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Ugur Dariveren,Dragianni: tribute to Gary Moore

Ugur Dariveren&Dragianni - The Loner (Gary Moore cover).mp4

Tristan Klein: sizzling solos from Universal Mojo

"Green Zone" from the album "Universal Mojo"

Marceau Guitars & Tristan Klein : NG

Tom Hess: How To Greatly Expand Your Guitar Teaching Business

How To Greatly Expand Your Guitar Teaching Business By Avoiding The Most Common Mistakes Guitar Teachers Usually Make

 by Tom Hess

Do you struggle to attract and keep many guitar students who would remain highly loyal to you for many years? Do you have a hard time consistently creating highly advanced guitar students who are happy with their musical skills? Are you struggling to earn the kind of income from teaching guitar that you want and deserve?
Many guitar teachers would nod in agreement to at least one of the question sabove. Many years ago, I was no different.  I used to have a difficult time balancing the challenges of trying to help more guitar students, become a more effective guitar teacher, growing my guitar teaching income, and having anytime left at the end of the day.  When I began teaching guitar, I had only a few guitar students and struggled to support myself on guitar teaching income only.  My biggest challenges were getting consistent results with different types of students, having reliable systems in place for attracting more students and keeping my existing students from quitting before reaching their musical goals.  I also couldn’t see an effective way to increase my income other than increasing the number of hours I taught or raising my lesson rates to very high levels. 
Unfortunately, I could not find much help from anyone on how to change my situation.  Although there were some very good musicians teaching guitar in my area, very few had anything that I considered to be a thriving guitar teaching business: one that ensures effective, powerful and consistent results for students as well as financial success for the guitar teacher. 
It became clear to me that following the conventional approaches to teaching guitar was not going to bring me the results I was after (for myself and for my students).  It took a long time of studying successful business people (outside of music), and a lot of trial and error, before I finally began to understand why my earlier attempts to become successful teaching guitar were so ineffective.  Eventually I realized what I needed to change in my approach before I would be ready to start a highly successful guitar teaching business. 
In this article, I will describe several of the most severe mistakes you need to avoid in your guitar teaching business and will give you some valuable advice on how to do so.
Note: This article is focused specifically on how to improve the business side of your guitar teaching, the ‘teaching side’ of your teaching business will be discussed in a future guitar teaching article.
Before you continue reading the rest of the article, I would like you to take a special test to examine your current level of readiness for becoming the most successful guitar teacher in your area. Take this guitar teacher skills test before reading further. 
1. Having Limited Guitar Teaching Models 
The vast majority of guitar teachers only engage in one form of teaching: one-on-one guitar lessons.  While this approach certainly has its place, it is not the only guitar teaching method that could be or should be used to maximize the benefit to both your guitar students and yourself.  Contrary to conventional wisdom, students do not “always” learn most effectively in a one-on-one guitar lesson format.  Unfortunately, very few guitar teachers ever venture outside of this traditional method.  Many teachers simply aren’t aware of the benefits that other guitar teaching formats have, or they follow what other guitar teachers do.  There are many cases where a group class could be a more appropriate model, or at least be a useful addition to private guitar lessons.  The wide range of group teaching formats (when designed and taught in the right way)allows your students to interact and learn from one another.  This is obviously not possible in private lessons.  Also, group guitar classes are usually more focused on one specific topic, allowing students to master it in less time. Finally, including group formats into your guitar  teaching can make your guitar teaching business much more lucrative, less time-demanding and add more value to your students (plus it becomes more affordable for them!)
2. Not Achieving Meaningful Results With Students
When it comes down to it, the only thing that really matters is the results that your guitar students get from you. If you are able to consistently turn out good or great guitar players, then your positive reputation will begin to spread and referrals will come to you.  So if your business is not growing at the rate you would like it to, one of the questions you should ask is: “How effective am I in getting powerful results with my students?” If your students are not happy with the results they receive, then you need to take a closer look at your guitar teaching methods and ask yourself: How can I teach more effectively?  How can I add more value to my students? Do the guitar lesson formats I use produce effective results? Do I inspire my students or do I simply give them “information” about guitar playing? How can I lead my students through a literal life transforming experience as their guitar teacher, trainer, coach and mentor?  One great way to improve as a teacher is to find the most successful guitar teacher you can, and take lessons with him or her on how to TEACH.  Remember that the more you are able to fulfill and transform people’s musical lives in genuinely empowering ways, the faster your teaching business will grow. 
I go into more detail about how to get exception results with students on a regular basis in my free guitar teacher training 7 day audio mini course. 
3. Working Too Much “In” Your Guitar Teaching Business And Not Enough “On” It 
It is very common for guitar teachers (and business owners) to get so caught up in doing the daily work of “teaching” that little action is taken to actively expand and grow the business further.  As a result, a business owner doesn’t really own a business; he/she only owns a “job”.  Of course your guitar teaching may expand on its own to some extent, but it will grow MUCH faster if you invest some time each week into doing things that will speed up this process.  Focusing on promotion, analyzing and improving your guitar teaching effectiveness and business models, creating referral programs, joint ventures and partnerships all create opportunities for you to maximize the value you add to your students and expand your business!  Schedule some time each week to plan the direction you want your business to take in the next 3, 6, and 12 months… By being proactive in this way, you will see many positive results. 
4. Not Knowing How To Distinguish Yourself From The Competition
The best way to distinguish yourself from your competitors is to not have any.  Read the last sentence several times and think about what it means!  How can this apply to your situation as a guitar teacher?  There are probably dozens (or hundreds) of guitar teachers in your local area, so it may seem impossible to “not have competitors”….or is it?  One effective way to make all competition “irrelevant” is to offer something that no other guitar teacher in your area does. Having several teaching models in addition to the standard one-on-one guitar lessons is one such possibility, but there are MANY others.
The options range from changing the way you conduct lessons to thinking of innovative ways for overcoming objections of prospective guitar students that will make them want to choose you over the competition every time.
Here is another common competition problem and something you can do about it:
Very often you may only be able to attract guitar students who live close to your teaching studio. When a prospective student lives further away, that distance creates a barrier of inconvenience and the student is more inclined to find a guitar instructor who is closer.  Most guitar teachers would simply give up and allow the person to study with someone else.  But have you ever thought about what that inconvenience really means?  Most of the time, the “distance” isn’t the problem. The problem (the objection) is the “time” that the student feels is wasted each week as they travel to and from your guitar lessons.  They may love your lessons but hate wasting an hour to travel to you.  Have you ever thought about what that means for you and how understanding this difference can be of great benefit to both you and your prospective students?  There are several things you could do to turn this situation into a positive one.  The question on your mind should be, “How can every minute they invest into traveling to me be reinvested into something useful for them?”  Asking this question will likely inspire you to create some powerful resources to offer to your prospective students that they can study while commuting to and from your lessons!  This is one of many examples of how you can differentiate yourself from the competition. The more you set yourself apart, the easier it will be to grow your guitar teaching business.  
