Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Chris Brooks: Win stuff cause we reached 500!

Chris Brooks:
We've reached 500+ likers, so it's giveaway time! Simply RSVP "attending" to this event to go into the draw in 7 days' time to win a prize pack of:

1. Signed copy of "The Master Plan"
2. Signed copy of "The Alchemists II"
3. Two sets of Dunlop 10-46 guitar strings
4. Bag of 50 various Dunlop guitar picks and
5. signed live photo... Good luck!

While the event is public, the winner must be a liker of the Chris Brooks Guitar Page, so be sure to click "Like" at

Milan Polak: Strings On Fire 2 your views

More top 3's suggested by you, the very important public...

PietTheRazzor Top 3:
- InsanoGerbil
- Angel Bernal (hanjelote)
- Marcos De Ros

First I would like to thank and congratulate all the people involved in this contest T-Rex, the Judjes, all the participants and Milan Polak.with his awesome music!!!!!!!
And my vote goes to:
3 - Dhalif
2 - Do Leonelli
1 - Jor Kokiat
There are many others that deserve to be in these places but as soon I saw these three I really liked how they compose their solos!!!!

Canadianspunge My personal top 3:
1) The201273
3) damadstuntman

drook666 Really hard to choose haha! my top 3 would be:
1.Hara Lemes
2.Jor Kokiat

gabrielhigh Hi........ my top 3 is:
1.- Jose Gomez (Mcklaud).
2.- Deniz demiröz.
3.- Katschrowski.

Check out the players and feedback to the main video

Reece Fullwood : 7 string warm up and cook out!

Reece Fullwood:
Just playing a few licks around on my ibanez 7 strings, nothing melodic, just picked up ma geetar and needed to warm up, and the camera was there. the first guitar is an RG1527 with emg 707s the second guitar is a Custon RG7 with seymour Duncan Blackouts. Hope you enjoy it.

Reece Fullwood Guitar Warmup 7 string

Shred Guitar Solo

Remy Hansen: Paul Gilbert style picking and tapping licks

Paul Gilbert Tapping Licks

Paul Gilbert Picking Ideas

Dean Brown: DBIII

Dean Brown with Dennis Chambers and Will Lee: DB III - Live at the Cotton Club Tokyo
2009 Release. Dean Brown welcomes Dennis Chambers and Will Lee to this incredible power trio for some hard core fusion. Recorded in the Cotton Club in downtown Tokyo, this one is sure to take you for a ride.

For his third outing as a leader, guitarist Dean Brown called on two longtime friends to complete a potent power trio. And in bassist Will Lee and drummer Dennnis Chambers, he wound up with the ultimate rhythm section. Together this dream team lays down some seriously funky grooves while interacting in the moment with jazzy abandon on DBIII: Live in Tokyo. Recorded in the heart of the Japanese metropolis at The Cotton Club, this vibrant live recording captures the earth-shaking energy and fiery licks streaming off the bandstand on three consecutive nights in this intimate Tokyo night spot. From finely-crafted Brown originals like the edgy “Take This,” the slamming “Solid” and the epic “The Battle’s Over (For Jaco)” to faithful covers of Jimi Hendrix’s “Up from the Skies” and The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love,” DBIII: Live in Tokyo easily straddles genres while remaining organically in the moment. And the guitarist, a bona fide road warrior who has toured with the likes of David Sanborn, Billy Cobham, Marcus Miller and the Brecker Brothers, delivers some jaw-dropping fretboard fireworks from track to track.


Throughout this power trio project, nods to Brown’s youthful heroes – Hendrix, The Beatles, Jeff Beck, John McLaughlin – are apparent. “It’s not like I’m trying to relive my childhood,” says the veteran guitarist, “but I try to stay connected to what it is that made me want to be a musician in the first place.” - BHM.DE Buy


Joe Satriani: new CD and Europe tour announced!

Joe Satriani:
"I'm heading to the studio in one month to start recording a new solo project with Jeff Campitelli (drums), Allen Whitman (bass) and Mike Keneally (keyboards). The new material is dying to be recorded, and I can't wait to get started. I don't have a title for the project yet, but I will let you know when I figure it out..."

Joe Satriani will tour Europe in October/November 2010. Tickets will go on sale soon.

Carljohan Grimmark: working with Masterplan

C.J. Grimmark (guitar, keyboards) of NARNIA has collaborated with MASTERPLAN on a song called "Fiddle Of Time", to be included on the forthcoming MASTERPLAN album, "Time To Be King".

"Time To Be King" will be released on May 21 via AFM Records. The CD's first single, "Far From The End Of The World", was issued on April 16.

