Magnus Olsson: Don't put your daughter on a stage Mrs Worthington!

Magnus Olsson provides some "Don't put your daughter on a stage Mrs Worthington" tips, aka career advice. Some sage advice and tips from a veteran of the clinic circuit for Ibanez and DiMarzio.

Magnus Olsson:
But before I start do I just want to say that it is good to have in mind that all this stuff is just opinions, there are no truth around to be found, and that if you ask 1000 players will you get 1000 different answers. What I write are just what I think, I don’t claim to have or know any truth.
It might sound obvious, but still so many people forget that their own opinion and believes are as valid as anyone’s opinions (or the opposite, they get really provoked by other peoples opinions).
Playing wise do I believe in the ”playing guitar really helps your guitar playing” way of thinking, that spending focused quality time with your instrument is what makes you a better player. There really are no short cuts to be found (I have at least never heard of anyone finding any). Hunting that last supermega exercise on internet won’t really help. I believe that your results are a lot more in how much you focused do those exercises than in what those exercises are (I not saying that type of exercise are of no importance, just that it isn’t so big as many people try to claim they are). The main reason, beside talent, that some players have a lot better technique than others are mainly that they spent more focused time with it, not necessarily that they had better exercises.
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