5. Not Understanding How To Achieve Geometric Growth Rather Than Linear Growth  
Most guitar teachers only know how to grow their business linearly.  They take one action in one area, and achieve some result.  Then they repeat that same action and receive more results.  Of course there is nothing wrong about this, but such an approachlimits the amount of total growth you can achieve and the number of people you can help.  Here is an example. 
Most guitar teachers have only 1 or 2 ways of acquiring new students.  Perhaps the most common method is advertising locally (posting flyers or placing ads in newspapers).  So to recruit more new guitar students, most teachers either increase the number of ads they release, or change the ads to make them more effective.  Let’s assume that last year you were able to recruit 20 new guitar students.  To increase this number, you publish more ads than before.  As a result, this year you recruit 25 new students.  Certainly this is good progress (a growth of 5 students or 25% per year), but you have only achieved linear growth.  What if, in addition to advertisements you also focused on keeping your existing students longer, establishing joint ventures with music stores, and focused on converting a higher percentage of prospects into students?  Most music teachers are completely unaware of how these elements can contribute to their guitar teaching business, and miss huge opportunities for MASSIVE growth! 
If each of these elements provided you with 25% more students, your growth would now become geometric!  The growth in each of these elements would compound on top of the others.  Instead of expanding by only 25%, you can now grow by 144%!  If your current state of business is at level 1, and you expand it by 25% (multiply by a factor 1.25) from 4 different business elements, your total growth is about 144%!  (1 x 1.25 x 1.25 x 1.25 x 1.25 = 2.44 or 144% increase!!!).  This means that your student count can go from 20 to 48 instead of 20 to 25 in one year!
6. Not Being Able To Think Of Unconventional Ways Of Attracting More Prospective Students.
Even if all you do is post flyers in your area and take out ads in newspapers, what have you done to maximize the results you get from these efforts?  If you simply try to copy what everyone around you is doing to attract more guitar students, you will get the same results as everyone else.  But if you want to grow your guitar teaching business and help more people than the average guitar teacher, then you will need to use approaches that are better than average.  Taking some marketing classes will help you to greatly increase the response rate to standard ads.  But in addition to the obvious, it is often the most unconventional methods that bring the best results.  Have you thought about partnering up with a music store around your area to refer students/customers to each other?  This idea can result in much more business for both parties, and it costs nothing to set up! I have a guitar student right now (who is a professional guitar teacher) who does this in his area and almost all of his 57 students came from this single idea!
7. Not Having Effective Systems In Place For Converting Prospects Into Becoming Students.
Guitar students will be so much more likely to take lessons from you when you can prove to them beyond any doubt that their life will be enhanced by having you as their guitar  teacher.  One of the best ways to do this is to show the results you have achieved by helping other guitar players.  No matter what you promise “in words”, there must be clear proof to back up your claims.  When it comes to conversion, there is little else as effective as solid proof of your success with other students.  Some guitar teachers make the mistake of acting like salespeople, trying to “sell” the lessons to students.  What you need to do instead is to make the prospect see on their own that you are the most logical and most viable solution to their musical problems.  Nobody likes to be “sold” to, so you should let your massive evidence of success with guitar students speak for itself.  You must also find out as much as you can about your prospective student’s specific goals, musical challenges, and current playing level.  After you know this, it will be easier to prove to the person that you can give them the help that they need.  Most importantly, you MUST back up every claim you make.  If a prospective new guitar student asks to study with you, but you are not comfortable teaching in his/her style, skill level, or musical ambitions, then do NOT teach that student. The fastest way to destroy a business is to fail to deliver what you promise!
8. Not Knowing How To Keep Students For a Long Time (Years!)
Your students will continue studying with you as long as you continue to find unique ways to add value and enrich their musical lives.  When you do this, it is possible to keep students for 5, 6, 8, 10 or more years!  One effective way to ensure that students remain with you longer is to have something to offer that will allow them to continuously advance as musicians.  This becomes easy to do if in addition to private lessons you teach several group guitar classes that go in depth on very specific topics.  This will allow your students to learn more from you in a new setting while also learning from your other advancing guitar students.  Think about the students you have now. You know them well (or at least you should). Ask yourself, in what ways might you be able to provide additional benefits and value to each person you work with?  To be clear, I am not implying that you should create an environment of “dependency”. Certainly our goal as guitar teachers is to make our students grow so that they may become totally independent and not “need” us forever, but that does not mean you should not constantly look to add huge amounts of value to them for years to come!  They should WANT to remain your student for a long time because of the benefit you provide them (not because you are holding them back). Although this might seem like simple common sense, the truth is the VAST majority of music teachers in general, and guitar teachers in particular, don’t do a very good job in this area, and that is why so many guitar teachers and students struggle unnecessarily.
9. Not Knowing How To Motivate Existing Students To Refer New Students To You. 
Growing your student base through referrals is a very powerful method of expanding your guitar teaching business.  However, in order to encourage referrals, you need to have incentives strong enough to make your existing students to WANT to refer their friends to you.  One of the strongest incentives is to consistently turn your students into great players and help them reach their musical goals.  In most cases, the more satisfied your students are, the more referrals you will get. 
Another possibility is to offer bonus lessons or bonus instructional items that your students can ONLY obtain when they refer their friends to you.  There are many more possibilities, but these are just 2 to get you started thinking.  Don’t simply rely on word of mouth to work for you!  An effective, organized and systematic referral system will bring you exponentially more students!
It should now be more obvious why guitar teachers struggle with teaching guitar more effectively and earning more money in the process. I hope that by reading this article you have seen that this situation does not have to be this way!  Although the list above is not all inclusive, if you take action on each of the 9 points discussed here, you will surely see your level of success and effectiveness as a guitar teacher begin to grow more rapidly. If you haven’t taken the test mentioned earlier in this article, I encourage you to do so to find out how prepared you are to establish a highly successful guitar teaching business. Take this guitar teacher skills test now.
To learn more about becoming a highly effective guitar teacher, get my free guitar teacher training 7 day audio mini course. 
Tom Hess is a highly successful guitar teacher, recording artist and touring musician. He trains guitar teachers from all over the world how to teach more effectively. Visit to get more free guitar teacher resources and tips for guitar teachers.

