Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Paul Gilbert,Anthimos Manti:: live clinic videos

PAUL GILBERT Live Support by Anthimos Manti orgonite

PAUL GILBERT Live Support by Anthimos Manti grey

Marty Friedman: Spanish dates

Marty Friedman (Cacophony, Megadeth ...) will give two concerts in Spain next May. The dates are:

May 11, 2011 - Sala Heineken - Madrid
May 12, 2011 - Sala Salamandra - L'Hospitalet de Llobregat - Barcelona.
It is certainly great news because it is not too common (if not impossible) to see Marty Friedman in our country. From the time when he was with Megadeth do not remember seeing it back to Spain. We enjoy songs from his entire career, from the great Dragon's Kiss album to his latest album, "Bad DNA. Thanks to http://desafinados.es/

Dave Weiner: Electro-Harmonix Cathedral pedal

Electro-Harmonix Cathedral stereo reverb pedal demo with Dave Weiner

Reece Fullwood: Shred Guitar Lick #1 Give back to the community

Reece Fullwood:
Hey guys,
just decided to make some new licks for youtube,
it's been too long and youtubes been good to me over the years,
some i'm gonna give a little something back,
thanks for watching,
get some more chops up next time :D

Reece Fullwood - Shred Guitar Lick 1

Sam Bell: Mask of Judas Axis play through

Mask of Judas "Axis" Playthrough - Sam Bell

Rick Graham: tribute to Joe Satriani

Rick Graham - Starry Night by Joe Satriani

Jimmy Herring: clinic at AIM

Jimmy Herring performing in clinic at AIM December 12, 2010 featuring Jeff Sipe on drums, Neal Fountain on bass, and Matt Slocum on keys.

Jimmy Herring clinic at AIM

Joe Satriani: classic rock revisited and music radar interview

In this interview we discuss Joe’s latest instrumental album, Black Swans & Wormhole Wizards. The entire album represents one of the strongest musical statements Joe has made in his career. more

Joe Satriani's live setup revealed

Backstage interview with Joe Satriani

Matias Kupiainen: sonic shocks interview


Craig Goldy: Thirteenth floor... new band announced!

Craig Goldy has formed a new band with vocalist Chas West, bassist Sean McNabb and drummer Gary Holland.

"The idea is to put the rock star back into everyone's lives," explained Goldy, who is currently playing with BUDGIE. "So you've got four people who look great, are amazing at their craft and the music pierces your soul. And they're all good people. I think people miss that sort of thing."

Although the new project is currently unnamed, it is toying with the idea of calling itself 13TH FLOOR more

Paul Masvidal, Tymon Kruidenier: As Cynic bond ends Exivious starts up again!

"We're announcing a change in the band's lineup this winter.

"After much soul-searching and discussion, CYNIC will say goodbye to bassist Robin Zielhorst and guitarist Tymon Kruidenier. This decision was reached mutually, with great respect for each other as people and the work that we've done over the past 2-3 years.

"The logistical challenges of maintaining a band that is half based in The Netherlands and the other half in the United States (drummer Sean Reinert and guitarist Paul Masvidal live in California) has become unworkable.

"The pre-production stages for CYNIC's next release have just begun and it seemed like an appropriate time to define the next chapter of the band.

"The new CYNIC release is coming in summer 2011 on the Season of Mist label."

Stated CYNIC guitarist/vocalist Paul Masvidal: "Tymon and Robin are great guys whose hard work made it possible for CYNIC to get back out on the road and tour the world with 'Traced In Air'. I'm really grateful for their contribution and presence, and look forward to seeing where their talents and music will take them next."

Commented Zielhorst: "It has been an honor to play and perform in CYNIC.

"Tymon and I would like to thank Paul and Sean for the opportunity and to especially thank the fans for their support and for warmly welcoming us into the CYNIC family. We look forward to seeing you all on the road soon."

CYNIC's immediate plan is to continue writing and do pre-production for their new record. They are also working towards a remixed re-release of their classic recording, "Focus".

Robin and Tymon plan to work on a new release from their band EXIVIOUS, which will likely be tracked in Tymon's new soon-to-be completed recording studio. more

Julien Carayon: The way I write music - Part II

With English sub titlea

Julien Carayon - The way I write music - Part II

Sloth Chubsteen: Live 4 guitar contest entry

Another great solo by my mate Sloth Chubsteen!

Live 4 guitar contest entry

Get you entry in to win that Dean guitar!

Live4Guitar Win a Dean guitar

Glenn Proudfoot: Guitar World

Glenn Proudfoot Lesson YouTube QT

Marko Vesovic: Blue Bug Competition

"Blue Bug" Competition by Milan Polak & T-Rex- Marko Vesovic

Tiago Skiter: cool new fusion jam player

Tiago Skiter - Workshop em Tres Lagoas MS 10/12/10


Tiago skiter - Jam Music som

German Schauss: Shred Knowledge interview

With dizzying precision and graceful agility, German Schauss takes us on a journey through the outer limits of sound through mind blowing guitar playing and melodic guitar lines soaring through stratospheric heights against the gravity of a rich and complex orchestral score. Using odd and even meters German fuses the classical influences of Bach, Beethoven and Chopin with modern instrumental rock guitar music through epic music structures and lush soundscapes. Endorsed by Parker Guitars, Bogner Amplifiers, DiMarzio, DR Strings, Maxon, Guyatone, Pedaltrain, Rocktron, Godlyke, Jim Dunlop, PreSonus, Native Instruments and Morley, German plays clinics and concerts at international music fair and trade shows such as Musikmesse Frankfurt, the NAMM Show, and other shows around the world more

German Schauss, Live in Japan

Rob Favotto: Guitar solo

Jackson dk2m DiMarzio X2n Line 6 Podxt (Guitar solo)

Sam Bell: new youtube channel

Sam Bell:

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/sambellguitar

I have a new youtube channel, i shall be using it to dedicate quality performance videos, and the rest of my lick lessons. If your already following my old youtube page, i would urge you to subscribe to this new page!

Rusty Cooley: Lick of the Week #4

Lick of the Week 4.mov Here's the 4th lick in a series from http://www.guitarasylumtv.com

Daniele Gottardo: Cardiology peavy live clinic!

Daniele Gottardo: Cardiology_Demo

Allan Holdsworth: Moody Jazz Cafè interview

Intervista Allan Holdsworth - Moody Jazz Cafè - 20/10/2010 - Foggia

Richie Kotzen: Playing Rhymically

Richie Kotzen:
"I stole a little bit from all of the Shrapnel guys and, not being able to do it exactly like them, I came up with my own thing. I ended up realising that my left (fretting) hand was really strong and that led me into being able to play other lines that a lot of the guys weren't playing. Like a lot of the sliding made it easier to play a lot of the horn type lines that are now common in my solos, like the ones on My Messiah and Peace Sign from my new record. It doesn't sound like a typical guitar solo."

Richie Kotzen - Playing Rhymically [Part 1]

Richie Kotzen - Playing Rhymically [Part 2]

Dan Mumm: super 8 Finger Tapping Guitar

Dan Mumm:
I have a new instructional DVD that was just released entitled "Fret Touch Mechanics". This DVD teaches the 8 finger tapping techniques used in this song, as well as various shred and sweep patterns. For more info click the link below:

http://www.metalmethod.com/8-finger-tapping.htm and http://www.metalmethod.com/sweep-pick-mechanics.htm

Original Guitar song "The Point Of No Return" by Dan Mumm

The Point Of No Return - Dan Mumm - 8 Finger Tapping Guitar