Thursday, 18 February 2010

Carlo Bardoli: EMG sponsorship deal in the bag

Hey Guys ,

Just a quick update :)

I am Now Sponsored by EMG Pickups , this is exciting news for me and I am very proud about this !

A big thank you to Scott Ferrara @ the Artist relations department of EMG.

Also for all asking hte song in the background in back together by Love Of A Broken Heart ( My Band)

Carlo Bardoli says:
Hey Guys ,

Just a quick update :)

I am Now Sponsored by EMG Pickups , this is exciting news for me and I am very proud about this !

A big thank you to Scott Ferrara @ the Artist relations department of EMG.

Also for all asking hte song in the background in back together by Love Of A Broken Heart ( My Band)

Carlo Bardoli

Carlo Bardoli - Emg Endorsee

News: sound advice for marketing you

Welcome to the third series of Sound Advice TV! In the upcoming weeks, I will be going over the lessons contained in the newly released 2nd edition of my book, Music Success in Nine Weeks. I've brought a few friends along with even better tips for musicians.

Check it out!

Sound Advice TV Vol 3. - Music Success - Week 9

Zakk Wylde: Signature Epiphone Graveyard

Zakk Wylde Shows off his Signature Epiphone Graveyard Disciple Guitar

Joe Satriani: fazer magazine interview

Joe: Yes, well it all starts with a song; the song has to be a good song and the melody has to be very strong. If you're building a song that has not only a verse and chorus but also a bridge, you really have to be just like any other song writer and embrace all the great songs ever written and understand why they work and why people like them. You can go against the grain for effect but you'll reap what you sow; if you start adding notes in with too many notes or notes that are very unfavorable, you will get the results from the audience. A melody still has to be somewhat uplifting and capture a mood, if you're going for brooding it has to be really good. You can go all the way back to Beethoven, he was one of the great brooding melody guys and as a student of music, you can really learn how to get power from delicacy and to fill up space with dichotomy. I know it sounds like I'm talking about things that don't go together with musical dichotomy, but this is actually the stuff of composing. When you get that inspiration and you write a song you just go with the feeling but then afterwards you sit back and go, "Okay, what have I done? How can I make it better? How can I tweak it and tighten it up so that what I experienced writing it is something people can experience when they listen to it?" That's two different things. That's where the professional composer has to come in and tweak it with an ear towards the audience and what they need to hear to understand the story you are trying to tell.
full interview

Mattias IA Eklundh: loaves and fishes...

Someone must have "lent" him this photograph...

Rob Chappers: D'Addario & Planet Waves ... on a train!

Hey,i was in a train at -20°C playing and going to perform a concert with my band somewhere in romania where we found some Vodka called 2 Cute Horses.Now that was weird...

RE: Win a full artist endorsement with D'Addario & Planet Waves - Worth £1000 Romanian train player

News: D'Addario & Planet Waves... in a stairwell!

This was filmed in a stairwell on valentines day 2010 for the monkey lord for the planet waves endorsement competition. basically we're a new band and the endorsement would really help. also this is completely original material. monkey lord rocks! this is video #2

Ignorant Bride?

Fletcher Barton: D'Addario & Planet Waves... climbing high!

Do we have a winner here?!?!?! LOL

Fletcher (age 9) D'Addario & Planet Waves-"Strangest Place Possible" Competition

Jeff Loomis: Musikmesse appearance and other European clinics

Jeff Loomis has announced several clinic dates for Europe, including an appearance at the annual Frankfurt Musikmesse trade fair in March. His schedule is currently as follows:

26 - Frankfurt Musikmesse - Frankfurt, Germany (Schecter Booth)
27 - Frankfurt Musikmesse - Frankfurt, Germany (Schecter Booth)
30 - Music City - Prague, Czech Republic
31 - Schecter Centrum “Big Music” - Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

2 - Debrecen - Budapest, Hungary
3 - Debrecen - Budapest, Hungary
6 - Rock 'N' Roll Krakow - Krakow, Poland
7 - Rock 'N 'Roll Warsaw - Warsaw, Poland
8 - PPC Music - Hannover, Germany
9 - Musik Schmidt - Frankfurt, Germany

Jeff Loomis Performs "Jato Unit" At EMG

Darren Donohoe: tribute to John Sykes

Here I go Again Solo (Darren Donohoe)

Alex Hutchings: custom fusion 3

Once again Alex Hutchings charms us with his extraordinary mastery of the guitar in this third series of rock and blues fusion solos and jam tracks. This package of 5 great new compositions will be available very soon. The package will include..
5 Large format videos
Audio files of all 5 solos
5 standard audio jam tracks minus solos
5 extended audio jam tracks minus solos
Tab and Powertab transcriptions of all 5 solos in both standard and EADGCF tunings
Bonus tab - backing riffs and rhythm parts

Alex's two previous packages can be found here....

The amp used for this recording was a Laney GH50L fed into a Cornford 1 X 12 cab loaded with a Celestion G75T speaker.
NO PEDALS at all!

Mic's ...two sm57's One straight on near the edge of the speaker and the second just above at 45 degrees pointing inwards towards the centre.

Alex Hutchings Custom Fusion 3 Promo

Angus Lamb: Dirtbox Valvette Competition

Just got to love those lamb chops...

