Thursday, 25 February 2010

Luc Oggel: improvising to a Greg Howe backing track

Luc improvising to a Greg Howe backingtrack

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen Look Bored (The Unfinished Video)

An unfinished on-the-road video, shot and directed by Kevin Pandele, that was never used after the release of Organic. Still, we thought it might be fun to put it out there for everyone to see.

Freak Kitchen - Look Bored (The Unfinished Video)

Alex Hutchings: AC-33 Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier
Worlds First AA Battery-Powered Acoustic Guitar Amp!
Rich, deep, stereo sound to go — introducing the AC-33, the worlds first AA battery-powered amp made specifically for acoustic guitar. Portable yet powerful, the AC-33 provides true stereo sound, Guitar and Mic/Line channels, custom-tailored effects, anti-feedback, and a Phrase Looper. But this amp was made to go places no amp has gone before. Thanks to its battery-power capability, the AC-33 lets you take your act anywhere — into the backwoods, onto the streets, or wherever your imagination leads you.

AC-33 Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier featuring Alex Hutchings

Victor Smolski: will be at Musikmesse 2010

Victor Smolski has confirmed two autograph sessions at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2010 in Frankfurt, Germany on Thursday, March 25th.


Siggi Braun - fine young guitars booth - hall 4.0 / J09 at 12:00 am.

ENGL booth - hall 4.0 / J44 at 2:00 pm.

Check out the events

Vinnie Moore: ufo concert dates updated

UFO's European tour schedule now includes the following dates:

14 - Hannover, Germany - Bluesgarage
16 - Athens, Greece - Fuzz Live Music Club
17 - Thessaloniki, Greece - Block 33
19 - Nuremberg, Germany - Hirsch
20 - Oberhausen, Germany - Zentrum Altenberg
22 - Workington, England - Carnegie Theatre
23 - Middlesbrough, England - Town Hall
24 - Edinburgh, Scotland - Picture House
25 - Inverness, Scotland - Ironworks
27 - Sheffield, England - Academy
28 - Leamington Spa, England - The Assembly
29 - Cardiff, Wales - Millennium Music Hall

1 - Charleroi, Belgium - Le Coliseum
2 - Zoetermeer, Holland - Boerderij
4 - Paris, France - La Trabendo
5 - Kirchheim Teck, Germany - Club Bastion
8 - Dresden, Germany - Tante Ju
26 - São Paulo, Brazil - Carioca Club
28 - 30 - Brasil - TBA

More dates to be announced soon.

Kostas Karamitroudis: gus g firewind's new live DVD, CD and LP

"The Premonition", the latest album from Greek melodic metallers FIREWIND — who feature in their ranks current OZZY OSBOURNEguitarist Gus G. — will be released on vinyl on March 8 via Century Media Records. The band's first-ever vinyl release will contain one bonus track... FIREWIND is currently working on material for a new studio album, tentatively due later in the year via Century Media Records.

FIREWIND's first-ever live effort, "Live Premonition", was released all across Europe in December 2008 and is available as DVD, 2CD and deluxe DVD+2CD set offering a stunning 22-song set filmed and recorded in 2008 in the band's hometown of Thessaloniki.

The 2CD version of "Live Premonition" consists of the audio portion of the main show on two separate CDs, available for the price of one CD. The DVD also features many extras such as behind-the-scenes footage, special acoustic live performances, promo clips and much more. more

NAMM 2010 Uli Jon Roth with Gus. G.

Ron Jarzombek: I never practice riffs or licks by other guitarists

Yes, as a matter of fact, playing my stuff can be a bitch. I had to re-learn a bunch of stuff when I started to put my instructional DVDs together and some of it was a headache to remember and get tight. Just to do the Blotted Science rehearsal nearly a year after we recorded the CD was a real bitch. Most of the stuff that I put together these days is written on computer, then is learned on guitar. If things are too fast to play, I have to modify things. And at my age I barely remember anything. Also, a lot of licks that I play on current CDs are barely rehearsed. I get them learned well enough to record them, then hit the record button. Then move on to the next part.

I think an even better question might be, do you ever practice any riffs or licks written by OTHER guitarists that give you a lot of trouble? Jeff Loomis, Marty Friedman, and the guys in Gordian Knot and Obscura are some of the musicians you’ve collaborated with; were there ever moments around them when you felt like a guitar student as opposed to a scholar? On the other hand, did you teach them a thing or two?