John 5: guitar edge lesson

Guitar Edge gets a chicken pickin' lesson from none other than guitarist John 5.

Exclusive Guitar Lesson With John 5

Lee Peterson: Vigier and Apple Pro logic reviews

Lee Peterson has been busy compiling some reviews of equipment from Vigier and from Apple Pro Logic. Each review contains a supporting video. Check them out.

Vigiers at World Guitars
Apple Logic Pro – Fuzz
Apple Logic Pro – Distortion
Apple Logic Pro – Delay
Apple Logic Pro – Chorus

And subscribe to Lees blog:

Stelios Arnaoutoglou: Steve A anti shreds!

Steve A
This my entry. Gear used: Suhr S4 + Cornford Roadhouse 50 2x12 effects from daw

Steve A must be buzzing today having won the Lee Peterson win a guitar competition

Anti-Shred competition

The sands of time are running out... just 1 day left

Guitar Noize: Anti Shred competition. Ends on the 3 June 2010

David Wallimann: melodic solo competition

One I missed... but with some cool prizes and a cool backing track from David Wallimann.
Now is your time to show the world your melodic skills!
This guitar contest will end on June the 30th 2010.

1st prize:

Full version of the software Transcribe!

One year membership to the upcoming new version of

2nd and 3rd prize:

6 month membership to the upcoming new version of

How to enter:

1. Subscribe to my Youtube channel.

2. Download the backing track at

3. Film yourself playing over the track and submit your video as a response to this video.

Melodic Guitar Solo Contest

Mike Orlando: Rocktron Pedals Demo

Mike Orlando @ Guitar World Magazine Studio's. New Rocktron Boutique & Reaction Series Line of Pedals Short Video Demo Segment for Guitar World Magazine's Dvd. Coming soon is a full in depth Video Demo Segment for all of the New Rocktron Boutique & Reaction Serie's Line of Pedals, so stay tuned...For more info visit &

Mike Orlando - Guitar World Magazine Dvd Rocktron Pedals

Dave Martone: talks about the National Guitar Workshop

Dave Martone discusses the activities he will be conducting during the National Guitar Workshop campuses and what classes he will be involved in.

