Saturday, 8 May 2010

Steve Howe: solo Asia Bochum Zeche

Asia Bochum Zeche 7.5.2010 Solo Steve Howe

Rob Chappers: Vigier GV Demonstration at World Guitars

Vigier GV Demonstration at World Guitars

Vigier GV Demonstration at World Guitars

Lyle Watt: tonight... I'm going to be Guthrie Govan

Great job by Lyle Watt on the now classic track.

Guthrie - Fives.wmv

Marshall Harrison: Presto-digitation is available

Thanks to solo guitarist Ricky Garcia



Pedro Santos: demo Aurora Strings

Pedro Santos demo Aurora Strings

Steve Brown: New Guitar Day

You must know that feeling... the weeks of anticipation... then off to the shop to buy that guitar... schwing!

Steve Brown New Guitar Day

Maranhão: Double Vision

TAsteful playing again from Maranhão.

Cultural Contest DVD Video Double Vision: A warm embrace Maranhão

Concurso Cultural Double Vision DVD by MARANHÃO

Rob Chappers: ghost fret from wood to shred! #3

Infinity Guitar Works has "Got Wood" - Ghost Fret Build Blog part 3

Akira Takasaki: shred neck

YOUNG GUITAR rock selected by the artist and the site of metal goods sales YOUNG GUITAR ONLINE in goods, the commencement of sales training SHRED NECK Guitar, Signature Model based on their own tell us Takasaki Akira appeal SHRED NECK!

SHRED NECK demonstration described Akira Takasaki

Fayeed Tan: Hit ME!

Fayeed Tan:
This is my 2nd instrumental : ) it's more of a Hard Fusion compared to my 1st one, that was more pop. This one has a little more attitude to it, plus I got my friend to do a little keyboard solo...

Fayeed Tan - Hit ME! featuring Eric Divinagracia

David Wallimann: usteam video show

I will be hosting a live video interactive party on Saturday May the 29th from 8 to 10 PM USA Mountain time (GMT-6).
Head over to and click "Follow" to registrar. The more people, the better the prizes!
I will be uploading a series of videos in the following week with more details on the activities plans.
A very big announcement will be made during the show and many giveaways too!
I hope to see you there!


Harry Kapeliaris: testing the Squier Classic and K Trio live.



Harry Kapeliaris - Squier Classic Vibe testing on my room

Brett Garsed: live with John Farnham

FREEDOM ----John Farnham----

Ehab Sami: tribute to Daniele Gottardo

Daniele Gottardo - Cardiology (Ehab Sami)

Zishan: Jump, Velvet Raider (Guitar Instrumental)

A tasteful jam over a backing track... enjoy

I played lead over this beautiful backing track which can be found at I've been playing for 4 years, and like some of you watching, am a dedicated student of guitar. I hope you enjoy it!
Equipment used:

Ibanez RG7620
Electroharmonix Metal Muff
Behringer X-Vamp
M-Audio Profire 610

Jump, Velvet Raider (Guitar Instrumental)

Yannis Marion, Alban Pommeret: Neurolepsia duo

Neurolepsia is a five piece metal band from Lyon, France. After several changes, the final lin- up is established in 2008. Since its creation, the band has grinded the scene during numerous show throughout all France. Their Music is a brutal, yet sophisticated death metal.

Neurolepsia - Extract

Dan Wexler, John Aquilino: Icon to support Queensryche

ICON will play their first show since their 2009 Rocklahoma performance opening for QUEENSRŸCHE's Cabaret on May 20 at the Orpheum Theater in Phoenix. This will be ICON's first Arizona performance with new vocalist Tarsha, formerly of ADLER'S APPETITE

Charlie Shaughnessy: STONEGATE in Tacoma jams

Charlie Shaughnessy, Rich Shaughnessy, Dan Forbrich Jamming out at STONEGATE in Tacoma

(LIVE) Charlie Shaughnessy & Co. - Funk Jam at STONEGATE 4/13/2010

(LIVE) Charlie Shaughnessy & Co. - Free Jam at STONEGATE 4/13/2010

Vladimir Maisiuk: R-Club Minsk(Belarus)

Vladimir Maisiuk: R-Club Minsk(Belarus)

Greg Howe,Brett Garsed,Andy Timmons: Ziua Chitarelor: a world-class standar

Greg Howe:
"Ziua Chitarelor was awesome on so many levels!
It's a fantastic event providing an incredible opportunity for guitar fans as well as up and coming guitarists.
For me it was a thrill and an honor to have been a participant amongst the other performers since they are honestly some of my favorite players in the world.
In my opinion, this festival is the ultimate event for any guitar player or guitar connoisseur.
It was also really great to see and hear so many extremely talented contestants in the guitar contest."

PS  Ziua Chitarelor = "Guitar Day"

You can check out the quotes for all players:

Greg Howe,
Brett Garsed,
Andy Timmons,
Michael Angelo Batio,
Richard Hallebeek,
William Stravato,
all on facebook

News: Truth In shredding apologies for the recent slop

Brad says:
Yo Duderrino

Hope you all are well.

Tried to check out your blog, page loads then unknown music starts, can not stop it, tried to watch Gotti Boy and video starts but the music already playing carries on? Also Lindsey Boullt video has been removed. Thought you would want to know, otherwise loving you work sir.


Truth In Shredding replies:

Apologies for the appalling service you have just received.

>annoying music playing
fixed removed player that did not obey autostart = no!

>Lindsey Boullt
fixed the man deleted and added again!

>Danger Danger
fixed the correct video added

Plus I got some sleep ;)

News: become the lead guitar in the United States Air Force Academy Band

The United States Air Force Academy Band
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Announces openings for
Experienced commercial skills

Current Resume with 3 Professional References
Minimum 2 Current Letters of Recommendation
Up to last 5 EPR’s from all current Military Personnel
Compact Disc - Please provide a demo recording displaying abilities in various styles to include rock, pop, blues, country, jazz and solo guitar. Multi-track or professional recordings are preferred but a solo recording of clear quality is acceptable. Please shorten recorded examples through editing to display your best rhythm or solo work.
*United States Air Force Maximum Age for Enlistment - 35

Please submit all application materials by 21 June 2010
Live audition at Peterson Air Force Base on 12 July 2010

Master Sergeant Karl Bradley
The USAF Academy Band
520 Otis Street
Peterson AFB, CO 80914-1620

For more information

News: is your life style stopping you from reaching your full potential?

This month I’m going to go out on a limb a little farther than I have in the past. However, this is not some outlandish topic meant to titillate or stir up controversy, but to restate what we already know to be true. The quality of your health directly affects the quality of your musical life. Sure, we all were young once and while I don’t consider myself old (at least I don’t feel old) I do seem to care more about my health than ever before. Perhaps it was because a few things have knocked me on my ass in the past few years and have made me take a closer look at the overall point of being and staying healthy. Most certainly it is because after making some changes I’ve found a new respect for my health and with it a whole new level of musicality.

Even if you live a fairly healthy lifestyle you’d be amazed how just a little more attention to your well-being can help your playing. For several years I wondered why I couldn’t sleep even though I was tired, and why I was always sore. Finally when my doctor did a full blood workup on me we found that my thyroid was out of whack. Getting it balanced changed more things than I expected, and it resulted in not only getting a good night’s rest and removing the bags from under my eyes, it actually improved my playing. read on