Sunday, 7 February 2010

Hedras Ramos: live at Ilumina FM

A really great band, Hedas Ramos on guitar and Hedas Ramos senior on bass... check out the excellent keyboard by Helbert Arias . Hedras Ramos Halo Morbus Hedras Ramos signature 6-string, Halo Morbus 7-string Guitar. Hedras also picked up an endorsement from Seymour Duncan and use these pickups: Pickups: SH-6, SH-2n, SH-4, SFX-10

This was a small gig we had at ILUMINA FM (, a cool Radio Station in Guatemala City. I had the chance to play live with my band, the show is called CONCIERTO VIRTUAL. They go live at every show.

Insanity of the Atoms LIVE!

Jayce Landberg: Invasion (Live in Stockholm)

Recorded live at Fryshuset Klubben.
Line-Up: Jayce Landberg (guitars), Mio Jager (vocals), Jonathan Lundberg (drums), Jonas Lindberg (bass), Yvette Soderstrom ( background vocals)

JAYCE LANDBERG - Invasion (Live in Stockholm)

Remy Hansen: intro of the valiants

This was shot in Amersfoort 6-2-2010
This has some " backstage " footage etc, and the show-opener " Move it.
This is a traditional " Indo-rockband" with me spicing the whole thing up! just a teensy bit:-)

I want to thank the Valliants and Sasaproductions ( the lovely Sylvia) for giving me the chance to do this!
You Rock!

Sorry for you english speaking viewers for the dutch dialogue , but you'll get it!!

Me and the Valiants" backstage + Intro" 6-2-2010

Zack Kim: cliffs of dover

Cliffs of Dover

News: shred this too, the top players, your say continues!

I think we're about 4/5ths of the way through the main assessment of videos... while we continue here are what some of you guys have been saying about the players.

My favorite is Andres Ludmer.

Tenyu Nakamura
andy wood
Damjan Pejcinoski
even though i am new to guitar and not been playing that long here is my names for the competion
chris pallas
george marios
tom qualye (non comp entry)
col hicks
and slimer
some great players although not had chance to listen to them all , thanks

I take my hat off to the judges, this is a hell of a lot of work.


My favorites so far:
-Reny Hansen (cleanest picking EVER!)
-Tum Siamrath (very, very nice phrasing!)
-Marius Pop (you surprised me at the end, that
was great. Really like that you had a repeating
pattern at the beginning)
-Guitarholic777 (totally, totally underrated solo. Very nice middle section over the slow part of the solo)
-Martin 'Wischi' Wichmann (Liked the style and the
sound of your stuff, keep it up!)

I haven't heard them all but I really like these so far:
Tum Siamrath
Andres Ludmer
David Pagano

Perhaps I'll update after I watch the rest of the ones I missed, some seriously sick competition going on in this one though. You judges better lock yourself in a dark room for a few weeks until you reach a verdict!

Rob Chappers: live on ustream NOW

Yes he's back again... tea and bacon sandwiches in hand.

They have two cameras this time... really great like.... Big Brother... only good!

Plus Chapman guitars:

Vinne Moore: live Scandiano 06-02-2010

Vinnie Moore - guitar |
Mike DiMeo - keyboards and vocals (ex Riot, Masterplan and The Lizards) |
Aquiles Priester - drums (Hangar, ex Angra and Paul Di'Anno) |
Lars Lehmann bass (Uli Jon Roth)

Vinne Moore - Saved by a miracle (live Scandiano 06-02-2010)

George Elmes: crazt six finger tapping

Six Finger Tapping Lick

Vinnie Moore: Live Club, Rome, Italy - February 4th 2010

VINNIE MOORE live at Crossroads Live Club, Rome, Italy - February 4th 2010. First date of the European Tour. LINE UP: Vinnie Moore - guitar, Mike DiMeo - keyboards and vocals (ex Riot, Masterplan and The Lizards), Aquiles Priester - drums (Hangar), Lars Lehmann bass (Uli Jon Roth). Riprese amatoriali di Paolo Carnelli


Reb Beach: solo 1993

Reb Beach of Winger playing an insane guitar solo in Toronto, Canada in 1993 on the Pull tour. Check out his awesome 2 finger tapping style.

Reb Beach (Winger) Guitar Solo

Reb Beach playing a 7 string Ibanez guitar on a clean channel. Starts off very bluesy and pentatonic based and then turns into the crazy tapping intro for "Baptized by Fire." This is from the Pull tour in Toronto, Canada in 1993.

Reb Beach (Winger) - 7 String Guitar Solo

George Elmes: crazy Sweep Sequence

Sweep Sequence

Faraz Anwar: guitar workshop #2

Faraz Anwar Mayusee (Guitar Workshop)

Faraz Anwar Meri Terhan (Guitar Workshop)