Dave Martone talks about the National Guitar Workshop

Robbert Hanenberg: Tribute To Steve Vai

Not to be outdone by Joop Wolters recent tribute, Robbert Hanenberg delivers his own stunning tribute!

Robbert Hanenberg_Tender Surrender.wmv

Shawn Lane: Willjay remembers.

Shawn Lane - Improv (New Morning - 18th Feb 2000) (AUDIO)

Lane, Hellborg, Selvaganesh - Unknown (New Morning - 18th Feb 2000) (AUDIO)

Hellborg, Lane, Sipe - Improv, Abstract Logic (ROAM Fest - 9th Aug 1996) (AUDIO)

Hellborg, Lane, Sipe - Juvalamu (Pine Tavern - 21st April 2002) (AUDIO)

Hellborg, Lane, Sipe - Baraji (Quasimodo - 5th Sept 1996) (AUDIO)

Hellborg, Lane, Sipe - Rice with the Angels (Quasimodo - 5th Sept 1996) (AUDIO)

Hellborg, Lane, Sipe - Rice with the Angels (Pine Tavern - 21st April 2002) (AUDIO)

Hellborg, Lane, Sipe - Rice with the Angels (Stella Blue - 27th April 2002) (AUDIO)

Hellborg, Lane, Sipe - Rice with the Angels (Zeehelden Theatre - 10th May 2002) (AUDIO)

Hellborg, Lane, Marchesini - Rice with the Angels (Cloud 9, India - 15th Feb 2003) (AUDIO)

Shawn Lane - Black Market (Radisson Hotel, Memphis - 17th April 1993)

Lane, Sipe, Taylor - Abstract Logic (AIM, Atlanta - April 1995)

Shawn Lane & DDT - Politburo (Newby's - 27th Jan 1995)

Shawn Lane & DDT - Trash Man (Newby's - 27th Jan 1995)

Shawn Lane & DDT - I Only Want to Know (Murphy's - 10th Nov 1994)

Shawn Lane & DDT - In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Murphy's - 10th Nov 1994)

Shawn Lane & DDT - Peace in Mississippi (Murphy's - 10th Nov 1994)

Shawn Lane & DDT - Not Again (Murphy's - 10th Nov 1994)

George Bellas: The Dawn Of Time CD details

In the beginning there was nothing... And then there was light! The Dawn Of Time. Fifteen billion years later George Bellas presents to you an epic collection of instrumental songs inspired by the universe, how it was created, and from where and what it came from.

'The Dawn Of Time' is an instrumental album rich in Romanticism and Futurism with over-the-top performances by Marco Minnemann and George Bellas. The album contains a diverse collection of 19 songs that range from simple and delicate, to complex and ferocious. The production is dynamic, clean, and has an open sound to it allowing the music to breath naturally.

Bellas comments, “For this album I wanted the arrangements to be short and accessible, and the songs to be euphonious and tonal, especially when compared to my previous album, which was a single 75 min song and atonal for the most part. For some songs I wanted to utilize compositional techniques and elements from the baroque, classical and romantic eras, and also have other songs lean more on the progressive side by using modern aspects of music. Another important factor to me was the melodies, I wrote some in a lyrical style, and others in a virtuoso instrumental style. I strived for a pleasing balance of the two”.

'The Dawn Of Time' was inspired by the universe, how it was created, and from where and what it came from. Bellas states, “I have always loved science, especially astrophysics, and this album is a creative expression of the visions produced from studying the works of great scientists such as: Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan, Michio Kaku, Amy Mainzer, and Brian Green, to name but a few. Their research, thought-provoking lectures and writings have been the most inspiring resources I have ever had. This album is different from my last two releases which were ultra modern in style, and "The Dawn Of Time" consists more of a neoclassical sound, along with some futurism sprinkled throughout. This new album is also more aggressive sounding than my previous release. The production on "The Dawn Of Time" is very open with lots of dynamic headroom. I do not subscribe to the volume wars that the industry has been in since the advent of the compact disc. When I want to hear something loud I much prefer to use this neat little invention called a volume knob. So, if this album seems quieter than other albums you're used to - TURN IT UP!”

Marco Minnemann once again performed and recorded some mind blowing drum takes. Bellas – “Working with Marco is always an extreme pleasure. I truly believe Marco to be one of the best drummers that has ever lived. I compose and score all the parts for all instruments in my music, but when I hear Marco's interpretation and the additional Minnemann pizazz he adds, it just blows me away and really takes the parts to a whole new level. And believe me, just playing the complex rhythms I throw at Marco can be daunting, but for him to play them with the intensity and personality that he does is just sheer over-the-top talent”.

George Bellas: The Dawn Of Time CD RELEASED: 16-7-2010 Sample

The voracious writing process began shortly after Bellas’ previous release "Step Into The Future" was turned in to the record label. Bellas comments, “As I usually do, I first scored out all the parts, and then proceeded to track the guitar, bass, drums and keys. The guitar was recorded through a Focusrite Red Series mic preamp into an Apogee Rosetta 800 converter, and then optically straight into a DAW through an RME PCI card".