"Time To Be King" track listing:

01. Time To Be King
02. Fiddle Of Time
03. Lonely Winds of War
04. Blue Europa
05. Far From The End Of The World
06. The Dark Road
07. Under The Moon
08. Blow Your Winds
09. The Black One
10. The Sun Is In Your Hands
11. Kisses From You (bonus track)
12. Never Walk Alone (Japanese bonus track)

John Czajkowski: ZooOpolis features Marco Minneman

John Czajkowski (Guitars and everything) ; Marco Minnemann (Drums); Special guests: Kevin Freeby (Bass); Chris Taylor (Guitar, Keys - 4 & 10)
In 2006 John Czajkowski led his band Hectic Watermelon, featuring Jerry Goodman, on a fiery post-Zappa commando jazz-rock mission with The Great American Road Trip. Now Czajkowski steps it up with drummer phenom Marco Minnemann to engage adventurous listeners in an even more hazardous operation—his new album, West ZooOpolis.

Suggesting the brevity and urgency of fusion special operations communications, the liner notes introduce an odd twist: “Mission Tasking: compose, encrypt and record an album around a 52-minute freely improvised drum performance CODENAME Normalzier 2. No drum edits. All tracks contiguous.” Wrapped in enigmatic and minimalist azure blue album art suggesting high desert Cold War spy intrigue and secret codes, the 20 gapless tracks of West ZooOpolis spin a narrative involving a cast of humorous animal characters set to a kaleidoscope of colors emitting intense Ralph Stedman and Hunter Thompson psychic danger. This album is a decidedly Americana fusion that weaves together all that is good in highly technical progressive jazz-rock with Czajkowski’s array of classic electric guitar tones and a squadron of his banjos, lap guitars, baritones, acoustic guitars, and pedal steel.

New York downtown composer, Scott Johnson, remarks, “John Czajkowski is a monster guitarist with a metal carapace and a creamy jazz center, sprouting hydra heads of classical picking, insinuating slide, and a particularly funky banjo. He leads us on a tour of the American landscape and all the music that grows here.”

The groovy jam-band vibe of the opening track, Bordertowns, introduces his trademark muscled guitars riffing in unison with marimbas, banjo leads in a Southern rock fusion menagerie. This density quickly fades into delicately-choreographed cinematographic Kodachrome 60s Latin jazz and Nashville steel twang of Floridy Motorbungalow. This gives way to the frantic Zappa-esque Eurorobot this is Houston which sounds like the Road Runner on speed. In Three Trains to Tennessee one can’t help savoring Americana jazz-rock elements recalling 70s ECM Metheny, Brian Blade with even some acoustic Zeppelin on the side thanks to special guest Chris Taylor. Morphing to the spacious vintage landscapes reminiscent of Ry Cooder in Animal Dreams, the shape-shifting never relents with the Fleck-metal desert fusion metric modulation mash-up of Midget Magi and the Bearded Hippo, frenetic James Bond marimbas in Inspector Iguana, abstract polyrhythm film noire spy themes like Elephant Emergency, and the shredding rock pieces like Viking Rats, Scratchin’ with the Turkeys and Chupalupracabra. The album West ZooOpolis attacks with Dixie Dregs tightness and a colorful Felini postmodern audacity. Here is American jazz-rock cowboy coffee: the combined album sounds like an army of albums, a whole division of drummers, and a battalion of bands concentrated into 52-minutes of intensity and beauty.

Although the challenge of writing an album around a virtuosic 52-minute drum solo is unprecedented, Czajkowski explains, “What is indeed new and challenging here is negotiating the duration of Marco’s severely complex and beautiful polyrhythmic jungle while staying true to one’s own voice and saying something fresh and natural.” Czajkowski also reminded us that the drums were never edited at all. “In today’s commercial music landscape where things are often overzealously edited, it’s refreshing to get to work with a live 52-minute drum take of such great complexity, precision, and creativity.” About the range of instruments he plays on the album, he says, “Given the drums’ obvious pull towards fusion, prog and other complex styles, I had great fun playing more folksy elements, which have a “normalizing” effect.”

Czajkowski commends the other musicians who braved this dangerous musical mission: “My NYC composer buddy, Chris Taylor, adds the mysterious missing element with his profound co-writing and playing on both Three Trains to Tennessee and Mayor Ass.” Of former Planet X bassist Kevin Freeby, Czajkowski boasts “Yeah, Kevin’s a technical beast, but more importantly, he adds a massive human groove to the most complicated and abstract material Marco and I can dish out. He really helped me glue the whole nutty puzzle together on the bottom end with his killer dark tone and driving playing.” Also, guest Ed DeGenaro takes a wild fretless guitar solo at the end of "Viking Rats."

