Monday, 8 February 2010

News: guitar and ... tractor!

The merchant of mirth Steve A spots another cool guitar related video

Sweet Georgia Brown & traktor (edited version)

I'm think of making Steve A a special correspondent poster for Truth In Shredding!

Kostas Alexakis: Silver... no diamond playing from Alex K

Silver jubilee funk Jam

News: music for a sweet tooth

Thanks to Steve A

Man Makes Chocolate Records

Joy Basu: sexy funk

Joy Basu @ The Fetish n Fantasy Halloween Ball 2009

Guitar Solo - Joy Basu Live

News: need that hot looking web site? then Dan's your man!!!

Fans of Rob Chappers will no doubt be excited to know that the genius behind is available to deliver high quality guitar or band web sites that you can run and manage and at an excellent value for money, for players all around the globe. Dan is straight forward guy and no messing you about and you get want you are looking for, an affordable , well designed site that your fans will be looking for.

Dan says:
Having a website is often regarded as one of those things you just do when you start a band, just like setting up a MySpace account. In actuality, having a band website – more importantly – a good band website, is one of the best things you can do to help promote yourself. With a bit of dedication, you can provide all of your fans with a place to add their photos of you playing, find out where and when you are next playing, and even buy your merchandise and music. This all sounds like simple, easy and obvious stuff, but the amount of people who don’t do it, or do it wrong, is incredible.

Website for my Band is a professional web development agency that offers high-quality personalised website designs at an affordable price, with flexible payment options. Step away from the free layout generators, and get a professional website that you can use to help make money with your music.

Find out more and talk to the mastermind behind Monkeylord:

Look out for the logo as I'll be adding this to the blog for those look to boost their profile with a professional web site:

Patrick Hufschmid: Blackdroid tele sevenstring baritone 28.31'' scale

Blackdroid tele sevenstring baritone 28.31'' scale

Emil Werstler: till daath do us part...

Daath's Emil Werstler lays down the ultimate challenge in this exclusive Guitar World video. For more videos, gear demos and the girls of Guitar World check out

Betcha Can't Play This with Daath's Emil Werstler #2

Juan Campos: Lee Peterson win a guitar!

Win a guitar - Juan Campos

Stelios Arnaoutoglou: Lee Peterson win a guitar!

Steve A - Lee Peterson Entry

Ioannis Anastassakis: free seminar - Achieving Professional Success in Music

Ioannis invited you to "Ioannis Anastassakis FREE seminar "Achieving Professional Success in Music" " on 21 February at 16:00.

Event: Ioannis Anastassakis FREE seminar "Achieving Professional Success in Music"
What: Concert
Start Time: 21 February at 16:00
End Time: 21 February at 20:00
Where: Premetis 4 , Xilton

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

Rob Chappers: Win a full artist endorsement with D'Addario & Planet Waves - Worth £1000

All these are recent entries to this crazy competition. The full list is available here:

Take me home-Entry for the "Video yourself playing in the strangest place possible" competition

Rob Chappers Competition; Goof @ Roundabout

Alex A Solo Live At Rooftop club Xiu Beijing

and in the back garden... can't be the UK... it's sunny ;)

and probably the furthest away from Rob to date... apart from those in outer space...

Alex A Solo Live At Rooftop club Xiu Beijing

Rob Chappers: competitions coming thick and fast

Those who tuned into Rob's Ustream channel will know that apart from recoding new tracks Rob has an exciting range of competitions coming up... nit too many details to date but enough to let you know that one coming up in April will feature the awesome Megadeth. Stay intune with upcoming features and competition on Rob's Channel I'll be featuring them too and they appear on our running list of competitions. I hope to be able to announce some more competitions soon.