"The bass guitar sound on this album was recorded differently from my previous releases. For this album I used a Musicman Stingray bass plugged into an Ampeg SVT Classic amp and cabinet. I used a Sennheiser MD421 to mic the bass cabinet and combined that with the direct out of the amp. Another factor of achieving the bass tone was using a custom made isolation box for the mic, not an iso-box for the whole cabinet, but just the mic. Having the isolation box surround the mic allowed me to selectively increase or decrease the amount of room reflections. For guitars and amps I used the usual assortment of Fender Strats, Gibson Les Pauls, a Marshall 1976 MKII, a Marshall JCM800, and a few JCM900 Marshall amps. For the majority of the album no compression was used, and in the few spots that it was used it was a minimal amount”.

George Bellas - One of the worlds leading and most prolific guitar virtuoso’s returns with ‘The Dawn Of Time’, an album which encompasses all the numerous elements heard throughout his solo career to date on July 16th 2010.

George Bellas: The Dawn Of Time CD songs posted!

George Bellas - "Machine Man"

George Bellas - "The Dawn Of Time"

01. Cyclone
02. Seeding The Universe
03. Let There Be Light
04. The Dawn Of Time
05. Machine Man
06. Voyage To Triangulum
07. Mysterious Light
08. Mystical Dream
09. Glimmering Stardust
10. Electromagnetic
11. Genesis Of Life
12. Carbon Creature
13. Suns of Andromeda
14. We Are Not Alone
15. Nightmare Awoken
16. Primordial Atom
17. Metropolis
18. Always At My Side
19. The Angels Are Calling

Total Running Time 79:57 mins

George Bellas - Guitars, Bass and Keyboards
Marco Minnemann - Drums

Written and Produced by George Bellas
Artwork and Design by George Bellas
Mixed and Mastered by George Bellas
Guitar, Bass and Keyboards recorded at Bellas Music Studio
Drums recorded at Marco Minnemann's Studio
Published by Bellas Tune Factory, BMI

Alex Masi: Theory Of Everything CD details

Alex Masi: Theory Of Everything RELEASED: 16-7-2010 Sample

Alex Masi is a guitarist that is constantly pushing the boundaries and challenging himself as a musician. Never content to stay in one musical climate too long, his career is a smorgasbord of musical styles and directions from all out metal, fusion, straight classical to ethnic world influences whether under his own name of the fusion rock outfit MCM. One thing has remained a constant throughout all these albums and that’s Masi’s mastery of the instrument.

Now almost 4 years on from his last solo album Alex returns with his most adventurous and personal album to date – “Theory Of Everything”, an album which has content and an approach quite different to your typical guitar album.

This 10 track instrumental collection of album sees a first for Masi with him handling all aspects of the albums creation himself. This showcases a brand new approach to making music for Masi, something he is keen on exploring and developing a lot more in the future.

“Theory Of Everything” sees Alex stay away from the typical approach used when making guitar albums and explored new compositional possibilities. This is an electric album recorded without using other musicians and it tries to stay away as much as possible from the realm of what's expected from a guitar based album. On handling all aspects himself Alex comments, “The only "new band member" is the new (for me) technology used to make this album. Lots of new software, samples and loops. It really felt like dealing with someone's personality at times. Enjoyable though”.

When not writing or recording his own material Alex Masi is a much sought after session musician with gigs from the heaviest of metal to hip-hop to pop to funk. This eclectic mix of styles is mirrored in the songs on “Theory Of Everything”, from the almost Prodigy esque opening title track, the rock meets middle eastern vibe of “Ladies Of The House”, to the subtle Jeff Beck like phrasing of “The Past”. Fans of Masi’s full on rock past are well served with “Breakfast At Owley’s” amongst others whilst the funk rock tinged “Queen Of Headfuck” makes for a diverse yet easily digestible instrumental offering.

Writing and recording and writing for “Theory Of Everything” ran simultaneously with Masi developing song ideas in his home studio (Haunted Hill) in Studio City, California during the summer of 2009, between a break in European tours. With the album being finished up at the start of 2010. In the run up to the release of the album Alex is currently on tour in Europe performing solo gigs.

“Theory Of Everything” sees Alex Masi jump headfirst into 2010 with style and panache that befits one of the genres most alluring players and composers.

01. Theory Of Nothing.
02. Ladies Of The House.
03. Queen Of Headfuck.
04. The Past.
05. Breakfast At Owsley’s.
06. Big Bad Science.
07. Scratch The Meat.
08. Jam On Haunted Hill.
09. Have A Talk With God.
10. Soul Virus Hack.

Magnus Olsson: Don't put your daughter on a stage Mrs Worthington!

Magnus Olsson provides some "Don't put your daughter on a stage Mrs Worthington" tips, aka career advice. Some sage advice and tips from a veteran of the clinic circuit for Ibanez and DiMarzio.