I thought I'd post a quick entry to this fantastic competition. I was going to go for more of a Fusion vibe, but I decided it wasn't really going to work over this backing track, so I ended up with a (mostly) rock-based entry.

I'm using a lefty Godin LGX-SA through Guitar Rig 4, and am tuned in Perfect 4ths (EADGCF)

Dirtbox Valvette Competition - Angus Lamb

Andy James: alex laiho killer licks

Andy James gives overview of this DVD, available to buy from, which teaches you fast metal guitar licks in the style of Alexi Laiho, renowned shredder and Children of Bodom frontman! Also includes a guitar jam track.

For more info click the link -

Quick Licks - Alexi Laiho Style Solo -

Marty Friedman,Mayzan: Friedman's web master shreds with Friedman!

This video is actually recorded in 3 parts. I playedt he solo and Marty plaed the chords. :) Marty and me forgot some chords, so we start again from different parts. I borrowed Takayoshi Ohmura's guitar, unfortunately it has a noise gate, so I missed some notes on the intro :( It was my first to meet Marty in person, after I am working as his webmaster for more than 8 years... can't imagine how excited I was. I am really happy that he gave me a chance to hangout & play with him. Many thanks, Marty! Marty is the best!! :) -

Mayzan & Marty Friedman plays Devil Take Tomorrow (Part.1)

I played chords on this video and the Marty played the solo. I borrowed Takayoshi Ohmura's guitar, unfortunately it has a noise gate, so I missed some notes on the intro :(

Mayzan & Marty Friedman plays Devil Take Tomorrow (Part.2)

Steve Brown: NAMM 2010 Krank

NAMM 2010. Krank. Steve Brown of Trixter

Jack Zucker: thumb pick fusion

Gibson 339, Thumbpick Fusion

Andy James: dimbag killer licks video

Smoking... someone call the fire brigade... Mr James is on fire!!

Andy James gives overview of this DVD, available to buy from, which teaches you killer metal licks in the style of Dimebag Darrell, metal guitar legend and founder member of Pantera. Also includes a metal guitar jam track!

For more info click the link -

Quick Licks - Dimebag Darrell Style Solo Performance -

Ben Fleming: I got me a Hughes and Kettner!

I have a HUGHES & KETTNER! + Jam

Guthrie Govan, Christophe Godin, Dudley Ross: live date

Guthrie Govan, Christophe Godin, Dudley Ross

Date: Thursday, 17 June 2010
Time: 18:00 - 21:00
Location: The Gulbenkian Theatre

View Larger Map

*Tickets not on sale yet*
Box office Tel: 01227 769075

Workshop 6:00 – 7:00
(with Guthrie Govan)

Concert 7.45 – 10:30
Workshop & concert £20 concessions £18
Concert £12 concessions £10

Having many times being called the finest guitar player to have graced the planet, Guthrie Govan is set to turn the guitar playing world on its head. When guitar legend Joe Satriani describes a guitarist as ‘totally freakin awesome’, you know you’re in for something special and that’s exactly what you get with Guthrie Govan. Also appearing is renowned number one French guitarist, Christophe Godin and his band Morglbl, with the super talented Iva Rougny on bass and Aurélien Ouzoulias on drums as well as fellow Vigier Guitars endorsee Dudley Ross and his band.

Boris Beceric: DirtBox and Valvette competition

DirtBox & Valvette competition entry

Uli Jon Roth: sky guitar interview NAMM - Vintage Rock correspondent Rachael Cadden talks with guitarist Uli Jon Roth at the Dean Guitars booth at NAMM.

NAMM 2010: Uli Jon Roth Interview

Steve Morse: may be shy... but he sure can play!

Thanks to Bryan Aspey for the buzz on this one!

Steve Morse - Arpeggiation Exercise

Nuno Bettencourt: the return of extreme on frontiers records

Extreme "Take Us Alive"... coming soon on Frontiers Records.

Extreme teaser

News: can a Bakewell tart get a big fan base?

Can this Cherry Bakewell get more fans than Katie Price

Marko Vesovic: Shred This Too... can't keep a great backing down!

Another cool entry, live in front of an audience! Really great playing from Marko Vesovic! Enjoy!

Guitar Art - Marko Sfogli- Shred this too - Marko Vesovic

Hedras Ramos: blue in green

Wow... this boy just gets better and better, showing a lot of class and maturity!

Hedras Ramos says:
Hey guys this is one of my favorite jazz songs!
I really enjoy the tones this beautiful Halo guitar gives me!!
Please check out
Please enjoy it!

Hedras Ramos - Blue in Green

Michael Angelo Batio, Dave Martone: charity gig

Michael Angelo Batio and Dave Martone will perform at The Rose Theatre in Toronto (Brampton), Ontario on March 18th as part of A Night Of Guitar. Doors open at 7:00pm.

The show is a charity event to raise money for the Autism Society Canada. Go to this location for tickets and additional details. Click here for venue information.

Krisztian Lovrek: solo demo

The guitar solo of the song "Tiéd Volt" from my band called Illusion. The full song coming soon..

Illusion- Tiéd Volt szóló demo by Krisztian Lovrek

Északi Szabolcs: punk jazz!

backgound improv.2.punk jazz Északi Szabolcs