy stream of comments from 12:00 GMT.

Nick Kellie: facebook improv

Improvisation [HQ]

Rob Chappers: still live!

Free live streaming by Ustream

Rob Chappers: live on ustream NOW


Lyle Watt: Blackstar HT-Dual Distortion pedal for sale

Lyle Watt says:
It's a great pedal, but it has sat in a box under my bed for at least 6 months, and I've used it about twice. I need other things so anything I don't use is going.
Blackstar HT-Dual Distortion pedal for sale. Mint condtion, with original packaging and power supply.

£90 contact Lyle Watt:

Karolina Sustova: shred this too... two!

The competition may be closed but that cool backing track is still there... just needs your cool solo over it... check ot the description for the link and details on how to post a response:

So, here's another fine example over Marco Sfogli's backing track. This is another version of Karolina´s solo. Karolina say, some parts are the same but some parts are not because it was semi-improvised.

Karolina Sustova - Shred This Too (alternative version)

Martin Miller: tips on recording your youtube video sound.

I spotted that Wischi commented about his new found ability to get his videos sounding good. So I asked him what his tip was... it appears to tie up with what Rob Chappers told me when I visited him recently.

Martin Miller says:
now that I figured out how to get good sound on videos I'll be spamming the Tube like mad! This video is me practicing over an Aebersold backing track, so I didn't even bother getting a perfect take. Warning, playing is getting VERY loose towards the end ;)

So I asked him what his technique is...

Martin Miller responds:
Sure!! Someone gave me the tip to use a computer to record the music and another to record the video, them put them together using video editing software. Another thing I like to do is to mix the audio signal with a tad bit of camera mic to get a big roomy sound. Unfortunately, that way you can hear me moan at a few points in this vid ;)

Martin 'Wischi' Wichmann (Miller) - improv over modal changes

Adrian Galysh: Venusian Sunrise / Earth Tones

Adrian Galysh live at Cozy's in Sherman Oaks, CA. Feb. 4 2010. Adrian Galysh on Guitar, Maureen Baker - Keyboards, Philip Bynoe - Bass, Glen Sobel - Drums.

Adrian Galysh "Venusian Sunrise / Earth Tones"

Todd Duane: Marshall 50 watt Plexi Reissue

Blonde Marshall 50 watt Plexi Reissue modded by Mark Cameron

Rokas Jackūnas: orange jam

That backing track again!

Rokas - Orange Jam

Gustavo Dalfarra: Bass, but who... not a who any more

Thanks to the comments we've found the guy!

Laurie, I got news! The dude's name is Gustavo Dalfarra. He is originally from Barcelona, Venezuela, but he is busking the streets of Barcelona, Spain! More of his videos have sprung up on YouTube, so I was able to find out! The piece's name on this video is "My art is Bass". For more check out

Barcelona awesome Bass Player: Gustavo Dalfarra

Magnus Olsson: Shred This Too... a judges view

I've been catching up with the judges as we try and short list down the videos. Magnus Olsson is playing around in France at the moment and so finding some open wifi for judging has been a tough job... he even worked through the night at one point to get the first listing done.

Magnus Olsson explains:
"Hi all you guitarnut guys!

Being part of a competition like this is something I take very seriously; even if this might sound a little bit pretentious, the music and playing are massive fun, but is it still very serious stuff! I know that most of you who are entering are dead serious about what you do, you have spent your time and giving it your best, so it would be disrespectful not to give you all my time and really listen to what you all have done.

It is a very unnatural position for me being a judge over something like this, judging players that I feel are much better players than I am! so I have a very humble attitude towards it, I mean, who am I to judge anyone (who is anyone to judge anyone’s art?). Music and playing are dead serious but the judging is just subjective “my taste” stuff and is not to be interpreted as anything more than that.

An older video of Magnus Olsson playing along side Lalle Larsson:

Whatever It Might Be, Magnus Olsson

The reason for me to do something like this is the massive inspiration I get from watching (and hearing) all fantastic players out there, players I would never had heard otherwise. Getting a chance to see (and hear) so many great players do their stuff over the same backing is very cool, the amount of different ideas played is mind-blowing. I have found myself running for a guitar in “inspiration hit me – I must play” so many time watching these videos. And many of the new ideas I have heard in the videos have sneaked into my solos I play on stage at night, which is very cool. So a massive thanks to all of you who have sent in you playing!!!

I have been playing around in France since early January, playing gigs 6 days a week, so looking through all these videos have not been without complications and frustrating moments. I knew that the end of the competition would be while I was still here in France, but I thought that in the year 2010 that there would be monster "Shawn Lane" speed internet WiFi everywhere in the modern world!! But boy was I wrong. When trying to look at videos in the day time it has taken more than half an hour to load one video! and most of the time has it not loaded at all. The internet connections I have gotten hold of have only just been fast enough (but still very, very slow) very late at night and early morning... I have “borrowed” internet from a shop on the other side of the street. I hope now you can see that you have had a massive amount of “youtube guitar traffic” during these times... Please don't find me and make me into a "saucisson suedois" [ editor... make mince meat of me ;) ].