Magnus Olsson:
But before I start do I just want to say that it is good to have in mind that all this stuff is just opinions, there are no truth around to be found, and that if you ask 1000 players will you get 1000 different answers. What I write are just what I think, I don’t claim to have or know any truth.
It might sound obvious, but still so many people forget that their own opinion and believes are as valid as anyone’s opinions (or the opposite, they get really provoked by other peoples opinions).
Playing wise do I believe in the ”playing guitar really helps your guitar playing” way of thinking, that spending focused quality time with your instrument is what makes you a better player. There really are no short cuts to be found (I have at least never heard of anyone finding any). Hunting that last supermega exercise on internet won’t really help. I believe that your results are a lot more in how much you focused do those exercises than in what those exercises are (I not saying that type of exercise are of no importance, just that it isn’t so big as many people try to claim they are). The main reason, beside talent, that some players have a lot better technique than others are mainly that they spent more focused time with it, not necessarily that they had better exercises.
Magnus Olsson's full interview

Magnus Olsson, Romain "Roo" Chapus, Mika Tyyskä: shredaholic melodic guitarists interview

One of the most epic things ever posted on Shredaholic, here it is in snippet format – the massive 3 way interview with Roo, Magnus Olsson and Mr.Fastfinger! read the review

Shredaholic: Hey guys I just want to start by saying that I loved this album, and after enjoying memorable tracks from all three of you, it’s a pleasure to be able to ask you about the album.

[Roo] Thanks, it is a pleasure as well. Congrats for your new website version and the new shop, great to see what you do for the guitar community!

[Magnus] – Thanks man! It is nice to talk to you too. It makes me, and I think I can speak for all of us, happy that you like the album. To be honest, I like it too; most of the guys on there are very inspiring players. Some of them make me feel like a complete beginner and I just want to practice until my fingers fall of.

[Mr.Fastfinger] – Uuuh, a humble thank you! Feel the same as Mr. Olsson. It’s such an honour to be surrounded by such great guitar players. Ugh!
full interview

Track listing:

01. Epic by Mr. Fastfinger
02. Danse Pauline Danse by Stephane Dufour
03. For You by Jose de Castro
04. Power Lane* by Magnus Olsson
05. Finding The Edge* by ED To Shred
06. Heat by Roo
07. Space Anthem by Tony Smotherman
08. Rule 14 by Jerry Jennings
09. Glue Trap by Porty
10. Sobre el agua by Federico Miranda
11. The Grind by Scott Allen
12. Feel The Breeze* by DIP
13. Funky Satellite by Karmattitude
14. Atomic Blues* by Ponch Satrio
15. Fall From Grace* by Kris Barras
16. On The Road by Guitarsnake
17. Insideout* by Rick Graham

guitar europe

guitar 9

Geddy Lee: adds resilience to his washing machines by adding Oranges

Geddy Lee has added Orange amp “as one part of his complex bass rig”. The second amp he ordered is for back-up. Virtually everything that goes out – goes out in duplicate in case of problems:

Orange Amps are proud to announce rock legend Geddy Lee of Rush is now using their Orange Bass amps.

Rush are one of rock’s most influential bands, racking third for most consecutive gold or platinum albums after The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. They have sold more than 40 millions albums worldwide across a career that spans over four decades. Respected for both their virtuoso musicianship and song writing, the band have legions of fans.

Geddy Lee’s technical and skill is widely recognised. He has influenced a generation of players and has won countless awards including winning six times ‘ best bass player’.

The band recently announced a forty date North America tour where they will be playing, for the first time ever, their classic album ‘Moving Pictures’ live in it’s entirety. Geddy will be using 2 x Orange AD200 bass heads together with 2 x OBC410 4x10”Bass Cabinets on the tour.

Rush recently won the 2010 Heineken Audience award at the New York’s Trebica film festival for their new film rockumentary ‘Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage’. The film will be screened worldwide on June 7th and tickets for the London and Finish screening sold out in 9 minutes, prompting organisers to add more dates.

Geddy has been working with fellow band mates Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart on their 20th studio album called ‘Clockwork Angels’ with a tentative launch for Spring 2011. They launched two songs from the new album on June 1, 2010 via digital music providers.

For more information on orange amps visit

Belial Báez: improv over Marooned

Belial Báez:
This is an improvisation over Marooned's backing track.

Marooned - Pink Floyd - Belial Báez improvisation, from the heart

Paul Gilbert: CD's to be reissued

Thanks to Jenn from metalichika:
According to a search at HMV Online, the following Paul Gilbert (American guitar virtuoso) titles will be re-issued in Japan. The titles are listed as ‘domestic releases’, meaning they will be produced in Japan and then released to the Japanese buying public.

Pre-ordering is available for all titles. I’ve included those links below. (Side note: I’m not an agent of these vendors and I get, and want, $0.00 for providing these links to you).
Currently you may choose HMV Online or as your vendor. I am hoping these are made available at Amazon Japan and CDJapan soon!

There is currently no new info. like if there will be extra tracks, if they have been remastered, if there will be new art, etc. Here are the details I have. Please stay tuned and check these HMV Online links often:
find out the details

Stelios Arnaoutoglou: Lee Peterson announces the winner of the win a guitar competition!

