Brian Auer: highintel delivers clean shred

Clean Shred! LESSON!

Brian Auer:
I am a Guitarist/musician That has been playing music for over 25 years. During my studies I managed to make my way through several method and theory books ranging from Mel Bay to Berklee and Musicians Institute.

Being self taught and already quite a good Ear player, I was able to see a common Language or Formula within all the method books. I quickly realized what they were all trying to teach you but they seem to all approach it from different angles.

I found the common Language!

Basically, what I found is that when you remove all the miscellaneous and pointless regimes and exercises, you have a very simple and elementary sequence of numbers that all fit together in a simple, easy to understand, and easy to apply system which I call the Auer Method.

There are several Methods that use Numbers, just like there are several methods that use alphabet, but none of them have it layed out in a step by step manual to completely understand Music on a Elementary level that you will find is all of what you have been trying to learn only De-Coded!

My Method is designed to cut through all the Crap and give you what all the greats Know to become a well rounded musician not just a good guitarist. All of this will be covered.