Magnus Olsson's tribute to Shawn Lane:

Power Lane (Fuzz Guitar Show 2009)

Never the less, after a lot of computer hate, stress and extensive use of bad language I did I finally make my way through all the videos. The videos have been a joy to watch and listen to, but the loading them part have been driving me absolute mad at times! One thought has been jumping around in my mind all the way through... that is that the level of playing has been mind-blowingly high, much higher than I expected it to be!!!

I have gotten so much inspiration from watching them all that it has stuck with me for a long time! Plus I have not heard a single “maybe you should consider taking up football instead?” (read as horribly bad) entry [editor "Don't give up the day job" ;) ]. Especially the technical level is amazing, many guys do scary technical stuff that is just a joy to watch. The technical level has gotten so high, and become so wide spread, that you don’t really react to it anymore, everybody has it and it seems that everybody can play more or less anything on a technical level.

The stuff that I was looking for while watching was musicality, good ideas and note choice, phrasing, intonation, vibrato and tone (I do not mean sound, I mean finger tone). I was looking for players who had more than just great technique (even if they have to have that too), players that had something that got my attention.

I know that it’s all subjective taste things, good to my ears is crap to someone else's ears, it is just the way it is with everything musical. So no doubt some of you guys will disagree with my opinion (and the other judges), but don’t make more of it than that... it is what it is, it's no more different than you like vanilla and I don’t.

So the judging continues... I'm on my 5th time through... here are the responses:

Jonas Hörnqvist: official Fender endorser

Jonas Hörnqvist is now officialy endorsed by Fender guitars. Jonas will later this year do guitar clinics all over Sweden.
Also keep an eye open for Jonas second guitar book "Solotechnique for rock and blues" that will be published March 2010.

Eugene Mischenko: breaking the sky

Eugene “Jin” Mischenko is from a Russian group check out : warning tasty playing alert on this CD!


01. Breaking The Sky
02. Illusions
03. Secret Desire
04. Racer
05. Phantom
06. Twilight Zone
07. Victory
08. Savage Heart
09. Time Machine
10. Behind The Silence (Blue System)

Press Release:

At the beginning of fall, the new debut album of a talented guitar player Eugene “Jin” Mischenko
was released. “Breaking the Sky”, the name of the album that symbolizes loud and fast appearance on the top
of the music Olympus the new generation of the guitar masters. Eugene “Jin” Mischenko, is one of the founders
of last year’s Miriada Project, that was one of the most talked about, and received a lot of positive reviews as
well as in musical ideas and their execution. This year, Jin decided to give us his first solo album that promises
to send its listeners into a 40 minute travel inside the world of melody, romance, anxiety, speed, emotions, and
science fiction. During the recording of his debut solo album, practically all work was done by Jin himself…
solos, riffs, bass, keyboards and drums. On some tracks, he used the help of the bass guitar player, Aleksandr
Podoroga, known by his work in Miriada. Keyboard tracks and pianos were recorded by Aleksandr “Wish”
Andruhin. Riffs for the Phantom track were recorded by Anton Mironkin. Mixing and mastering were performed
in Die Records Studio by one of the best sound engineers, Eugene Vinogradov (Catharsis, Butterfly Temple,
Forgive-me-not). With his performance, Eugene Mischenko proves that instrumental music in Russia takes a
new beginning, a new spin, a fresh breath. It’s promising and essential. The album was released September 3rd,
2007 on Iron LTD.

To order album from Jin:

You can call 8-926-556-7995 (Eugene) or email to If you live inside the borders of Moscow,
it’s possible to receive it in person (price: 150 rub. per disk). If you are outside, then it could be delivered to any
city in Russia (price: 300 rub. per disk).

Steve Vai, Orianthi: stair way to heaven

Steve Vai, R&B singer Mary J. Blige, BLINK-182 drummer Travis Barker, "American Idol" judge and bassist Randy Jackson and Michael Jackson's guitarist Orianthi got together this week to record a new version of the LED ZEPPELIN classic "Stairway to Heaven".

Steve Vai:
"You know, you gotta be really careful when you're gonna consider playing a song like this because it's just steeped in folklore and respect and it's been played by everybody," Vai said. "I believe it's the most requested song in history. So I was trying first to imagine how it was going to sound and then the moment that I heard that Mary J. was doing it, I actually have her records, so I went, 'Oh my God, this is going to be great.' And we got into the studio and just blasted it out. It was amazing. It was really special."