Lee Peterson:
Finally got around to judging and posting the results.

Congrats to the winners and PM me for shipping details.

Thanks to all that entered it was great to see that you all took time out and put the effort in for me.

Thanks also for supporting the channel and I will be posting new video's as much as I can with new products, my music and other guitar related subjects.

Cheers guys

Wow this was a tough one to judge as well. Great choice by Lee for the finalist solos and a great little solo from Steve A as the final winner. I'm blown away by the quality of the solos yet again. I think Lee did a great choice with the backing track allowing people to express a more emotional side.

WIN A GUITAR - Results!!

Please visit these guys videos and give them some appreciation for the hard work they put in!

1st: Stelios Arnaoutoglou
Steve A - Lee Peterson Entry

2nd: Blue Strat 67
3rd: Garrett Peters
4th: Macro De Cave:

Daniele Gottardo,William Dotto: no change, but I can sound like a cat!

The Italian branch of the T42 club. Super tappers Daniele Gottardo,William Dotto also known as Dottardo or Tap Bros. The Tap Bros in yet another adventure in the world of tap. William Dotto trying desperately to get a Coke and -encounters Gottyboy trying to get to grips with the new toy!


Daniele Gottardo,William Dotto: no change, but I can sound like a cat!

Daniele Gottardo: new instructional DVD on the way...

Just got off a chat with super tapper Daniel Gottardo about his current work load... well he's really busy particularly on his new instructional DVD the new DVD will be published entirely in English!

Daniele Gottardo says:
OK, it is almost ready! It was hard work, two hours of DVD, a lot of tabs, and lots of great examples

More news when I get it.
Now some history lessons for you... have you been with me since 2006?

04 September 2006 — Daniele Gottardo,Gotty Boy rock fusion, tapping, legato...what more could you want? yes this video continues to draw the crowds and I am often asked if it will appear on a CD... well all I can say is... not that I am aware of!

The current view rate nears 100,000 views... 94,156 views
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Daniele Gottardo: rock fusion

Ciro Manna: on the groove

Ciro Manna band 'on the groove' Music Italy Show 2010 , marco galiero bass, antonio muto drums.

ciro manna band 'on the groove' Music Italy Show 2010

Gowy Lisieux: Tour with Guest Mörglbl

Concert at "The sixteenth" in Lisieux at the Tour with Guest Mörglbl

Gowy Lisieux

Shawn Lane: DDT - Not Again (Murphy's - 10th Nov 1994)

Here is Shawn Lane with DDT playing "Not Again", at Murphy's, Memphis, TN, on the 10th Nov 1994.

D.D.T. was a band Shawn played with between 1994-1995 that consisted of :
Luther Dickinson - guitar
Cody Dickinson - drums
Paul Taylor - bass

DDT took their name from the initials of the three band member sirnames (two of them being brothers). DDT later became "North Mississippi Allstars"... Shawn played on 3 tracks on their 2003 album "Polaris".

Shawn Lane & DDT - Not Again (Murphy's - 10th Nov 1994)

Fabio Perciballi: anti shred competition

Fabio Perciballi for Anti-Shred Competition

So just when does this competition end?

  • Hey! Quick question.. is the deadline until the night of the 2nd to the 3rd or the 3rd to the 4th of June (in other words, 23:59 of the 3rd of June european time) ?
  • @mindwalkr well I'm in Australia so I'm 10 hours ahead of Europe so I'll make it the morning of the 4th here which will be the evening of the 3rd in europe.. wow confusing!

Why are you waiting... still time to get one in!!! All responses

Guitar Noize: Anti Shred competition. Ends on the 3 June 2010

Jeff Loomis: Nevermore US tour dates

from blabbermouth

NEVERMORE will embark on their first North American headlining tour in almost three years this fall. The trek, which kicks off on September 23 and runs through November 5, will also feature WARBRINGER, MUTINY WITHIN and HATESPHERE in the support slots.

The dates are as follows:

Sep. 23 - The Rickshaw Theater - Vancouver, BC
Sep. 24 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA
Sep. 25 - Hawthorne Theatre - Portland, OR
Sep. 26 - Slim's - San Francisco, CA
Sep. 28 - Key Club - Los Angeles, CA
Sep. 30 - The Galaxy Theatre - Santa Ana, CA
Oct. 01 - Ramona Mainstage - Ramona, CA
Oct. 02 - U.B.'s Bar - Mesa, AZ
Oct. 03 - The Rock - Tucson, AZ
Oct. 05 - Bluebird Theater - Denver, CO
Oct. 06 - Marquee - Tulsa, OK
Oct. 07 - Ridglea Theater - Ft. Worth, TX
Oct. 08 - Scout Bar - San Antonio, TX
Oct. 09 - Numbers - Houston, TX
Oct. 11 - Emo's Alternative Lounging - Austin, TX
Oct. 13 - The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
Oct. 14 - Volume 11 - Raleigh, NC
Oct. 15 - Jaxx - West Springfield - VA
Oct. 16 - The Palladium - Worcester, MA
Oct. 17 - The Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA
Oct. 19 - The Gramercy Theatre - New York, NY
Oct. 20 - FouFounes - Montreal, Que
Oct. 21 - Music Hall - London, Ont
Oct. 22 - Opera House - Toronto, Ont
Oct. 23 - Peabody's - Cleveland, OH
Oct. 25 - Diesel Nightclub - Pittsburgh, PA
Oct. 26 - Headliner’s Music Hall - Louisville, KY
Oct. 27 - Blondies - Detroit, MI
Oct. 29 - Reggie's - Chicago, IL
Oct. 30 - The Rave - Milwaukee, WI
Oct. 31 - Station 4 - St. Paul, MN
Nov. 01 - Royal Albert Arms - Winnipeg, MB
Nov. 02 - The Exchange - Regina, SK
Nov. 03 - The Republik - Calgary, AB
Nov. 04 - Pawn Shop - Edmonton, AB