No, I never practice riffs or licks by other guitarists anymore, simply because I have enough going on between teaching, gigging and doing my own stuff. Back when I was in my late teens I did that all day. Now I don’t figure out anybody’s licks unless I have to for a student or if I’m playing it at a gig. The times where I figure something out because I dig something happens once in a while but is rare. Obviously I did have to learn some of Marty’s songs for the tour(s) I did with him, and his stuff it not easy to get down, at least the nuances of it because Marty is an unorthodox player. But the guest solos and stuff I’ve done for Loomis, Obscura or Gordian Knot were just writing my own solos, and I didn’t have any idea of what licks the other guitarists were going to play. Coming up with really cool lines, to create something out of nothing, is more of a challenge than copying what other people do. To me anyway.

If there is one moment where I felt like a student it was when Marty and I played the World Guitar Congress in Baltimore back in 2004 and Allan Holdsworth was also on the bill. Now Allan is someone who can teach anybody a lesson – I don’t care who you are. Talk about being from another planet………….
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George Lynch: Dokken I'm not in love... it's because...

On again... off again rock romance looks like it's off again... hell must have thawed...
According to an official press release, Lynch "apologizes for being preemptive and [claims that he] just simply misspoke in his excitement." He says, "We are TALKING about a possible reunion for 2011, but it's still in early stages!"

Yngwie Malmsteen: signature collection humidor... of course you'll need one of these... not!

Yngwie J. Malmsteen signature collection humidor (a box with constant humidity, and ideally temperature, used to store cigars, cigarettes, or pipe tobacco).

The company adds: "For cigar smokers this is a real treat... and all other YJM fans... this is a beautiful wooden masterpiece that can be used to store anything from jewelry, photos and more!"

Features include Yngwie's personal signature and famous "Play Loud!" phrase (handwritten by Yngwie, reproduced for print on product), a beautiful image of Yngwie and a sequential serial number. A very limited number of units will be produced worldwide.

Yngwie is the first known artist to appear on such a product. only problem is I could not get the link to work... someone shoot the web guy!

Joe Satriani: chickenfoot 12 dvd to appear on big screens?

Some of you have heard the rumors for a while and we are happy to confirm/announce that in late spring a live CHICKENFOOT DVD will be coming out. We're also excited to announce that via a partnership with Virtual Venues Network, there will be sneak previews coming to a club near you — bringing you a nearly live virtual concert experience. Featuring an early look at the upcoming concert DVD and exclusive unseen bonus footage, these showings will tour on a big screen in local clubs — large and loud — in select cities!"

For more information, visit

Sloth Chubsteen: cool funk backing track for you to jam on!

funk fusion guitar backing track

News: google liquid galaxy

Google's Liquid Galaxy is engineer Jason Holt's 20% time project, a wraparound view of 8 LCD screens providing a truly immersive experience of Google Earth and Street View.

Google Liquid Galaxy live demo at TED

News: iPhone application, introducing the new version of SyncSing

The new version of SyncSing for iPod Touch and iPhones.

The program came out on January 21, 2010 on App Store and iTunes and is specially designed for guitarists, singers, pianists and other musicians. Combined with a Web user account, the application lets users import and manage their musical repertoires and easily carry and share them with other users or their Facebook friends.

SyncSing can be downloaded for free from the App Store or iTunes and you can visit the dedicated site at:

To see the presentation video:
To download the user tutorial:

Tum Siamrath: Thailand's shinning stars thanks the judges

Tum Siamrath says :
Let me thank Laurie Monk for hosting this great competition

and what he has done for guitar world, Marco Sfogli for his impressive comment on my performance, the judges - Marco, Rick, Tom, Magnus and Chris for counting me in top five guitarists ( you guys are excellent players.) and last but not least important, everybody who left comments for supporting me.

Tum Siamrath

Tum Siamrath is totally new to Truth In Shredding proving that there are still great players to be discovered... may be the next one will be you?

In case you missed this wonderful bit of guitar playing check out the video from Thai's newest find! Remember if you are from Thailand or Asia and I have missed your playing... just let me know!