More comments on blabbermouth

Tenyu Nakamura: Lacroix Despheres REC

Tenyu Nakamura says:
I support letting the band played to the Lacroix Despheres We are recording. I had a lot of various interesting scenes, NG please forgive me for this album and play (laughs)

Lacroix Despheres REC

Fran Alonso: tone king!

Fran Alonso - Demo de mi de Rack Efectos - My Sound !!.mpg

Zack Kim: Obladi Oblada

Obladi Oblada

News: shred this closes and nobody came to call :(

Looks like a little glitch happened over at youtube... at least I hope it was... looks like no one came to see my videos at all the other day! Although Andreas Haukenes [aka Yngtchie Blacksteen] must be very happy that his video is getting good views:

Adrian Galysh: lydian dreams

Adrian Galysh live at Cozy's in Sherman Oaks, CA. Feb. 4 2010. Adrian Galysh on Guitar, Maureen Baker - Keyboards, Philip Bynoe - Bass, Glen Sobel - Drums.

Adrian Galysh "Lydian Dreams"

Charles Shaughnessy: static vamp phrasing

Charlie Shaughnessy - Guitar solo over a static chord vamp 2/5/2010

Pete Pachio: frozen by fire solo

Shred as it was meant to be... Pete Pachio with his guest solo for the band Frozen by Fire

Pete Pachio- The Quickening; Frozen by Fire guest solo

Paul Tauterouff: the year of living as a professional musician

A very interesting piece written by Paul Tauterouff:
Reflecting on 2009 - My First Year as Full Time Musician

I am sitting here listening to some great music and looking back at 2009. Last year was my first full year of self employment with 100% of my income coming from music related sources. I was unceremoniously laid off from my day job in November 2008, but fortunately I already had things in place and was planning to leave that December.

Things may have been a little tight here and there (due to me not really pushing for growth like I should have) but overall it was a good year. Keep in mind that I have a wife, child, mortgage, car payments and all of the expenses that most families have.

I made more money on my own than I ever did in my old day job while working a whole lot less hours (which I chose). I started my day whenever I woke up (typically no earlier than 9AM ), since I no longer have an alarm clock in the bedroom.

I saw more concerts and bought more CD's last year than I had in years and was able to claim them as a tax deduction (thanks Uncle Sam!)

I want to publicly than Tom Hess for giving me the knowledge and also the courage to make this transition. Thank you Tom! I highly recommend checking out Tom's site and in particular his Music Careers Mentoring program.

I hope that all of you reach your goals this year!

Your Friend,

Paul Tauterouff


You can find lessons and connect with Paul

News: shred this too, the top players, your say continues!

I haven't heard them all but I really like these so far:
Tum Siamrath
Andres Ludmer
David Pagano

Perhaps I'll update after I watch the rest of the ones I missed, some seriously sick competition going on in this one though. You judges better lock yourself in a dark room for a few weeks until you reach a verdict!

My faves in this great competition are

Tum Siamrath
Bryan Aspey
George Marios
Jack Gardiner


My top Players:
Matteo Ruggiero
Damjan Pejcinoski

Not so sure about the name...

damn i need to get out more!!!

ElWischi or George Marios for the win!! =)

Adrian Galysh: the blue jungle

Adrian Galysh live at Cozy's in Sherman Oaks, CA. Feb. 4 2010. Adrian Galysh on Guitar, Maureen Baker - Keyboards, Philip Bynoe - Bass, Glen Sobel - Drums

Adrian Galysh "The Blue Jungle"

Hedras Ramos, Angel Ruiz: jam time

Some great playing from these two... loving Hedras Ramos's tone... must be the new pick ups... Hedras also picked up an endorsement from Seymour Duncan and use these pickups: Pickups: SH-6, SH-2n, SH-4, SFX-10 enjoy!

Jam Session Ángel Ruiz + Hedras Ramos

I wanna play like Steve Vai!!!