All tickets go on sale on June 1 exclusively through until June 19 at which point they will be made available through all normal ticketing systems.

There will be a limited number of VIP tickets available which gets fans early entry before doors for a pre-show NEVERMORE meet-and-greet.

Ray Riendeau: ALERT guitar, keyboards and bass does not get any better than this!!!!

Wow this one came out of the blue... blown away with the check list of players on this upcoming release of stunning bass, guitar and keyboards!

Nat Janoff
Alex Machacek
Jeff Kollman
Marco Sfogli
Ward Aycock
Ron Jarzombek
Greg Koch
Rob Michael
Derek Taylor

Lalle Larsson
Alex Argento
Matt Guillory

Ray Riendeau is a highly sought after bassist whose versatile style and dedication to the instrument has earned him world tours and many major CD recording projects. His musical expertise and knowledge of the instrument keeps him busy as a composer, teacher, clinician and a touring / recording artist.

Ray is endorsed by ZON Basses , Aguilar Amplification, Accugroove Cabinets, NAMBA gear, and MONO cases. He has been featured in many publications such as Bass Player, Bass Frontiers & Bassics to name a few. Ray is also a staff writer for Bass Musician Magazine and is a columnist for's "ask a pro" section.

A snippet from the NEW soon to be released CD "ATMOSPHERES"


Ray to record on new James LaBrie (Dream Theater) solo CD
I will be going to Varberg, Sweden next week to record the follow-up to James LaBrie's 2005 release, Elements Of Persuasion. Lineup is: James LaBrie (vocals), Matt Guillory (keyboards), Marco Sfogli (guitar), Ray Riendeau (bass), and Peter Wildoer (drums). The album will be recorded by Johan Örnborg, mix and mastered by Jens Bogren, and produced by Matt Guillory and James LaBrie. Stay tuned for more info coming soon.

Rays impressive appearence list:
James LaBrie - 2010 release - Inside Out / Century Media
MAHAVISHNU Re-Defined 2 2010 release - ESC Records
Ray Riendeau - Arrhythmia - Groove/Theory
Ray Riendeau - All Funked Up - Groove/Theory
Ray Riendeau - Enlightenment - Groove/Theory
Ray Riendeau - Groove Therapy - Groove/Theory
Ray Riendeau - Fender Bass Clinician - Promo CD
Bass-Talk 7 - Lords Of The Bass - Hotwire Music
Jeff Kollman - Shedding Skin - Marmaduke Records
Greg Koch - Radio Free Gristle - Favored Nations
Halford - Rock In Rio DVD
Halford - Forging the Furnace - Sanctuary
Halford - Crucible - Sanctuary
Halford - Live/Insurrection - Sanctuary
Halford - Resurrection - Sanctuary
Halford - Aggro Active 16 - The Album Network
Halford - Dynamite - Rock Hard
Halford - BW&BK - HMV Knuckle Tracks
Halford - Metalized - EMI Music Canada
Halford - - Metal-is
Rock Revolution Video Game Konami
Stara Zagora - Self titled - Independent
Machines Of Loving Grace WAR movie soundtrack
Machines of Loving Grace - Gilt - Mammoth/Atlantic
Machines of Loving Grace - Suicide King - Mammoth/Atlantic
Machines of Loving Grace - Richest Junkie EP - Mammoth/Atlantic
Machines of Loving Grace - Hackers - United Artists
Machines of Loving Grace - Mega Man TV Soundtrack- Atlantic
Machines of Loving Grace - Spew 4th - Atlantic
Machines of Loving Grace - Mammoth Anatomy - Mammoth
Machines of Loving Grace - Awesome Song Record - Mammoth
Machines of Loving Grace - Wake 'n Bake - Mammoth
Gary Hoey - Money - Surfdog Records
Gary Hoey - Live Hocus Pocus - Surfdog Records
Gary Hoey - Meet the Deedles - Disney/ Mercury
Gary Hoey - Mother Ocean Music - Surfdog Records
Scott Mishoe - Omnidirectional - Legato
Scott Mishoe - Guitar on the Edge - Legato
Jessi Colter - Pilgrim/ Kris Kristofferson tribute - Emergent / 92e