Magnus Olsson, Romain "Roo" Chapus, Mika Tyyskä: shredaholic melodic guitarists interview

One of the most epic things ever posted on Shredaholic, here it is in snippet format – the massive 3 way interview with Roo, Magnus Olsson and Mr.Fastfinger! read the review

Shredaholic: Hey guys I just want to start by saying that I loved this album, and after enjoying memorable tracks from all three of you, it’s a pleasure to be able to ask you about the album.

[Roo] Thanks, it is a pleasure as well. Congrats for your new website version and the new shop, great to see what you do for the guitar community!

[Magnus] – Thanks man! It is nice to talk to you too. It makes me, and I think I can speak for all of us, happy that you like the album. To be honest, I like it too; most of the guys on there are very inspiring players. Some of them make me feel like a complete beginner and I just want to practice until my fingers fall of.

[Mr.Fastfinger] – Uuuh, a humble thank you! Feel the same as Mr. Olsson. It’s such an honour to be surrounded by such great guitar players. Ugh!
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Track listing:

01. Epic by Mr. Fastfinger
02. Danse Pauline Danse by Stephane Dufour
03. For You by Jose de Castro
04. Power Lane* by Magnus Olsson
05. Finding The Edge* by ED To Shred
06. Heat by Roo
07. Space Anthem by Tony Smotherman
08. Rule 14 by Jerry Jennings
09. Glue Trap by Porty
10. Sobre el agua by Federico Miranda
11. The Grind by Scott Allen
12. Feel The Breeze* by DIP
13. Funky Satellite by Karmattitude
14. Atomic Blues* by Ponch Satrio
15. Fall From Grace* by Kris Barras
16. On The Road by Guitarsnake
17. Insideout* by Rick Graham

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