Tum Siamrath - Shred This Too

News: guitar9... 3 is a magic number... super deals and discounts

Just wanted you to be aware of 3 promotions we have going on at the same time, each of which can save you 10% by buying in bulk:

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3. Lick Library Promotion.  For the player.  Their instructional DVDs and other products feature outstanding teachers such as Danny Gill, Stuart Bull, Andy James, Jamie Humphries, Steve Trovato and Richard Smith, just to name a few.  Put together any three (3) or more off the clearance products from the link below into one order, and you`ll get a ten percent (10%) discount!

Three promotions, three totally different ways to get 10% off!

Chris Geden: available for Skype lessons

Chris Geden:
Thanks for stopping by. My name is Chris Geden, and I teach beginner, intermediate, and advanced guitar. I studied at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, but spent most of my career in South Africa (gigging, doing sessions and teaching). I’ve recently moved back to London, and now I’m beginning to teach here. I’m available for 1 to 1 home tuition and online Skype lessons. Below are some video examples of my playing:

Shred This by Chris Geden

Luke Fortini: Eye Of The dragon solo album promo


Vinnie Moore: two more for the road

VINNIE MOORE & MIKE DIMEO Silvi Marina (TE) Murphy's Pub

VINNIE MOORE Murphy's Pub Silvi Marina (TE)

Angel Ruiz: goes vocal!

Cáncer por Ángel Ruiz ( Con la colaboración de Samuel de O.T )

Vinnie Moore: overload continues!

Not had your fill ov Vinnie Moore... no me neither... check out five videos featuring Vinnie Moore

Vinnie Moore: RockStar Live - Barakaldo

Vinnie Moore: Live Bilbao

Vinnie Moore: Live Bilbao in this eight video shredathon!

Vinnie Moore: Live Bilbao

Vinnie Moore: Barakaldo

Vinnie Moore solo and with UFO... eight videos to please the ear and the eye.

Vinnie Moore: Barakaldo

Nicolas Waldo: feeling the need for speed

Those who love a little bit of pick melting... one for you.


News: Schecter Hellraiser Collection Namm 2010

Schecter Hellraiser Collection Namm 2010 | Farm TV Reviews |

Mark McGuigan: 'Hazy Days' Jam

Been jamming over the amazing 'Just Jam 2 - Modern Soul' ( from for a couple of weeks now and today thought I'd quickly record a spontaneous jam with the webcam on the iMac.

Not quite a Hazy day here in Edinburgh, more Rainy ;)

Anyway, enjoy the gurning and thanks for watching!

Recorded with Suhr Pro Series S3 into Cornford Roadhouse 30

Mark McGuigan - 'Hazy Days' Jam

Travis Levrier,Chris Letchford: scale the summit lesson

Guitar World bring you a lesson with Scale the Summit guitarists Travis Levrier and Chris Letchford on how to play the tapping section from their song "The Great Plains."

For more exclusive guitar lessons, gear reviews, and more check out

Guitar World bring you a lesson with Scale the Summit guitarists Travis Levrier and Chris Letchford on how to play the tapping section from their song "The Great Plains."

Scale the Summit: "The Great Plains" Guitar Lesson

Marco De Cave: cool blue yann armellino contest jam

marco de cave yann armellino contest.wmv

You have until the end of March to get your solo in: WIN A ROCKTRON SILVER DRAGON DISTORTION PEDAL

Robbert Hanenberg: in shades of pink blue

As shred junior would say "Awe...some!"

Shine On You Crazy Diamond : Robbert Hanenberg

Shane Gibson: SchwarZenatoR... they're back with a new CD

The long awaited Full length CD!! Come celebrate Arnold's impressive career with 12 Songs worth of retarded music and artwork. Available now!!

Includes titles such as:
Kindergarten Cop
Commando and
We Fight (The Ballad of John Connor)
$15 BUY

Schwarzenator "Conan"

Chris Geden: great bit of funky fusion

Some late night shredding through a Toneport, using a modded DOD Malmsteen pedal. Didn't play any Malmsteen though.

Chris Geden - Greg Howe / Richie Kotzen Style Jam

Steve Hubbard: tonolicious

Steve Hubbard says:
Hey folks,

Sorry for the lack of videos as of lately! I have some pretty big announcements to make in the next week or two!

The audio in this is coming from my cameras mic, so you really can't hear the tone that I am enjoying, ever so much!

By the way, you're hearing the Nova Delay from TC Electronic! Demo's soon to come :)
Suhr + Mark Five + Nova Delay = TONE

Zakk Wylde,Leslie West: in conversation

Leslie West meets Zakk Wylde! A conversation between two legends