West ZooOpolis began shortly after the Minnemann and Czajkowski were first introduced by mutual friend and Zappa alum, Mike Keneally. Before heading out on the road on a busy tour schedule, Marco invited John to compose an album around a 52-minute continuous drum performance Marco calls “Normalizer 2.” Inspired by Marco’s wild creativity, Czajkowski began composing music around the already very full and complex-sounding drums. After Minnemann heard the first few segments Czajkowski had written and recorded, he invited other adventurous composers to write other versions and expand the scope of the project. Within a few months, Mike Keneally, Alex Machacek and Trey Gunn began work on their own versions with John also engineering and mixing Mike Keneally’s album as well.
WestZooOpolis Track List
1 Bordertowns
2 Floridy Mortorbungalow
3 Eurorobot This Is Houston
4 Three Trains To Tennessee
5 Animal Dreams
6 Midget Magi and the Bearded Hippo
7 Inspector Iguana
8 Elephant Emergency
9 Viking Rats
10 Mayor Ass
11 Where Time Was
12 Scratchin’ With The Turkeys
13 Disposable Music
14 Billy Goat Rope
15 Before Your Time
16 West ZooOpolis
17 Chupalupracabra
18 The Blood and the Ric'lick’shun
19 Three Little Lambs
20 Goodnight Gorilla (Ting Tong Ting)

Download the Sampler

Trey Gunn: modulator CD feature Marco Minneman

Trey Gunn/Marco Minnemann: Modulator **Shipping May 18

Releasing May 18

Trey Gunn teams up with extreme drummer, Marco Minnemann, for this tour de force of compositions. Modulator is the culmination of working with a live 50 minute drum solo of Minnemann's. Gunn calls this ''the most challenging recording I have ever taken on.'' All the music was composed and produced on the top of this one contiguous drum solo. ''Considering I don't even care for drum soloing, that these pieces have turned out so amazing, is utterly astounding to me,'' Gunn recounts. Touch guitars, basses, ouds, fiddle, wurlitzers, strings and uillean pipes all make an appearance here. These recording prove, without a doubt, the old saying - ''with great restrictions come great creative leaps.'' Buy

Julien Kasper: Trance Groove CD

The Julien Kasper Band: Trance Groove

Julien Kasper (guitar); James Driscoll (electric bass); Rob Avsharian, Zac Casher (drums): special guests T. Lavitz (organ); Matt Jenson (organ)

"Trance Groove" is the new CD by eclectic Boston guitar virtuoso Julien Kasper. The album features the rhythm section of bassist Jesse Williams and drummer Zac Casher who are joined by organist T Lavitz of the Dixie Dregs & Widespread Panic on one track and organist Matt Jenson on two cuts. "Trance Groove" features Julien's strongest playing and writing to date as Julien's guitar is the nuanced, expressive voice of this all instrumental release with the textures, grooves and sounds being rooted in blues/rock and funk while the interplay of the musicians, chromatic sensibility, and intertwining themes reveal high level jazz players displaying a rare marriage of virtuosity and musicality. Buy

Jan Akkerman: Live (DVD)

Jan Akkerman: Live (DVD)

Jan Akkerman (guitars), Jeroen Rietbergen (keyboards), Wilbrand Meischke (bass), Ton Dijkman (drums)

2005 release. Guitar player for "Focus" , Jan Akkerman thrills the crowd with stellar performances at a concert in Germany in 2001. Jan Akkerman on guitars, Jeroen Rietbergen on keyboards, Wilbrand Meischke on the electric bass and Ton Dijkman, drums. This is a NTSC all Region DVD playable on all dvd players. Running Time 113 mins buy

Rob Chappers: How mental and loud is... featuring Cheryl Cole!?

Cheryl Cole - Insane Shred Goddess

How loud is a...? Episode one

Marcos De Ros: Come Together

Come Together - The Beatles Lennon/McCartney. Marcos De Ros instrumental short version.

Antoine Prost: excerpts from Millenium

Antoine Prost - excerpts from Millenium

João Neto: She... really cool instrumental

This has a real Richie Kozen feel to it, great solos and melodies... enjoy

João Neto JNT - She

Yvi Wylde: Equinox with solo

Yvi Wylde says:
Me playing my very first jazz guitar solo... still sounds a bit like rock'n'roll, but I go on practicing... hard to feel the jazz ;)

Equinox with solo

Vladimir Maisiuk: Colombiana

Vladimir Maisiuk ""

Dimitar Nalbantov: Magix Vandal demo

Awesome tones! Playing with Magix Vandal Software Amp - Dimarzio Tone Zone pickups Thanks for watching!

Magix Vandal Software Amp - Dimarzio Tone Zone

Toshi Yanagi: Shogun warrior LIVE at the Baked Potato,

Some cool funky fusion from Toshi Yanagi... should appeal big time to those who love to groove and are working on their improvisation.

Toshi Yanagi: Shogun warrior LIVE at the Baked Potato,