Monday, 31 May 2010

Andy Martin: two handed table top tapping

Andy Martin:
This composotion is called "Till Death Do Us Part"! It exhbits my Innovative Technique called "Table Top Guitar" (trademarked). I adapted this style from watching my mother play piano!

Andy Martin guitarist Table Top #1 "Till Death Do Us Part"! Two Handed Tapping

Andy Martin guitarist "Just A Dream" Table Top #2 Live !!!!!!!!!!!! Two Handed Tapping

Andy Martin Guitarist "Little Boy" Two handed Tapping Live in studio!!!

Daniele Gottardo: 10 Octave arpeggios on guitar!

The boy wonder with tap-tastic arpeggios and one wolf whistle!

Daniele Gottardo 10 Octave arpeggios on guitar!

William Dotto, Daniele Gottardo: keep on shredding

The Italian branch of the T42 club. Super tappers Daniele Gottardo,William Dotto also known as Dottardo or Tap Bros. The Tap Bros in yet another adventure in the world of tap. William Dotto and Daniele Gottardo share a guitar to practice their two handed tapping madness. This one originally posted in July 2006.


William Dotto, Daniele Gottardo: keep on shredding

Magnus Olsson: heaven

I originally posted this on google video over 4 years ago. Magnus Olsson - extended solo over the Bryan Adams song. "it is very different from the way I normally play." Now if you want to know why it's important to be able to play slow, then this is a great example.

Magnus Olsson: Heaven

Paul Gilbert,Chen Lei: Purple Haze

Purple Haze - Paul Gilbert & Chen Lei


China's Chen Lei On D'Addario Strings

Andy Timmons: Beautiful, Strange Dallas 2009

Andy Timmons playing Beautiful, Strange at The Dallas Guitar Show, 2009

Pop Woravit: tribute to Kiko Loureiro and Angra

Cover Angra " spread your fire " By Pop Woravit & Jio Bass

Uli Tisch-Rottensteiner: tribute to Steffen Schackinger

y attempt to play this great composition by Steffen Schackinger!
If you like this video you should watch his video of this song and buy his album!


"Perfect Waves" Steffen Schackinger played by Uli TiRo

Joe Stump: live at BB Kings

Joe Stump performs "Still I`m Sad"
A Tribute to Ritchie Blackmore.

Joe Stump Live @ BB King's Arpil 27th, 2010

Rob Balducci: Live From BB KIng's

Rob Balducci Live From BB KIng's April 27th, 2010

Elliot Noble: anti shred competition

We've seen and heard the young Elliot Noble burning his way through other competition tracks, this time he has a go at doing it slow.

Elliot Noble:
I tried not to shred, so I had to use the Freeze function on the Boss ME 25! I hope you enjoy, thanks for watching

Anti Shred Competition Entry by Elliot Noble (Boss ME 25)

Guitar Noize: Anti Shred competition. Ends on the 3 June 2010

Joop Wolters: anti shred competition

Another super solo, nice tone from JoopWolters! This is another tough one to beat


Your getting short on time...

Guitar Noize: Anti Shred competition. Ends on the 3 June 2010

Adis: live studio solo

Northern Lights Solo - Guitar Take

Carlos Lichman: arpeggio + 4 fingers scale and Tapping.

Carlos Lichman Web lesson - Arpeggio + 4 fingers scale and Tapping.mpg

Ivan Soares: anti shred competition

Ivan Soares / Anti-Shred competition - Guitar Noize

Guitar Noize: Anti Shred competition. Ends on the 3 June 2010

Miki Kato: tribute to Paul Gilbert

18 year old Female guitarist Ms.Miki Kato plays Paul Gilbert 's "Eudaimonia Overture".

Miki Kato - Eudaimonia Overture (Paul Gilbert )

Darrell Lance Abbott: really great clinic Arlington, Texas. June. 3rd. 1993

Some really great metal playing from the late Dimebag!

Dimebag Darrell (Pantera, Damageplan) - Dimebag Clinic Jam Music Guitar Shop Arlington, Texas. June. 3rd. 1993

Dimebag Clinic 1

Dimebag Clinic 2

Dimebag Clinic 3

Michael Landau: guitar channel interview

Michael Landau is easily one of the most widely respected guitarists in the world. An intense player with a fiery blues-meets-jazz style, his highly charged playing and mastery of killer guitar tones has made him a legend in the guitar community for years. As a first-call session musician and sideman, Landau has appeared on thousands of recordings, and shared the stage with Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Seal, and countless others. That alone would make for a fine career, but Landau is also a solo artist with several critically acclaimed albums under his belt including The Michael Landau Group - Live(2006), The Star Spangled Banner (2001), and the instrumental guitar classic Tales From the Bulge(1990). Landau has also led several great bands over the years including Burning Water and the Raging Honkies, and has joined forces with other west coast jazz luminaries in bands such as Karizma and Jazz Ministry. Landau is a stunning, highly dynamic live performer who can often be heard at the legendary North Hollywood jazz club The Baked Potato. In fact, Landau recently took part in the club's two-day 40th anniversary jazz festival, performing with both his solo band, and with Jazz Ministry. He also sat in with Larry Carlton for a surprise jam that was a real treat for everyone in attendance. As someone who was there, I can tell you first-hand that Landau was fantastic both days, and came away as the de facto MVP of the festival.  