Ugur Dariveren: tribute to shawn lane #2

Shawn Lane - Get You Back by Ugur Dariveren

Andy Wood: gearspot interview

You have endorsements with brands such as Suhr Guitars, Tom Anderson Guitars, Amplification Diezel, which marks ... Why? What is the value of these instruments for you?
AW: The John Suhr guitars are absolutely fantastic. This company really builds quality guitars. Their 24-fret model, the Modern, I use in almost any situation. Ed Yoon (Suhr marketing boss) showed me a half years ago for the first time since then is contacted and the endorsements and what the discovery of new gear arrangements in accordance with a snowball effect. My guitar is also for me the most important part of my chain. The Suhr Modern feel with my specifications and sounds exactly as I want. I'm with John on a switching system for pickups my guitars spent. John calls it the "redneck-mod". It is a push-pull on the tone button so I very Tele-like sound from a typical rock-and-fusion setup, namely two humbuckers and a five-way switch, can achieve. On the website you can Suhr also the exact specifications of my guitars download. I believe that starting with a fantastic tool, all you need do is make it louder.
In terms of amps I use the Diezel Herbert Diezel Einstein and the preparation for most applications. I think the ease of the controls on the front panel and MIDI options in addition to sound very big plus points of my Diezel. From the first time I played a Herbert I loved the sound and feel of the amplifier. Since then there has always been a place for my setup. In 2011 there are also some surprises from what I'm doing. I may not say anything but keep an eye ... For studio work and clinics, I love the Suhr Badger 18W combos. That thing really eats pedals, great amp.
For my effects I have a TC Electronic G-System. What a good piece of material that! I use the 4 cable method so I can use some pedals. What that are constantly changing, but the Suhr Shiba Drive, the X-Otic BB Preamp, the MXR EVH Phase 90 and a compressor are usually in. I have so much that I like alternate compressors. And of course TC excellence delays, reverbs and other time-based effects in the G-System installed.
I do not like my gear to compare with others to abort their belongings. I truly believe that everyone should find a guitar amp and that works for him or her in his or her style too. Gear is so personal ... There is no right or wrong. I mean: Jimmy Page played on a Les Paul through a Marshall and wrote some of the best songs ever. But Roy Nichols, who in the early days of Merle Haggard guitar playing, has a different way equally impressive things done on a Telecaster through a Fender Twin Reverb.
full interview

Steve Adelson,Carl Roa: NAMM jamming

Steve Adelson and Carl Roa - Little Wing

Steve Adelson and Carl Roa - Phase Dance

Andy Timmons, Andy Wood: RMA clinic on the way

Registration will open soon for this event. At that time, pricing and class details will be realeased.

Martin Miller: improv over modal changes

Hey guys,

now that I figured out how to get good sound on videos I'll be spamming the Tube like mad! This video is me practicing over an Aebersold backing track, so I didn't even bother getting a perfect take. Warning, playing is getting VERY loose towards the end ;)

Martin 'Wischi' Wichmann (Miller)- improv over modal changes

Eric Maldonado: 14 year olds Guitar Wars Entry

BRMS Guitar Wars Entry - Eric Maldonado 14 years old

Borislav Mitic: the guitar 9 interview

Dan McAvinchey: Borislav, looking back, when did you first get interested in guitar, and how did you learn and progress as a player?

Borislav Mitic: I started to get into rock music and guitar at the age of 11. Although I grew up in the era of players like Yngwie, Satriani and Vai I approached the instrument almost as if I was coming from the '70s. So first I learned blues and classic rock stuff like Jimi Hendrix, Dire Straits, Deep Purple, AC/DC. Then I got into metal music with bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Scorpions and Metallica.

My favorite players in those early days were Van Halen, Gary Moore, Michael Schenker. After hearing Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani I started to be more methodical about my practicing and also got interested in classical music. I was self taught and I figured out all of the theory stuff (scales, chords, etc.) on my own.

In my late teens, I had already became pretty much the best young player in Serbia. I had a band called "Fantasy" and we had a lot of TV and radio appearances, and due to that fact we got to play gigs and concerts with my instrumental repertoire that later ended up on my solo album, "Fantasy". After that I got the offer to come to the US and make a solo album for Shrapnel Records, who were known for discovering all the big name shred players like Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, Greg Howe, Jason Becker, Tony MacAlpine and Marty Friedman,

full interview

Glen Drover, Chris Broderick: Megadeth, Testament and Exodus tour dates

Megadeth, Testament and Exodus dates include:

1 - Spokane, WA - Knitting Factory
2 - Boise, ID - Knitting Factory
3 - Medford, OR - Medford Armory
6 - Calgary, AB - Big Four (Testament with special guests)
7 - Edmonton, AB - Shaw Conference Centre (Testament with special guests)
8 - Saskatoon, SK - Prairieland Exhibition Hall
11 - Indianapolis, IN - Murat Theater
12 - Pittsburgh, PA - Palace Theater
13 - Buffalo, NY - Town Ballroom
15 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
16 - Baltimore, MD - Rams Head Live
18 - Scranton, PA - Scranton Cultural Center
19 - Norfolk, VA - The NorVa
21 - Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle
22 - Asheville, NC - Orange Peel
23 - Memphis, TN - Minglewood Hall
25 - Houston, TX - Verizon Wireless Theater
26 - Austin, TX - Stubb’s Amphitheater
27 - Lubbock, TX - The Pavilion
28 - El Paso, TX - Club 101
30 - Tucson, AZ - Rialto Theater
31 - Hollywood, CA - Hollywood Palladium (Testament with special guests)

Joe Stump: Holyhell interview

Interview Holyhell for the Metalkrant part 1 / 2

Interview Holyhell for the Metalkrant part 2 / 2

Allan Holdsworth: Iridium concert

Allan Holdsworth: Iridium

Allan Holdsworth: smoking in Boston not banned!