Full interview:

George Lynch, Michael Schenker: Battle Of The Axes tour dates

George Lynch and Lynch Mob has confirmed more dates for the band's upcoming Battle Of The Axes summer tour with the Michael Schenker Group

Tour dates:

28 - Pittsburgh, PA - Altar Bar
29 - Sayerville, NJ - Starland Ballroom
30 - Springfield, VA - Jaxx
31 - New York, NY - The Fillmore New York At Irving Plaza

1 - Farmingdale, NY - Crazy Donkey
2 - Binghampton, NY - The Hideout
4 - Middleton, WI - Scatz Nightclub
6 - Salt Lake City, UT - Club Vegas
8 - Fresno, CA. - Tower Theater
11 - Seattle, WA - Studio Seven
12 - Portland, OR - Dante’s
13 - Santa Rosa, CA - The Last Day Saloon

Stephan Forte: working on an instrumental CD

Stéphan Forté is currently writing material for an instrumental solo album.

Stephan Forte:
"It's been a very long time since I wanted to do this," Forté said in a statement. "I've started to work on the first ideas a couple of years ago and am now spending 100% of my working time on it. So far, seven songs are composed and today I am in the middle of the eighth one. It will be around nine songs, I guess. Musically, it's very shred, dark and neoclassical oriented. The metal influences goes from shredders such as CACOPHONY (Becker and Friedman) HAJI'S KITCHEN, Derek Taylor, Scott Stine, etc. to bands like MESHUGGAH, DREAM THEATER...There's a lot of Middle Eastern, Indian and Japanese traditional music elements mixed with a classical influences, going from romantic (Chopin, Liszt, et..) to some more contemporary composers such as Bartok, Prokofiev, Messiaen, Penderecki, etc. And, of course, it's massively heavy! My Lâg is tuned down to A, and I might now use this for ADAGIO as well!!"

Christian Lasegue: Jag Panzer announce new record deal.

Jag Panzer have inked a deal with SPV/Steamhammer Records. The band, which was previously signed to Century Media, will enter the studio in August to begin recording its new album, "Scourge Of The Light", for an early 2011 release.

Sam Bell: 212 sweep picking

Sam Bell:
Heres a little look into "212" sweep picking, inspired by players such as Frank Gambale, and Tosin Abasi. Shoot me your questions to

212 Sweep Picking Concept's - Sam Bell

Alexis Nery: anti shred competition

Guitar Noize Anti-Shred Competition - Alexis Nery

just a few more days to go!

Guitar Noize: Anti Shred competition. Ends on the 3 June 2010

Vinai Trinateepakdee: classy soloing, amen to that!

Vinai Trinateepakdee:
I wrote this song about 7years ago . The meaning of this song is about " prayer " especially for Thailand now. I pray to God to help my country get past this situation. I ask for Christian people around the world to pls pray for my country

In the name of Jesus christ .This song is call " Amen"

Gear -
Bacchus custom guitar
Brunetti Overtone II preamp
Brunetti Maranello combo
Wampler Ego compressor
Palmer pdi03

"AMEN" The original (sync fixed)

Jam on country road from jamtrackcentral melodic serie1

Jam on doobievibe Jamtrackcentral melodic serie1

Dave Martone: Pigtronix pedal competition extended

All participations to this contest can be found on the following link:

Here's what to do to participate to this great Dave Martone contest:

1-Download Dave Martone's "The Goodie Squiggee Song" backing track
2-Record your video playing your own version of The Goodie Squiggee Song or create your own tune over the playback

Hereafter a link to the tabs and a video of Dave Martone giving some tips and tricks to play this great song!

Remember guitar is tuned in: D G D G B D (G open tuning)

Tab of the song is hereafter:

powertab format

pdf format
3-Subscribe to The Musical Contest youtube channel

4-Post your video as a response to this video


Best of luck and remember: Dave Martone's waiting.

All participations to this contest can be found on the following link:

Dave Martone contest on TMC -ENDS END OF JUNE- (Win a Pigtronix Envelope Phaser pedal )

Dave Martone: Pigtronix pedal competition. Ends on the 30th June 2010

Wagner Silva: fusion track demo from upcoming CD.

Great sounding track.

Wagner Silva:
Fusion of my own for a probable future cd. Had some errors here and there, but anyway hope you enjoy.

Fun to Play - Wagner Silva

Sloth Chubsteen: time to try out that new Ibanez rg 2550e prestige

The Burned Out Golfer says:
Thanks David Walliman for the great backing track! This is my attempt to play someting melodic with my new Ibanez rg 2550e prestige. I have been working way too much lately and havent been able to play much guitar =( Thanks for watching =)

Melodic guitar solo contest - Sloth Chubsteen

Vinai Trinateepakdee: Andy James Shredding competition ALERT!

The guitar idol guys are still working on the winners announcements, but in the meantime this is a cracker that I missed!!... Yes I know I can't believe I missed this one and yet another top notch guitar player from Thailand!!

Vinai Trinateepakdee:
Hello folks actually metal is not my style but need to have fun with u guys . Coz this song is very interest . i play between compose and improvise . i'll glad if my solo make u enjoy and thank james and guitaridol team for awesome BT

Andy James Guitar Solo Contest entry by Vinai Trinateepakdee

Rick Graham: guitar noize skype interview

Congratulations to Jon for getting this video done, the concept seems to work, so I hope there will be more of these to come.

I'm very honoured to have been interviewed by the awesome Jon from to coincide with the release of my new album Insideout. There are excerpts from the album along with track details plus some other stuff, really hope you enjoy it!
Visit my website for details on purchasing my new album 'Insideout' here

for all things guitar visit

Rick Graham - New Album Promo Interview with


News: Luthier Frank Hartung discusses his guitars

Frank Hartung has quickly joined the ranks of some of the most legendary builders. A carpenter by trade; Frank decided to try his hand at guitar building after finding what was on the market to be less than suitable for his needs.

With an impressive collection of his own line of guitars, including but not limited to the Diavolo and Embrace which cannot be mistaken for anything other than franks creations. Frank has built guitars for many European acts as well as World renown guitarist Steve Stevens.